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Don't know if anyone has noticed but the new Code Geass anime has been released Sept 24

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Current Sidestory; Only the Beginning (Kasumi) at 35 percent eta: before december

next Sidestory: Price Of Fame (current word count 10k, eta: before december)

Next Next Side story: Area Thirteen ( word count: 3k, eta TBD)

And here's a snippet (unedited/formated) for something i wrote for allora's birthday

The beginning of any journey starts with a single step, the proverbial way forward. This progress that many strive for, comes in many forms; a leap into legend, a single stride up the ladder or in the Imperial army's case - a slow agonizing crawl from maggot to a mere private. The quest was hard and tough, lasting a grand total of twelve weeks, the span of which would be considered nothing but a blink flicker in the lifespan of a human being; yet for one Hector Zimmerman, it felt more like an eternity had passed.

He could still feel every ache like the pain from an old wound that came and went, with the changing of the seasons. How could he not, when it was day after day of physical torture, which the military planners had innocently called physical training. Hector had considered himself fit when he signed up, unfortunately his idea of fit and the drill instructors were woefully different. What he considered to be enough was less than double of what they considered passable. If he thought one hundred push ups was enough they would pile more and more on him until he could take no more. He had definitely been pushed well past his limits.

During basic, he had quickly learned that a mistake was costly and like everyone else he had made many, finish too slowly or too fast and one of the sergeants would find some kind of an excuse for him to do it again, over and over until he reached some kind of invisible bar that was satisfactory. Dozens, hundreds of repetitions until he knew nothing more than the feeling of his muscles burning, protesting even the tiniest of motions. Some great man said that war was hell, he often wondered in his spare minute, when he wasn't under the training cadre's watchful eyes, what that great philosopher would call boot camp?

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