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As an introduction, I am Arctic Ice Beauty, otherwise known as beautiful_dreams_25 on dreamwidth. I'm a college student in her 20s who loves to write. Welcome to my fanfiction profile for the works that I will be writing out for the sake of practice in regards to heavy duty writing. That means, basically, that this is where I place my longest, most difficult and most time-consuming works (or what I believe to be my best writing).

As a writer-hopeful and an aspiring artist (for animanga as well as illustration and other fields), I hope to bring some strength into the world of fanfiction and fandom in general, as it seems that it might be difficult to do considering how fandom often operates. I will admit that so far, I don't have much on here yet, but I will be writing a few things soon that are similar to the following ones I have in mind:

Mahou Tsukai Kurohime:

Title: Of Utopian Dreams and Heroines.

Characters/Pairing: Zero/Kurohime.

Fanfiction type: Multi-part One-shot, possibly divided into many parts.

Genre: Tragedy/Romance/Angst.

Warnings: Existential themes and dark ideals on humanity ahoy.

Summary: Kurohime plans and masterminds saving the world at a terrible price.

Length: (150 to 200 pages, 200,000+ words)

Battle Angel Alita:

Title: Inertia

Characters: Alita/Gally-centric. Most of the cast.

Fanfiction-type: Multi-part one-shot.

Genre: Tragedy/General/Action/Dystopian/Angst/Drama

Warnings: Philosophical themes from Soren Kierkegaard and Sun Zi, the author of The Art of War.

Summary: Sometimes, Alita wonders if she ever did have a choice on the matter of survival versus living with her friends.

Length: (50 to 100 pages, 100,000 words)

V for Vendetta:

Title: Cycle of Violence

Character(s): V-centric with Evie.

Fanfiction-type: Long vignette part one-shot.

Genre: Tragedy/General/Action/Dystopia/Angst/Drama

Warnings: Psychological themes, combat violence, blood, many dark themes.

Summary: In the end, some things stay the same, and the man named V wonders if they could have met differently.

Length: (100 pages, 100,000 words)