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Friday - May 4, 2007 - 11:51 P.M.

About Me

Username: Alexian (duh)

Name: (From my username you can pretty much have a few educated guesses)

Likes: Writing, Strawberry cheesecake, Drawing, Reading, World of Warcraft

Dislikes: People who go out of their way to insult or make some one else feel bad, Social Studies/Social Science/History (Soooo boring)

Fun Fact of the Month: My Birth Month!

Quote of the Month: "Killing you would only lessen the idiot population." -(by) Sanzo (from) Saiyuki

Obsession of the Month: Posting my newest fanfic!

(Chain) Quotes

"Hey Jocie, guess what?" ~~~~my friend Jasmine

"What?" ~~~~my friend Jocelyn

"I have a secret that the whole world knows." ~~~~Jasmine

"Then how is it a secret?" ~~~~me

"What?" ~~~~Jocelyn

"I'm supa sexy!" ~~~~Jasmine

"Eh-" ~~~~me

"Ugh I'm hungry!" ~~~~me

"Me too! I only ate... umm... chips today." ~~~~my brother Aurilio

"Man, I'm so hungry I can eat a burrito." ~~~~my Daddy

"That was a weird analogy." ~~~~Aurilio

"Hey Lexi, guess what?" ~~~~Jasmine

"What?" ~~~~me

"I have a secret that the whole world knows." ~~~~Jasmine

"You're super sexy?" ~~~~me

"No... I'm extra sexy!" ~~~~Jasmine

"Oh gosh" ~~~~me & Jocelyn

"I be like BAM! Knock her pale ass out! Maybe knock some pretty in that bitch too!" ~~~~Zayashuku (from) talking about Kagome

"Lexi, how do you spell Kaoru?" ~~~~Jocelyn

"For the millionth time, K-A-O-R-U." ~~~~me

"Oh..." (looks at her notebook to see how she spelt Kaoru) "This doesn't look like Kaoru." (notices she put the O before the A in Kaoru)~~~~Jocelyn

"That's because it isn't." ~~~~me

"You know you can get chicken pox more than once right?" ~~~~me

"No you can't!" ~~~~my worst enemy Samuel (A/N: Grrr...)

"Yes you can." ~~~~my friend Bria

"Yeah, you can get chicken pox more than three times!" ~~~~my friend Tatiana

"Oh my gosh... If you get chicken pox more than three times then why are you still here? Go die! You're a frickin' menace to society! Go get vaccinated or something!" ~~~~me

"Kiba's sister is so creepy! Ugh and she's ugly too! Why is she even in this series? Look at her, now look at Kiba! Hello? It's called sunlight!! Have you ever been outside? Sheesh, she's so pale it's sickening... What are you a vampire? Can't take sunlight? Huh? Go back to your coffin Dracula!! ~~~~me, talking about Kiba's sister (from) Naruto

(accidently hits my dog, Dice, on the head with a broom) ~~~~my cousin Blair


"You okay... bra bra bra brraaaa...?" ~~~~Blair to Dice

'Wtf?' ~~~~me & probably everyone else in the room

My Favorite Fanart

(I do not own any of them)

- All you Sasuke/Kagome fans: this is a must see

- A super cute Shippo and Naruto picture

- I love the classion Tohru 'wtf'? expression

- Pretty cool pic

- Ouran High school Host Club/Fruits Basket

- If Inuyasha was staring at me like that, I'd be nervious too Tohru

- Kyo/Kagome pairing!

- Poor Kagome... does she ever win?

- I'm so jealous . GO KAGOME!!

- Don't want to be in her shoes... Or do I...? O.O

- No idea why they're so happy...

- They're all so... hot...

- Tohru-chan is soooooo cute

- She belongs in the last Inuyasha fanart I just showed...

- Nice

- Well... at least she has guts...

- I'm not a Tohru/Yuki fan, but these picture is just tooooooo cute

- O.O

- This pic made my brother cry...

- Naruto/Bleach, two beauties

- Kagome's outfit is cute

- Hope she didn't decide to go commando

- She's so pretty -

Just Pictures

- Everyone's two favorite Uchiha's!

- "You're a girl?! That's even cuter!!"

Story Status

~~~~A Heroine's Requiem

Chapter (s): 5

Last Update: April 4, 2007

State: In Progress

Note: This would have been update before but my computer crashed . So I lost all my data and stuff... I'm working on recovering though.

~~~~O t o m e - H o n d o n

Chapter (s): 1

Last Update: May 4, 2007

State: In Progress

Note: I NEED A BETA-READER FOR THE STORY. The first chapter is not really a first chapter! It only includes the full summary, some story information, and my beta request. The real first chapter will be posted as soon as possible after my beta edits it for me. Please Private Message me if you are interested in being my beta. Beware: The chapters for this story are LONG!

Favorite Pairings

~~~~Fruits Basket a.k.a. Furuba

Tohru/Kyou (Classic)

Tohru/Hatsuharu (Cute)

Kisa/Hiro (Another classic)

Kisa/Momiji (Adorably sweet)

Kagura/Kyou (Funneh)


Hinata/Naruto (Eh- I dunno)

Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke (Traditional)

Hinata/Kiba (...what...?)


Rin/Kohaku (Common)

~~~~Crossover Anime

Tohru/Shikamaru (FB/Naruto - NEW FAV!)

Tohru/Naruto (FB/Naruto - NEW FAV!)

Sakura/Inuyasha (IY/Naruto - NEW FAV!)

Kagome/Sasuke (IT/Naruto - Cliche but still good)

Kagome/Itachi (Never stop lovin' it!)

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