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Introductions, Fine...

Ok. Well, here's a bit about me, duh who else?

Name: phantomphriend or Beatrix (trix for short) or ImaJENation ('company name')

I love writing stories and just joined not that long ago. I have no idea what I'm doing. xD

I need to get more stories up but right now no one is replying which is BUGING me.

I live in USA... I love writing and drawing. I have a dog and I'm weird.

I have strawberry-blonde hair, although it's mostly red. I have hazel brown eyes and stand about 5'5, but I normally slump. xD

OH! The website it says is mine at the top, isn't mine... Its just one you should visit!

Quotes by others about me:
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Udates Schedules/Diary:

March 12, 2007- Hello to all! My pc broke, that's where I've been OH! Qwick note, look to see the new stories comming up! I added some. Replica was actually a dream I had! Weird huh? OR is UP! Enjoy! YOU KNOW YOU"LL LOVE IT!

Keep Danny Flying, Beatrix

February 20th 2007- WOW! It's already Feb! I haven't been on here since... last year... if you catch my drift xD
Anyways, just basically saying,"HI!" And for all of you that want to shoot me becuz I haven't updated in forever, I'm sorry (grabs gun from your hand) GIVE ME THAT! Anyways, yell at my soul if you wish, my pc broke, so I'm on my dad's right now kinda crappy I know! Anyways, yell and scream all you want, it ain't effecting your life, like it is mine. SO, I have an update for 2 of my 3 stories... on my broken pc... sorry, again. I ask for patience AND mail, yes mail. I need inspiration. SO, yeah.

Keep Danny Flying, Beatrix

December 29 Hi. Really quick note, Happy New Years. Well, no one is talking to me much, so I think I'll freeze for awhile.

Keep Danny Flying, Beatrix

December 18th- official start of ABCD week! (okay, short week but who cares?!)
Sorry it took so long! Finals were keeping me hopping! Anyways, you all should be excited! ALL of my stories will progress because I HAVE TIME! I'll keep you posted on what is happening each day of "MY" holiday!

DAY 1/ 18th-
Alternating Realities Chapter 3!! ALSO Taking Up Genetics Chapter 5! Remember to REVIEW!
DAY 2/ 19th- Simular Besides Blood Chapter 3!! LOVE ME!
DAY 3/ 20th- Made a Commercial for Taking Up Genetics_ It's on youtube!!
Day 4/ 21th- SBB updated

Keep Danny Flying, Beatrix

November 24- Really quick note, I am going to change something, I heard from friends that I need to add one of the below stories because I haven't had a new one in a while and I'm not in the mood to write SBB (takes too much thought, suprisingly, it's the hardest to write cuz I don't want a Mary-Sue) so Taking Up Genetics is going to be put up BEFORE ABCD week, okay? Meaning that TXT will be put up AFTER TUG debuts. Why? Well, it makes more sense if you read the first three chapters of TUG before TXT. Just a little 411.

Keep Danny Flying, Beatrix

ps. these are some of the characters I took into account when making TUG! Besides Danny Phantom himself!

Stories up next: (key: italic=not up bold=just starting)

Reality Check (RC)- primarily the same story as Alternating Realities, but I didn't like where it started.

Simular Besides Blood (SBB): Yes, I am rewriting part of Dp! Sorry. Danny and his twin sister, Jenny, are really good friends, partially becaue they are twins and act practically the same. Sam and Tucker are their best friends, and all 4 of them hang out alot! Something horrible happens to both Danny and Jenny. You already know what happens to Danny, him getting ghost powers, but what happens to his twin?! Find out in this brand new and exciting adventure I thought of a 12:00 last night!!!!

Danny Phantom Season Final AKA Slow Faith in Evil (SFIE):My idea for a season finally. Vlad gets the chance to kill Jack, and... he finds he can't do it. Vlad (somehow) finally comes to the realization of, how would this be improving everything? Will I really stoop THIS low? So he saves Jack from whatever it is. Meanwhile, Danny sees Vlad not kill Jack, but help him. He figures out that Vlad... maybe isn't evil. So, he gives him a chance. EVENTUALLY Vlad and Danny work TOGETHER on the side of good.. and although Vlad can never be Danny's human father, he CAN be, however, his ghostly one.

Once Upon A Fantasy (OUF): Taking Up Genetics' Beatrix meets Danny Phantom! Yeah, really! Won't say more, besides, it's out! READ IT! AND be merry xD

Seperated Unity (SU): Danny Fenton and Phantom get split up. How? Danny learns that Phantom was a ghost that he 'inhabited' when he entered the portal. Yet, what if it's just a rumor? Is this the truth or some villanous plot?!

Replica (OR): Vilgax has put day in and day out trying to remove the Omnitrix prototype from Ben. Yet,
he descides to try a new tactic, one less exhausting. He catches Ben temporarily and clones the outer workings of the watch. Then he stays silent, working on inner machinery. Eventually, he figures the best way to make it work, while also finishing off the young
boy. Will it work? Will Vilgax finally get what he's always wanted, the most advanced alien technology, banded to his hand and his nemisis gone for good? More to this story than meets the eye. @_@

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