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Yes, I'm writing one. Wasn't planning on it, but some more scenes popped into my head after I finished the story and well... I just had to write them. It's going to be a very slow process as I have no free time anymore. But there will be one... eventually. I don't really know how much of the future it's going to encompass, so I have no idea how long it's going to be. More than 7000 words, at least.


Um, no. This is it. Enjoy the epilogue, because I have no inclination whatsoever to write a sequel. It was fun while it lasted, though.


So I decided that I should probably put something in here. Um, well... I'm American, which you could probably tell by my writing. But I'm thinking, once I finish writing the story, of getting a beta and going through and editing it, hopefully making it a lot better than the, quite frankly, piece of crap that I'm writing now. I actually don't really have anything to say about myself. In all honesty, I'm a really boring person. But I can ramble on for lengths about Eternity, so I guess that's what I'll do.

First of all, I didn't really come up with the idea of this story. One day I was re-reading Twilight (by Stephenie Meyer... the book that my entire vampire world is based off of) and thought it'd be really fun to write in the Harry Potter universe. So I did. My first story was called Reckless Abandon, written completely in first person from Ginny's point of view. I got to I think chapter four (it might have been three) before I couldn't even look at it, I hated it so much. I took it down off of SIYE (where I had posted it) and started rewriting it. But I think that that horribly failed attempt at writing taught me a couple of things. One, that it is impossible for me to write in first person. It got so frustrating that I dreaded sitting down at the computer to write, and that is NOT how writing should be. Notice Eternity is third person... so much easier to write. Second, I knew I needed to expand (exponentially) my plot line. Reckless Abandon sounded way too much like Twilight; it was pretty much the same expect for location and character names. I wanted to write something different. I didn't want my story to be some sappy, angsty romance. How boring is that? So I focused more on the war against Voldemort and started planning around that. Which I thought was great because Harry's family developed from minor characters that weren't really mentioned into people who play very important roles in the story. And my third and most major problem that I fixed: Harry. When I wrote Reckless Abandon, Harry was in essence Edward (one of the main characters of Twilight). It was difficult to write him because I could never get him just right. And I finally had a realization (that took me forever to reach)... I was trying to force Harry into the character of Edward, which was ridiculous because they're different people with different personalities and motives. Once I made Harry his own person, the story just seemed so much more realistic (at least to me). Once I had figured that all out, the title didn't really fit at all, so I tried out different titles as I wrote the new piece. I finally settled on Eternity and as cliched and just icky it sounds, it's certainly grown on me.

Okay, now that all of that's out of the way, I actually don't have much more to say about Eternity. It's going to be 16 chapters long (I already have outlines and titles for all of them) it's just the actual writing part that takes me forever. Planning is easy, it's getting the characters to interact and everything to happen just right that is really hard. That's why I'm making this my rough draft, so to speak, of my story. There are a lot of ideas that I have that probably won't show up in this one, just because I don't really think of how to tie them in until I've written something that makes me think "you know... it would be really neat if..." and then I have to go and fix the previous chapters and so on so everything makes sense. So far, I like this story much better than Reckless Abandon and I'm determined to finish it.

It's actually kind of ironic that I'm writing a vampire story, because I've hated all the ones that I've read. Of course, they haven't been that many, but I always stop as soon as the word vampire and Harry are put in the same sentence. And I know that if I was to read this story (it having been written by someone else) I would have stopped as soon as I hit the end of chapter 3. Yet, here I am, writing about Harry being a vampire and part of some vampire family who are going to go get other vampires to help in a war against Voldemort and his group of vampires. I wonder if I really know myself at all sometimes.

Okay, so I've talked long enough. Thanks for reading, even if it was just my rambling profile (which I commend you on doing if you got all the way down here to read this part).

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