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Author has written 16 stories for Ranma, Digimon, Evangelion, Godzilla: The Series, Sailor Moon, Nuku Nuku, Gold Digger, Naruto, My Little Pony, and Ghost Rider.

As a quick note to all, my fics have not died nor have they been abandoned. I am working on my second novel, and so my fics are not my top priority right now. They WILL be updated, but since my novel is my current priority, the fics will be updated sporadically. I promise though, they WIILL eventually all be finished.


Well, everyone out there seems to be doing challenges every so often, and I have to admit I liked Perfect Lionhearts' 'Missing Hokage' challenge. As luck would have it, it gave me an idea, somewhat based on it. But when I see a good story I want to twist, I twist it in weird ways. Now I could do this myself (and I just might), but I also want to see what the rest of you can all come up with, so here's the idea:

Like the Missing Hokage Challenge, Naruto is banished by the Council, though this time for failing to retrieve Sasuke, who use the Daimyo of Fire Country as leverage to overrule Tsunade. Here's the twist though. Foreseeing Tsuanade doing something to strike back against them, they also impose a ruling, again backed by the Daimyo that if she tries to do anything to favor Naruto in this instance and overrule their banishment decree, she will be removed from power by the Daimyo's forces as soon as he becomes aware of it and imprisoned. As a result, they assume that she will become easier to manipulate since they can constantly threaten her by leaving this decree hanging over her head by claiming any disagreement is somehow an act intended to lead to Naruto's return to Konoha, even if it's completely fabricated and untrue. This decree however, does not have the intended effect on Tsunade. Although she cannot overrule the banishement of Naruto, she CAN declare war on the Daimyo because the Hidden Villages, while being based in the Elemental countries, do not answer directly to the Daimyo and the Kage's are, in all truth, military dictators whom the Daiymos need, rather than the other way around since, with all the powers they possess, a Ninja village could easily conquer their patrons and seize control of a country for themselves, and the daimyo has overstepped his authortiy by trying to meddle in the Hokage's affairs. (Akatsuki basically managed this in the manga, so we know it CAN happen, but this time it's not just nine missing-nin, it's an entire VILLAGE of Ninja.) So before anyone who hates Naruto can celebrate his banishment, they suddenly find themselves plunged into war with the samurai of Fire Country.

Needless to say, even those who hate Naruto are unhappy with the fact that they got their wish in seeing him forced out of the village. The war ends with the Daimyo killed and Konoha now taking complete power over the Land of Fire. Tsunade now rules and is a just and popular ruler with most, but there are those who dislike her following in the peace-seeking ways of the previous four Hokages, and the counilors again start to cause rumblings, stirring up dissent against Tsunade, claiming that the reason she did what she did was because her attack on the Daumyo is a loophole in the decree against making any act against the Councilors in the banishment of Naruto and they fear that now that she has absolute power in the Land of Fire that she will bring him back. Those who decide that this is the correct view find themselves ostracized by those who supported Naruto and are HOPING to see him return, and many are imprisoned as enemies of the state and find themselves needing to be smuggled out of prison by Danzou's ROOT, but this just makes things worse.

The Councilors who pressed for Naruto's banishment find themselves suffering a much worse fate than even they believed possible after Tsunade's declaration of and victory in the war, as those who are among his friends form a posse and begin to hunt down any and all council members who pressed for his exile, with the intention of killing them, though many escape such a fate. This, over the course of the story, leads to a civil war in Konoha between Naruto supporters and Naruto detractors, many of whom return to the village to drive out Tsunade and the supporters of 'the Demon child'. The Naruto supporters eventually lose, and escape not long after a number of councilors on the 'banish Naruto' bandwagon manage to lead a final assault on Tsunade's Konoha, with the exception of Danzou, who snaps from this turn of events before the Civil War starts. He has long wanted to turn Konoha into a village that settles things with war and the idea of might making right. But now Tsunade has taken his idea and turned it against him and he has no idea how to handle it. He could not side against the Daimyo after going to such lengths to get Naruto banished, but also could not side against Konoha, which he wished to someday rule, because he would be swiftly imprisoned. Tsunade has him executed on the premise that his actions have been the instigator for the war with the Daimyo. Tsunade herself holds on to the very end in the Civil War, but is eventually slain by a returning member of the escaped council.

Matters become worse as, four years after this declaration and the end of the two wars, Naruto has become one of the most powerful Ninja in the world, and has found himself being courted by Temari of Suna, who has always found him intriguing since the Chunin Exam, and Naruto maintains ties with Suna through his friendship with Gaara, now the Kazekage. Naruto is now known as the Flash Blade Fox, having developed something akin to the Hirashin, and is one of the singular most hired solo ninjas due to his phenomenal success rate. Because of the councilors and the recent change in power and policies in Konoha, Gaara has cut ties with Konoha, leaving them bereft of a mighty ally in their newest war. Orochimaru, intrigued by the new aggressiveness of Konoha sends out feelers to see if they wish to consider allying with HIM now that the civil war is over and most of those in the village with brains have been driven out, while Hidden Kumo senses Konoha to be unstable and ripe for the plucking, but the new Hokage, the same council member who slew Tsunade (and managed to worm his way into becoming Hokage despite his young age and not being as powerful as Tsunade but managed to kill her because of her weakened state at the time) is still loyal to a warped view of the ideals of Konoha, and turns him down flat. They are soon besieged by Sound and Cloud. Konoha contacts Suna, desperate for aid, but Suna again turns them down. Their only hope now, is the Flash Blade Fox, Naruto Uzumaki. However, he cannot be found as he is currently in the Land of Snow (By now the Land of Spring) and other countries just beyond their borders, furthering his own reputation by taking on jobs even full teams of Ninja would consider suicide, and coming back unscathed.

Meanwhile, those who supported Naruto and survived the civil war have founded their own country, the Land of Foxes, named in honor of their missing friend and the burden he carries, as they are unaware of what Naruto has been up to in all this time. Jiraiya sits on the throne as both Daimyo of the country and the first Kitsukage, or 'Fox Shadow', leader of the Village Hidden in the Fox's Den. (I do not know the Japanese equivalent, so feel free to create a Japanese translation for this one.)

Konoha, by some miracle, survives the war against Sound and Kumo, largely due to their control over the Land of Fire, the samurai, as well as the Ninjas they have trained and in some cases taken in from neighboring villages who wish to serve a more powerful master. However, the Fox village has now set their sights on Konoha, starting a second war between the people once of the village, and those currently ruling it. The Fox village is powerful, but small and with the sudden attack of Hidden Grass, now allied with Konoha, and the appearance of the mysterious Akatsuki who have now begun to put their own agenda into play, Fox's Den is shattered. But this now leaves Konoha far weaker than before and Madara Uchiha sets his sights on gaining control of his former home village as a final revenge and humiliation against the First Hokage, and convinces Grass to join forces with Akatsuki against Konoha. Konoha is now holding on by the skin of it's teeth, and again seeks the aid of the Flash Blade Fox. This time, they find him. But he turns them down, repeatedly. The fact that Homura and Koharu, who had spearheaded his banishment along with Danzou are still on the council, and knowing of the fact that what remains of Konoha's people would eagerly see him dead so long as he felled it's enemies first, causes his own long buried anger and hatred at his treatement by the village to come loose, and he leaves them to their own devices after beating the new Hokage to within an inch of his life and making his escape despite the best efforts of some of the new Konoha's strongest Ninja, ANBU, and Samurai.

From there, the question becomes what happens next for Konoha. Do they surrender? Do they continue to appeal to Naruto for help? Suna refuses to aid them, Temari and Naruto are planning to wed, and Akatsuki is still after him. Worse, Sasuke, who is still alive and is NOT Orochimaru's vessel, having killed him just after the end of Sound and Cloud's failed attempt at conquest, still wants to kill Naruto as a stepping stone to Itachi. However, Naruto is now his equal, if not his superior, and Madara is waiting in the wings. However, Naruto has a surprising ally waiting to show his true colors. When Madara conquers Konoha, it brings about a final showdown. Naruto, and those who still remain his friends and supporters, vs. Madara's dark and deadly new Konoha. Madara loses and Konoha tries to get Naruto to return. Nothing doing.

Yeah, it's a long winded thing, but what the hell.

Now while I can accept certain things being tweaked, there are still certain things that HAVE to happen in this fic:

1. Sasuke MUST escape to Orochimaru, and the war against the daimyo as well as the Konoha Civil War must all take place, Naruto's supporters must lose, and most of them must leave to become the founders of Fox's Den. Some supporters might stay as spies if the author so chooses.

2. If this is done within the sole continuity of Naruto's universe This must be a Naruto/Temari pairing. While I have nothing against it in Missing Hokage, the Naruto/Hinata pairing in Fanfics is actually starting to bother me, even though I fully support it in the manga and anime. Naruto/Temari is a very different pairing, one I don't see as often or as well written as most other pairings on the site.

2a. If anyone wants to do this story as a partial crossover or fusion of some type, just for the farts and giggles of it, I'd love to see a Naruto/Maximum Ride pairing just to see people's heads explode from the concept. , I mean come on. Naruto and Max getting together? THAT would be hilarious. One is a container for a demonic fox, and the other is a girl with wings who acts like more of a tomboy while CALM than even Sakura does when she's angry.

3. Danzou must die. The guy was a pain in the butt in the series and Sasuke killing him is one of the few things I approve of the overpowered little S.O.B. getting to do.

4. This may surprise you, but I am saying here and now, Itachi is the hidden ally. They had some form of contact just after Naruto was first banished, and Naruto knows now the full story behind the Massacre. He sympathizes with Itachi, and both want to see the hateful remnants of the country they gave their hearts and souls for suffer before they'll ever lift a finger to help.

5. Madara ultimately will succeed in conquering the much larger Konoha. This now places him head to head with Naruto, Itachi, and those who will fight against him. Ultimately, Madara and Akatsuki will lose, but by the end of this final war, it'll be too little too late for Konoha.

6. Konoha, after Madara's defeat, will try to welcome Naruto back with open arms. He flat out tells them to screw off, and rebuilds in the Land of Foxes, turning Fox's den into the Village hidden in the Youki (or Demonic Chakra) and becomes the second Kitsukage.

7. Sasuke can either battle Naruto before or sometime after the battle with Madara's forces, but in the end, Naruto comes out the winner, and Sasuke is left incapable of ever again using the Sharingan, but retains his sight. He is left to wander, still a capable Ninja, but with his ego forever humbled, though he may still become a Legendary Ninja in his own right.

New forum! Go to http : / / www . fanfiction. net/ forum/The_Shadows_of_the_Leaf/37141/ (remove the spaces, and you'll be able to check out my first forum, the Shadows of the Leaf, a forum for discussion of my newest story, Shadowed Leaf.

I'm BACK, folks! Yes, after a two year abscence from the fanfiction scene, I have returned. I know, I know. Most of you want to smack me for not updating my Nuku Nuku fic sooner. But I have a valid excuse. Over the last few years, I've been working on writing a book and getting it published. I ultimately had to get it self published in a VERY small POD print run. I'm still trying to sell the copies I have, as they were all shipped to me from the manufacturers. It's the first of a series, and shortly after I succeeded in getting the first book published, I began work on the second, and promptly ran out of a way to get my ideas for the second book in the series from my brain to the word processor, so I began working on the third book in the series, and I've been gathering research materials for it. During this time, I got kinda plugged into watching Naruto. I decided to make my grand return with the start of a new fic. Anyone interested in buying a copy of the book, email me!

I am a former Professional Wrestler in training. I'm also a big Digimon Tamers
fan, and I'm an absolute Mark for Black WarGreymon as well as Renamon.

Big news! For those wondering, I am the one who requested the categories for Nuku Nuku, Gold Digger, Ninja High School, and Quagmire USA to be added! . Oddly enough, an X-Men story has found it's way into the Nuku Nuku section. Go figure. @.@ But still, I managed to get the first actual Nuku Nuku fanfic into the Nuku Nuku category. Plus, there is also a new C2 Community, run by yours truly, focusing on Nuku Nuku fanfics! .

Yahoo Instant Messenger: Bio_Warwolf

Digimon couples I support: TaRuki/Rukato, Daikari, Renakato
(Renamon/Takato) and Karato/Katokari (Takato/Kari)

Stories I'm currently working on:

"Shadowed Leaf": My first new Fanfic in two and a half years! Set during the very beginning of Naruto Shippuden and decidedly AU. Naruto is back in Konoha after three years away. He's looking forward to seeing his friends again, and bringing Sasuke back home. What he never expected was to find someone from a far off land appearing in the village, and who regards herself as being his personal Vassal! Just how is she connected to Naruto, and how will her presence in his life affect him and her? Naruto x OC. Possible Naruto x Temari, and VERY slight chance of Naruto x Hinata/Hanabi or Naruto x Harem.

"Transformations: A Nuku Nuku Dash Story": My newest project. Having been the one to request a Nuku Nuku category, it's only fitting I get to post the first fic there. Prologue is up. This one is an AU which diverges from before the beginning of Nuku Nuku DASH! and is a semi- SI. Nuku Nuku x OC. Atsuko Higuchi (Nuku Nuku) finds herself sent through dimensions and time itself. Can she fit into a world five years in the past and a reality away from home without her memories? Will her 'father' ever be able to reunite with her? And how does the young man she meets on a farm in New York fit into all of this? This fic WILL be updated semi-regularly. I promise!

"Balance": My first Sailor Moon Story! And it's a crossover fic no less. And The Senshi AREN'T the heroes this time out, and that
information may break their spirits...

"Angel of Vengeance" - Uploaded Haloween 2002! . Just in time for my
favorite holiday, the beginning of the first sequel to 'Funeral for a
Friend'! Renamon's made her choice, but can she live with the

"Rage Against Time" - My newest fic. The last new one I can say I'll
start before the finale of Tamers this saturday (6/08/2002). This fic
is Dedicated to the Tamers and their Digimon, who were my favorite
characters in the Digimon Franchise. To qoute Mr. scott on that one
episode of TNG: "Here's to ya, lads."

"Human Eyes, Digital Soul" - By far the one fic which I've gotten the
most email about, and my first Digimon fanfiction. Features a Rukato
romance, as well as a possible Digital romance. Still in the works, but
the latest chapter, I'd like to think, will turn out well. :) (moved to

"Spirits of Vengeance" - This one's beaten "Human Eyes Digital Soul"
for the most reviews so far. Chapter four is in the works, and will
feature yet more twists in the plotlines of the alternate world in
which the Devas rule. :)

"The Highest Monster" - My first Evangelion fanfic, which is also a
crossover with Godzilla 2000 and Super Godzilla. Currently in the works
of chapter 2, but since I'm more into the Digimon fics right now, that
new chapter could take awhile. Expect Godzilla to have a prominent role


"Slave" - Perhaps my most unique challenge to date. This is a 02/03
crossover and is a Karato (Takato/Kari pairing) Inspired by elements of
the story "Embryonic". (moved to Mediaminer.org!)

"Mute Warriors, Silent Love" - Right now my favorite fic to date. This
is the one to watch out for. :) Rukato fic.

Stories I have Finished:

"Funeral for a Friend" - My latest work, and my first FINISHED fic! .
Wai! I need help from you readers to decide where to go from here with
it though. So send in those reviews, people_

"Faith of the Heart" - (Christmas Eve 2003) Special Christmas WAFF! .
Takato and Renamon come together, in this Christmas story. (Though it's
not explicitly stated, yes the story happens on Christmas Day.)

Future works planned:

I plan to have a sequel to "Human Eyes, Digital Soul", so be sure to
look out for it. I may also do a sequel to "Slave" if I decide it could
use one. :)
That's it for now. See ya in the review pages! .

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