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Okay I'm gonna properly introduce myself. My name is not Dani, but I wish it was. SO I am Dr. Dani Suess and I love to write. I play piano, I sing, I act, and I am now playing guitar!! woohoo! My life is about performing and I know that everyone in the world can tell me how unlikely it all is, but I still want to do it so, boo you! Im going to high school next year and im not looking forward to it. Plz, some director swoop by and take me away from this suckish place. I live in this town that no one knows of. It's not like New York or Miami or Dallas. It's a stupid town where you know almost everyone. I hate my town... O well. I 'll talk to yall later.

5 FAV songs!

About You Now- Miranda Cosgrove

What Was I Thinking- Dierks Bentley

Kissed A Girl- Katy Perry

Higher Ground- Alexz Johnson

Four Walls- Miley Cyrus

december 9 2007

MWAHAHAHA!! Ok! a href= img src= / /a this is like my avatar ! and ur alllllllll jelly! Ok just some info bout meself. My fav song is .. well i have lots but i luv how far we've come by matchbox 20. And i luv the movie national treasure. I luv harry potter the series, and yeahhhhh i luv writing acting singing dancing ( all can be clumped together as performing)= O an BTW i had the worst weekend ever friday i dropped lots of glass on my tow and we had a dance at school. It is now bieng described as a chaotic fiasco. Rumors, break-ups, stalking, avoiding, no one had fun, end of story. sta was weird. sun i failed at speech and debate. More avatars(they're fun to make!) a href= img src= / /a a href= img src= / /a

later on nov. 19

okay, can i just say. I ABSSSSSOLUTELY HATE AVATAR: THE DAY OF THE BLACK SUN THE INVASION 310-311 WATEVA YOU WANT TO CALL IT I HATE IT! okay. first of all azula can go to hell for knowing their plans! arrrrrgggggg. and i think that Zuko should like be awarded a medal of honor but at the same time i think he should opened uo a can of frickin whoop ass and tazered his brain into the next century! And i also think azula should go die in a ditch for tormenting SOKKA with th that THING ABOUT SUKI!! ARGRGGG!GRG~!! F AZULA!! and you know what?! i also think that whoever wrote that episode need s to take a leave and go see the admissions officer for THE HAPPY HOUSE, THE FUNNY FARM, THE COOCOO CLINK wateva u call it. SERIOUSLY! and you know what else /:L.//.? I think that KAtara should have fin done something! I mean seriously! all she did was help her dad climb up a frickin mountain! And how dare they cut Aang's hair! I mean as soon as that stupid hair grew on me they cut it off! and now he looks all ugly again!!~!! ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!! AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE!! I THINK THAT...OKA I DONT KNOW WHAT I THINK BUT IM MAD AND I HATE THIS EPISODE! the kiss WAS HORRIBLE! sEriOUslY! i mean god! AOEFHFkjsdbfkjsam HgaPGJawhdaFKadgoaJFAJfAOf,aFAJaz, THAT HAD TO BE ONE OF THE WORST AVATAR episodes in history!! HOW CAN THEY NOT WIN!! SERIOUSLY:LBKNS if they cant win with a fighting force of the water tribe and earth members how can the ywin w/o them and alihfgwljyr fv evils!!qkegbnk DO NOT WATCH INVASION!! EVILLLLLLLLL...

NOVEMBER 19th 2007!


Emmy Cairns Group D

(AGG) Is holding others at fault a part of human nature? Okay this is okay but it seems more like a TS if you were to turn it into a statement. Make it creative and related to the theme for example, " As young children we learn to take responsibility for our actions, and not to blame others for our misfortunes and mistakes." thats okay but I know its all first personney so you can substitute we as most people but you get my point. (BS-1) Students often blame their teachers for unfair reasons. Put something about goal in here!(BS-2) Schools, whether they’re correct or not, often hold others responsible to get what they want. (BS-3) Blaming people is a common part of what politicians do to get elected. ! you have goal¡ (TS) In Nothing But the Truth, people blame others in order to get what they want.

(MIP-1) Philip blames Miss Narwin as the cause of his poor grade in her class and believes that a transfer to another class would enable him to get the grades necessary to make the track team(his goal)Remember, MIP and BS are fairly similar!.(SIP-A) Even though Philip is at fault, he holds Miss Narwin responsible for his bad final grade. (STEWE-1) Philip never tried to succeed in her class. "He just sits there…like he’s bored and can’t stand anything she says…but then he suddenly makes some remark, a joke or something. Something funny"(152) says one of his classmates. Furthermore, Miss Narwin writes on his test "you are being asked to be more than lazy in your thinking"(16). But Philip "won’t waste time on English...it’s just a matter of opinion, anyway"(9). (STEWE-2) He tells Coach Jamison, "It’s Miss Narwin. I keep trying to get her to like me. She won’t. She’s so old-fashioned"(28). "She doesn’t like me…she always has it in for me"(61-62) Phil informs Mr. Palleni after he was sent out of Miss Narwin’s class. Try and put a comment on phil’s test from miss narwin here. (SIP-B) Because of his poor grade in Miss Narwin’s English class, Philip wasn’t allowed to try out for track, causing him to try to get transferred out of her classes. ARGALARG! Put something about track being his goal in here! DON’T FORGET THIS!us the word goal or something in here!(STEWE-1) "She Miss Narwin almost flunked me in English. That meant I wasn’t allowed to try out"(175) as Philip learns when he talks to Coach Jamison. He asks Coach Jamison on page 29, "Could you get me switched?" Instead of asking for extra credit work, Phil opts for the easy way out; getting transferred. (STEWE-2) "She’s wrong…I’m not going to change my mind. We don’t get along. Get me out of her classes"(74-75). Phil refuses to apologize for his rude behavior, hoping this will get him transferred. Okay in these SIP’s you have bieng transferred as a goal, but the point of getting transferred is to et on track, put Stewe 2 as part of stewe1 and make a quote from phils diary about getting on track in here (that was a good quote! You just didnt have it in the SIP, thats all = )(CS) Philip erroneously places the blame on Miss Narwin for the grade that prevents him from being allowed on the track team.(goal?’in hopes of making onto the track team his life goal’ (or something corny like that, GO EEK!)

(MIP-2)The administration often blames others, whether they are correct or not, in order to get what they want. (SIP-A) Dr. Seymour mistakenly places Miss Narwin at fault in order to get the budget to pass. (STEWE-1) He is not concerned with who is blamed or whether they are telling a lie. "It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not true. It’s what people are saying that’s important"(133)(idk about this but this is lying not blaming idk..). Dr. Seymour meets with Ted Griffen, who gave multiple speeches blaming the school for expelling a student for patriotism. He gets Ted to believe that it was Narwin’s fault, not the schools, by reading him a part of one of her letters; "I am a little out of touch with contemporary teaching, and, just as important, the students who come before me"(187) proving that "it’s not the boy. It’s the teacher"(187). (STEWE-2) "I’m beginning to believe it the story…I don’t care about the board. I can handle them. But the budget-I don’t need to tell you. If we lose again…"(171) says Dr. Seymour, who "is deeply worried about the budget"(195). NICE! Stewe 2 is about the budget goal mentioned in SIP !(SIP-B) The administration also blames problems on things they don’t even know are happening to get a budget to pass. (STEWE-1) "Ninety-nine point nine times out of a hundred you get a thing like this, a kid acting out, believe me, it’s home"(141) says Dr. Palleni. However, Dr. Doane responds "But we don’t know that"(141). In a memo Dr. Seymour sends to the chairman of the school board, he suggests in such a way that makes it seem true that the issue is really caused by problems at home. "It has been suggested that there may be problems in the home arena. Please note, however, that the law requires schools to keep such personal information confidential"(159). ‘making them think there are home probnlems when they don’t even know..’ something like that. (STEWE-2) Dr. Seymour shifts the blame away from the school because "A failure to win voter approval on this budget can only mean major problems for programs and personnel"(21) says Dr. Seymour in one of his memos to the staff. He wants the budget to pass because if it doesn’t the kids won’t be educated as seen on page 187 when he tells Ted Griffen, "without that budget, education is in big trouble here in Harrison."does he really care about that? Just a thought... (CS) The administration will blame others in order to shift the blame from themselves and to get what they want.

(MIP-3)Politicians erroneously hold people responsible for bad things to get elected. (SIP-A) Ted Griffen blames other people including the school and Miss Narwin. (STEWE-1) First, he blames the school saying, "I am shocked that a Harrison student be suspended from one of our schools simply because he desires to sing the national anthem"(125). He says that the schools suspended Phil, but not for the right reasons. Phil was suspended because he "caused a disturbance…in a loud, raucous, disrespectful manner"(143). (STEWE-2) Second, he blames Miss Narwin. "It became clear that the problem was not with school policy itself, but the misguided judgment of a particular teacher"(198) says Mr. Griffen in one of his speeches. Miss Narwin merely sent Phil "to Assistant Principal Joe Palleni for discipline…Dr. Palleni, following his principal’s guidelines, therefore suspended Philip"(144). Is he now blaming dr. palleni make that clear if so, if not is that just the fact?(SIP-B) Ted Griffen, who is running for the school board, uses Philip’s story to get elected. (STEWE-1) He blames the school so he can be elected to change the schools for the better. During the interview with a reporter on page 103, Ted Griffen says about Phil being suspended, weird wording could you say on the topic of? "If I were on the board, I wouldn’t accept this. I would not condone this. No way…This is a school, an American school, and parents have a right to expect that certain things, like values, will be taught…Things I believe in"(102-103). Mr. Griffen twists the story around to view him in a favorable light. He gets people to believe that he believes in values and if he was on the board, he would change things. = ) NIIIIIICE!(STEWE-2) "It was I who made public this sad story…Even though I am not yet a member of the board, I was able to meet with Superintendent Seymour…when it became clear the problem was not with school policy itself, but the misguided judgment of a particular teacher…the teacher in question will get a needed refresher course in our values"(198). The way he words it makes him sound like the favorite to win the election. He met with the superintendent to discuss school issues, even though he is not a member of the school board. = ) lovin this sip !(CS) Politicians like Ted Griffen blame multiple people and use other’s stories to get elected.

(RST) People holding others responsible to get they want is a common theme in Nothing But the Truth. (BS-3) Ted Griffen blamed Miss Narwin and the school to get elected to the school board. (BS-2) Phil’s high school administration, blamed a good teacher to get the budget passed. (BS-1) Philip blamed Miss Narwin for the bad grade that he had earned causing him not to be able to try out for the track team. (Goooooaaaaaalllll!!and no, im not a mexican soccer ehh emm... football commentator! Excuse me, please ignore the previous funny statement and take into account, YOU NEED GOALLLL!!)(R) In the words of Oscar Wilde, "It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how you place the blame." (TRUE DAT=)


--on a side note-- OMG. AVATAR IS AWESOME. I LUV IT! I watch the episodes that have aired in canada but not the U.S. on youtube. Bloodbenders, omg. The Puppet Master is like stalker material. Its so freaky, omg. It rox! And nightmares and daydreams was like crack material but, it was awesome with talking momo, and naruto aang, and dragon ball z references, and fire lord ozai(sp?) w/o pants, and the all too awesome quote, "what our hearts have been telling us to do for a long long time. Baby, you're my forever girl!" lol.

ARG! already November 6, 2007!

It's like its already christmas! .. T_T the year has gone by so fast. My one-year anniversary is almost here! OMG im so happy i tackled my writer's block head-on tonight, I am on CHAPTER 10 in my book!! Im gonna like celebrate. I also started writing chapter 2 for More than meets the Eye. Im gonna write chapter 3 for the balance, and im working on another original wstory about a girl and a theatre camp and a open call in London. Im so lovin it right now, im not starting this and just abandoning it. I dont know why, but for some reason, that didnt happen with Dragon Rising. why? I have no clue. But im sooooo happy. After I finish it (pg 185!!woot) Im actually gonna attempt to publish it. My mathe teacher wants a copy so, lets hope that can happen. Im gonna start woking on cover art soon. OMG, after I got over that writer's block i feel like im almost there, so close to the end. Have you ever had that feeling? Its so much better than that sick to your stomach feeling I get when im stuggling to write despite the writer's block.


1. Forget about everything else, like wanting desperately to finish the story or whatever (like homework, oops!) and if you really care about what your writing, you probably


2. Just write and dont focus on anything but writing. (DONT LOOK AT THE CLOCK!)

3. Write one page at a time. Like that page is all you want to write.

4. Forget about the quality, thats what revisions are for. When you look back the stuff you wrote during writer's block may be so fucked up you need to send it to rehab. Or it could be the best stuff you've ever written.

FACE IT. Most people aren't gonna wake up one morning and scream "I've got it!" . You have to work, you have to struggle. There's no easy way out.

OMG~ it's September 19, 2007

OMG It's september...I havent written in 4ever. OMGGGG IM SUCH A PROCRASTINATOR! Im soooooo sorrry, but school just started and I was in Bosnia and Serbia and Croatia (Sarajevo, Bosanski Grahovo, Makarska, Beograd,) and we were travelling 7 1/2 hours to Milan then 1 1/2 to Beograd 12 hours by bus to Banja Luka, and then 2 hours in a tiny old Gulf to Grahovo and then after a few days there 2 hours in a succkie car to Makarska and then a week there, 2 hours back to grahovo and then like half a week later we went to Sarajevo to see my uncle, pregnant aunt, and baby cousin and grandma. MY UNCLE HAS THE BEST CARS!! He picked us up in this nice sedan. Its so much better than the other cars there. And then we drove around in this awesome van. And then the 4 hours back to the bus station in Banja Luka he drove us in a FRIGGIN COMVEE. A comvee. for people that could fit in a sedan. WE were like havin a party in there, seriously! OK so back on track its liek a whole nother world over there. like no computers. And I didnt exactly work on anything productive over there so just to let u know im getting to it! OH AND FOR ALL YOU AVATAR FANS~~~ DONT FORGET TO WATCH THE 10 BRAND NEW EPISODES SEASON PREMIERE OF SEASON THREE AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER ON FRIDAY FROM 8:30 to 12:30~ O YAH ME N M- \E are pullin an ALL NIGHTER~ WOOOT~~~~ FINALLY A NEW SEASON~~!! PEACE! HAVE FUN~! LUV -the doctor.

Dr. Dani Suess~~~~~~

July 21, 2007

I just finished Harry Potter 7. Im crying... SPOILERSSSSS!! I cannot believe she killed off FRED!! What is her problem is she on crack or something?? The beginning of the book sure sounded like it. And I hate them not going to Hogwarts! IT THROWS OFF YOUR SENSE OF TIME PASSAGE! Seriously! As soon as october began it was like Christmas out of nowhere! And what is with Ron leaving and the Dilluminator and the ball of glowing light?! No offense JK but thats retarded~ and killing off Remus and Tonks right after they had a child! You're just asking for someone to come try and assasinate you!!What is up with this book1!! ARRGGHHHH!! And what kind of epilouge is that! It doesn't tell you like anything1!! WHAT ABOUT LUNAAAAA?? And why do Ron and Hermione start snogging in the middle of A WARRRR!! And stop saving DRACO, JUST LET HIM DIE ALREADY!! ID much rather have draco the snako die than Crabbe( or was it Goyle?) WATEVER~~~ THE ONLY GOOD THING IS HOW COOL NEVILLE AND TREWLAWNEY ARE IN BOOK 7!! WTFFFFF??~?~? HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE THIS BOOKKKKK!! And how frickin obvious was it that harry's scar was a horcrux. She's hinted at it so many times the title might as well have been The DEATHLY HALLOWS... AND DESTROYING THE HORCRI (AKA HARRY"S SCAR!!) ARRRGHGHGHGHGH I HATE THIS BOOK!! IT SUX!!

July 20/21, 2007

Lol,mmkay HP7 just came out. Friends sleeping over. Not much time to write. The party was crazy. Seriously the people there were yelling at us (Jamie Lindsay Erica Bill Cowboy Hat Guy (I cannot remember his name for the life of me!!))... I saw lots of people from my school there. lol. I was all dressed up AND I MADE A BROOM!! lol. Ooh got in fifth place in the Potter Spelling Bee. My friends kept dragging me away from the great Snape debate. I was about to go punch all the Snape-lovers until they changed their minds...lol SNAPE WILL BETRAY!!

July 19, 2007

I just realized i havent written anything in awhile... Jamie told me the last time i updated...Jamie's friend mispelled duct tape...lol...freak..lol...then again im a freak...lol.I might put some piccies of my Oc's on deviant art...and Danny F/p pics too!! Lol...HP7 is coming out tommorow! cant wait! Hp5 was awesome @ midnight!! did anyone go see it? it was a really cool movie. but some of it was messed up...lol

April 9th 2007

Wow its been a while... I finally updated the balance.. that took a while and A new story about Eragon might come soon... Im having major writer's block on all my stories... Especially my original one called Dragon Rising..(I think... I suck at titles) If someones willing to help with a title Ill type up everything Ive written so far and if it ever does get published...(my math teacher says she likes it...) Ill put a note how you helped me.. Plz.. Maybe I will just stick with Dragon Rising( thats the trilogy name yes its trilogy...) I dont have actual titles for each seperate thing yet.



February 26th, 2007

Hey! For all you people who had february vacation i hope you had fun and I speak for all of us when I say Im sad its over. But now that school is back Ive also been thrown back into English Language Arts a.k.a. E.L.A. We're practicing for a long comp and it got me thinking about my stories on fanfiction. I AM SO BEHIND ON UPDATING THE BALANCE! IM SOOOOO SORRY!! I hope this pitiful apology is enough for the few people who care about my story. I've had half the chapter written in my journal forever and now I have major writer's block. I started working on an original story and its goin fairly well. Maybe it might even get published. Probably not a lot of fans but watev. I actually left the journal its in behind in my math class. I came back after my next class and turned out the Teacher found it and was so busy reading she forgot to teach the class! Owell. There were some pretty intresting thoughts about my teachers in there but most were in dragon runes... notice I said most. Lets hope she didn't see the gigantic Not Dedicated To Because: list... Im very scared ... I was hiding from that teacher alllllll day... I promise Ill get over my writers block and finish the chappie soon!

-Peace Out-
~Danika a.k.a. Dr. Dani Suess

February 11th, 2007

there's some one on fanfiction who really makes me angry. Here's a public hate-mail to Greekfire.

NOT REALLY! Lol not only was I tad grumpy when i wrote this (okay a lot) but i just linked this page to a school website so I had to take some of the profane stuff off here. OOPS! I just left the end, NO Swears!


(\_/) ('.')_('.')
P.S. the bunny hates you too!

Srry for the language it is very hurtful.

January 22nd 2007,

Hey im updating my prof in honor of my friends birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!! Anyways she's turning thirteen. Okay im sorry for the serious procrastitation but ive been really sick and prepping vocals for our musical auditions and prepping for Feb. 3 when me and my friend do a vocal performance as a fundraiser for our school. And even worse. Today was the first day I really tried singing after I was sick, I CAN'T SING ABOVE A B!! Arrrgh!! I like dissapear or crack or something. MUST heal throat!

January 16th 2007

Hey I haven't been on in a while but here I am now. Im working hard but Im REALLY sick It's upsetting. I'm coughing and throwing up and ya know that crap. Anyway... I have 96 hits!! Im looking at a lot of stories and procrastinating. Currently me and my friend are getting ready for February 3rd. We're singing at a fundraiser at our school. It's gonna rock... if i don't get nervous. Anyway ALL OF YOU ROCK~!!

January 2nd 2007

Hey its me again!! I'd like to thank hikarisailor cat for reviewing, putting my story on alert, and putting me on alert incase i make more stories! Thnx to Dawn Gray Manson for favoriting my story and me. And let's not for get Star-a-licious my first reviewer and now story alerter!! (round of appluase) Yay!! And thanks for the 86 hits guys!! I didn't think people would really like the story as much as it is (not too much to brag about) but anyway... Happy New YEAR everybody !! And I hope more reviewers come my _(\_/) way. Just to let you know. It says I have 3 review but the first one is me and my feedback to myself on the original. Oh it turns outI just posted the new one totally. The _(='.'=) orignal isn't up anymore. O well. I hope you all keep reading and have the best new year (keep thos resolutions !!) Any avatar fans out there don't forget to read my _('.')_('.') one shot of what i thought should have happened in Crossroads of Destiny! It features an OC VERY similar to Toph

December 31st 2006

Hey Its new years eve!! Thnx 2 anyone who read my first chappie... but its not really written to the best of my capability so Ill be posting a new version underneath the original. Thnx for reviewers I luv u. I rlly like 2 write I just haven't been able to spend a lot of time writing. Anyway... Feel Free to yell at me if i dont post in a long ime. If i dont post after that im probably dead_ Not that thats something to joke about. well I still have a long way to go until im as good as one of my favorite authors on this site Darth Frodo. Check out her stories. They rock!! Oh and my friend Marina is here and she says "I like Redbull" maybe thats just the redbull talking? o.O anyways HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE !! to all my fans (probably only Star-a-licious my only reviewer. THNX!

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