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Author has written 2 stories for Camp Lazlo, and Spyro the Dragon.

The info concerning about "An Odd Tiring Crazy Vacation" is available below. Look for "Status".

Also, re-written version is available at:

About Me

Name: Curtis

Ol. Nick: NiteWolf, WolfPharoh, etc. -- just call me one of those if you want.

Birth: Jan 20, 1990

Sex: Male

My Comment: Can yall all believe it? Last episode of Ed, Edd, & Eddy and they're done? And cartoon network is turning booty, because they're throwing people's fav show off the air: Foster's Home, Class of 3000 (Didn't really watch the show that much), Camp Lazlo (During 2008). They also putting 5 more series on cartoon network. Update 4/30/07: I just got an update info that Foster's Home will stay on air with two more seasons. But Billy & Mandy, and Ed, Edd, & Eddy is going off the air. It's still sad though; what is cartoon network going to turn out to be.

Fav Cartoons & Shows: Back at the Barnyard, Chowder, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fairly OddParents, Ed Edd & Eddy, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Spongebob Squarepants, Rocko's Modern Life, Catdog, Goof Troop, TaleSpin, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Dragon Tales, Clifford the big red dog, Quack Pack, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, SonicX, Tiny Toons, Looney Toons, Cow & Chicken, Dexter's Laboratory, My gym partner's a monkey (sometimes), Rugrats, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Lilo and Stitch the series (sometimes..), American Dragon (sometimes), The Boondocks, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Meerkat Manor, The Crocodile Hunter, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, WWE, My brother and me, etc that I can't think of right now... I'm like a freak watching a lot of cartoons. And I don't care what people says to me like 'Grow Up' because of me still watching cartoons.

Couple List from the following shows (You'll find some available comments by me):

Foster's Home from Imaginary Friend:
Mac/Goo - They alright

Ed Edd & Eddy:
Ed/May - Every now and then
Kevin/Nazz - Don't support it too much though
Kevin/Sarah - Psh Anger? I just want to see those two fight
Jimmy/Sarah - They already look good for each other

101 Dalmatians The Series:
Cadpig/Lucky - Silly dogs lol.

SpongeBob Squarepants:
Spongebob/Sandy - Now a lot of people claims that spongebob is gay. But the creator says he's now. And I don't support much of him being gay on the show, and I don't believe much in that to stop watching it. Besides I think this is a good couple, based on karateh.
Mr. Krabs/Mrs. Puff - They look ok, at some parts if you watch the episode. Except the money taking Mr. Krabs on the down-low

Clifford... don't ask:
TBone/Cleo - Hey, they do look nice though...
Tbone/Mimi - That's if you watch the series more often and know who she is
Mac/Cleo - They look good too.

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Sonic/Amy - Now I understand on Sonic's short/low interest on Amy and those that support SonSally because he likes Sally more. But I support this couple more though, based on their species, team (Sometimes), style (not attitude though), and other things that I have my reasons for..
Tails/Cream - Ah, they look good together
Tails/Cosmo - They look good together as well. Atleast Tails find somebody that he somewhat likes so much
Knuckles/Rouge - They make a good couple (for my opinion)
Rouge/Shadow - I supported this couple before I started supporting KnuxRouge.
Sally/Antione - See this is what couple I like better though from Sally (which I do know that she treats him like a gump and that I don't show any interest of Sally, sorry...)
Bunnie/Antione - Oh yeah! That's all I got to say.

Looney Toons:
Bugs/Lola - They looked cute together on the movie Space Jam.

Tiny Toons:
Buster/Babs - I don't show much interest as much as I use to, even though they don't show much love together, but more like friendship (And I do remember seeing Babs kissing Buster twice.).
Plucky/Shirley - Even though Shirley always creeped me out, I still like the couple for the heck of it. They're both ducks.
Max/Elmyra - And I always hated Elmyra (She's a spoil brat to me), but they both still look cute around each other.

Quack Pack:
Donald/Daisy - Well Duh! That's already like the main couple anyways along with Mickey/Minnie, Goofy/Clarabelle

Dexter's Laboratory:
DeeDee/ManDark - Even though, DeeDee doesn't show any interest of Mandark, I still think the couple is ok.

Lilo & Stich The Series:
Stitch/Angel - I mean they look really cute together (I'm not saying this in a gay way!)
Bonnie/Stitch - That's if you saw the episode; They look ok together to me. But Bonnie seem like that fashion as to a chick to not be messed with.

American Dragon:
Jake/Rose - Yeah they look nice, but it's more than that.

Rebecca/Baloo - They somewhat hate each other, right? But I still like the couple though. Lol.

Panini/Chowder - "Oh, Hiiii Chowder." "I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Lol, I just like that. Amusing scenes they have on that show between them. ;P
Mung Daal/Truffles - Oh thanks a lot nightmarequeen70 (Sorry about your account). Now because of you, I got into it, especially after "Mung On the Rocks". :P

Random Questions

Q: What would you buy first, if you had 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000?

Q:If you had the biggest house, even BETTER than Bill Gates to the president Bush, what would you start off with? Will you invite alot of people? Make your life like "Cheaper By the Dozen"?

Other things/info

Honestly, my friends introduce me to, the first story I read was Donald vs. Daffy... Yes, I'm a big kid too, and what're you going to do about it :p

And I believe the first time I reviewed was a CL story.

Links and Locations

My Adult Fan Fictional Stories:

Arthur: NiteWolf

Link, but not directly to any my stories; this is just the index:

My Stories List:

Comments: I don't make those stories for me or something like that, I make them for friends and some requested by friends. So this isn't really all about me and you don't really have to read them.

My Fan Fictional Stories:

Arthur: NiteWolf 0

My stories

Camp Lazlo

Name: An Odd, Tiring, Crazy Vacation

Info:The Bean & Squirrel Scouts takes a big trip for the week, but something chaotic happens where they end up in a separate stranded island surrounded by water. But Lenny, Miss Mucus, Lazlo & Patsy (mainly) are missing. A little movie maybe, you can consider.

Status: As this story is on pause, I been rewriting the material. Due to my life outside, it is taking a long time. This was actually a kind of gift I wanted to give, following up the last chapter to the story. It has been two years now, and I have not forgotten about this story. It is coming along very slow. If you all want to try and see the new and improved story, check my DA:

Where else I could be found.

Youtube: suspended five of my accounts already: WolfPharoh, WolfPharaoh, WolfPharoh2, WolfPharoh3, and NOW WolfPharoh1.



The problem is, regardless of how a video is done, people will try to force their opinions on others. Ex: san8andrias, WolfPharoah, firemyviewoflife, etc.

I can actually laugh about that. Why? Because of your sentence. It's desultory for the fact that you didn't even spell my name correctly. It's WolfPharoh, not 'WolfPharoah'. And no I don't have a -a- between the "r" and the "o". I use this in a "Ghetto Slang". Don't get it? Let me elaborate. I'm localizing my name that way. So if you want to sound like some sort of "hero", next time say it perfectly inline. And don't feel triumphant toward people whom you think are simply antagonizing, and you trying to defend it. Speaking of "hero" it's funny that you have only one person, no TWO, to think your statement is correctly optimistic. And you should thank that video-maker (Who doesn't know when to close her legs already, and makes matters worst killing everybody) for deleting a simple comment, which I only said "Keep my name out your mouth" a long time ago. So I'll say it again in another way, try sounding smart next time BEFORE you make a somewhat "Impact". So do you and those retards claim some sort of righteousness for my will of what I said that I was right about? Maybe you have. And as for that girl, it made all of us laugh that she brought troublesome upon herself, because she's an attention-whore for /b/tards and canon rejects.


"Yeah but its pretty much better for the boys part"

Racist and sexist pig. They're toons! Reality's idiotic rules do NOT apply to them, and FYI, love has NO rules, even if society tries to restrict it!

Racist? Incorrect. Did I mention anything about racism? Does racist have anything to do with the main topic? No? Exactly, my uneducated friend. We're speaking gender. Was it your lacky mind that told you to say that? Now look what you are sounding right now, despite you can identify racist and gender incorrectly. So now that just consider that as a "failure" to start at the beginning, and just reading the rest of the sentence falls potential on your account, which that's ok since you're just like senseless, obtuse weaboos, that uses "facts" to try and clear out an argument without thinking intelligently, due to their deficient, limited knowledge. Only thing approval from your statement is that they ARE toons. And for the "sexist pig" part, you might as well stop. Antagonizing people with unorthodox behavior like that (especially that so-call comeback) displays you to not have anymore abilities saying anything back. Why I say that? You don't have the ability to sound smart, and call yourself the "God", un-TIL you can make up whatever mind that won't be so dreadful. Or let me just say something plain and simply: You're fake, and you need to stop. Or apologize to your fan-buddies, for making you and them look bad automatically.

My characters

Camp Lazlo:

Name: Lenny

Age: He's just the same age as, somewhere between, Slinkman, Lumpus, Jane, Mucus

Species: Wolf

Fur Color: Blue & White Tail: Big & Fluffy

Eyes: Light Blue (Shiny)

Height: Let's just say that he's like an inch taller than Miss Mucus. So he's not that tall.

Info: He's known Slinkman and Miss Mucus for years. He was Slinkman's best friend ever since college; Slinkman and Lenny took each other as a family. Lenny and Miss Mucus on the other hand don't like each other. His first career once was going to become a scoutmaster himself after passing training and getting diploma, until it was ruined; all thanks to Miss Mucus. He couldn't do much of anything then, because he was spent in prison.

Lenny's characteristics: He can have much temper on the other hand, but he's actually playful; he just doesn't show that off too much in public. His hobbies is being a sailor who takes cruising with his, nice looking, big boat. He has a big habit of drinking coffee without getting hyper and getting any stomachache. And he, at his age, is still into video games and kiddish entertainment. And also, he's got money. Thanks for greater treasure he always searched on, on his days with nobody around.

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