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I am Atheneon, the great and terrible...yadda, yadda. Fantasy is my chosen medium, but for fanfics sci-fi is my where I abide. I write mostly in the StarTrek universe along with some StarWars and StarGate (Atlantis). I write my own characters, feeling it an unnecessary burden to try and maintain someone else's persona. Besides, you all know the stories surrounding Spock, Obi-wan, and Mckay...why retell when I can fabricate my own people?

Character Line-Up:

Phinn Xio M.D.: A starfleet medical officer from Betazed. He served in the resistance during the Dominion occupation of his homeworld, using his mind as a weapon. Now, he has been abducted by the Tal'Shiar. He is enroute to Romulus to instruct Romulan officers in aggressive telepathy.

Dr. Alexander Collins: A PhD in Anthropology and Linguistics. He serves on Atlantis as a paralinguist for a special diplomatic team that Sheppard lovingly calls "The Psych Unit."

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