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Author has written 3 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, and Neverwinter Nights.

Hi, I'm Anne Jacobs. I have ideas for many different stories, but at this rate, you'll most likely see none of them.

Oh! I've also got a DeviantArt page, under the user name Explicitive-UhOh and a livejournal, under the username explicitiveuhoh.


Progress is really rough, as I've been looking at my previous chapters and my scrawled notes for both stories, and other plunnies/skits that I've been looking over. I'm starting to rework Entwined Destinies and Oh Boy, finalizing outlines and fixing glaring plot holes that popped out at me during basic revisions.

Oh Boy is making better headway than Entwined Destinies, as Oh Boy has officially had its full-story outline finished with its re-vamping. Now its just me actually finishing all the chapters--it's looking to be 12 chapters fully revised, and over 120 pages long. I'm about a third done at this point. So hopefully, I'll get in gear and finish this sometime within the next year.

Entwined Destinies is ready to kill me, because so much of what I originally planned is bad...just too much happening without rhyme or reason to it (dear god, was I really such a pre-teen at that time?) I'm nit-picking and cleaning up the overall plot and outline, so it's likely not to be seen again till way later. It might just take me that ten years I mentioned to finish it, eh heh.

I'll eventually finish these stories...but it'll take a lot of patience.

I've got a lot of ideas that simmer, or perhaps boil, for a good while before dying down to be replaced by another, so if I feel like posting something they'll most likely be fragments and oneshots of my upcoming ideas. Previews of what I'm thinking, attempts to solidify characters, and random fun will be my main goal with those, but even with the lack of pressure to finish, it'll be rare to have them posted.

On my stories, the line's in-progress will not change unless I actually delete and purge them from my page. This gives them a chance to be completed, even if it's years from now, so there's a little hope but not a lot. So, even though updates are unlikely, they're not impossible.

Stories so far:

Oh Boy(DC): in-progress. Up to Chapter 7!

Entwined Destiny(DC/RE/HP):in-progress. Only Ch. 1.


Detective Conan: Manga for the most part, with a little interest in the animes (has slightly faded due to repetition but I'm still a fan) I've always been a big fan of mysteries so this kind of sealed the deal for me.

Harry Potter: All of the books, and all of the movies but the fourth. (My favorites are the third and fifth movies. The third because it captured the book the best in character and emotion (and the third book was my favorite) while the fifth won because it bettered itself from the book due to handling the behaviors more believably).

Resident Evil: Mostly the movies, as I haven't been able to play one of the videogames yet. Alice really kicks ass and it's actually got a fast pace that keeps me tense while watching. Not too heavy on gore either, so it's less slasher/death and more of an action and developmental movie which is what I prefer.

Danny Phantom: I've seen every episode. Now I'm content. Not bad for a Nick cartoon and I actually can't find too much of a fault, it is a children's cartoon after all, with the ending other than I wish Vlad and Danny solved their issues better (I've always liked the tension and way they work around each other, sometimes with each other, in the show. There were saving graces in my opinion to Vlad, and it felt too much like they wanted to quickly end the show rather than actually work on it ending).

Tales of Symphonia: Fanfiction, fanart, the game itself...I've found a new obsession! It's quite cute. I really like Lloyd and the way he sees the world. The other characters I really like are Mithos, Zelos, Kratos and Sheena. Colette is very likely to get on my nerves because of the stereotype, but I understand a bit why she's like that due to the way she was raised.

Tales of the Abyss: The game is very emotional, and well written in plot and character development. I favor Luke and Guy, with Jade and Tear following in personalities. I found it very depressing overall, as there is so much misery and heartache to be spread around in this game, but it's also very open ended at the very end that can lead to a somewhat happy ending.

Oblivion: The freedom to do whatever, be whatever and customize your character thrilled me like no other. I'm also always challenged by monsters since they level with me rather than be pre-determined. This does frustrate me every once in a while, since it's solo and a horde of Dremora or super-goblins can kill my Wood Elf rather easily. (I tend to play a wood elf with focus on sneaking and archery. Kind of like a ranger-rouge mix that's got a slight Robin Hood complex. Unfortunately, that doesn't take a lot of damage too well, nor can she just go Nord on enemies and just deal great damage either...I do get a lot of sneak attack bonuses at least!).

Neverwinter Nights 2: I love the ability to design a character and that there are conversation scripts where I choose to say what. I also like having my actions determine my alignment and such, but the fact that the whole game is scripted in the a always leads to b format is slightly depressing. Overall, it's a lot of fun.

Sims 2: I enjoy creating my own communities and people with backgrounds, storylines and quirks. I've been working on a Labyrinth based world with it mostly done, creating a Star Wars based world which is growing at an alarming rate, and have a music based world also in the works and mostly needs housing work done.

Movies: Labyrinth, Resident Evil, Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Room 1408

Novels: i.e. Anne of Green Gables, The Cat Who series, Pride and Prejudice, Bless Me, Ultima and many others...

Religion: I'm mostly an agnostic, but I have roots in Christianity. I also find myself believing/interested in Buddhism, Taoism, Wiccan along with animistic and polytheistic ideas. So...yeah, I'm a little hodge-podge on religion but I find it leaves me open-minded and willing to listen, even when I don't agree with someone else. I don't find it very necessary in the scheme of things though, and many times I find it brings more harm than good (every crusade, slaughter, and fight involving religion comes to mind).

Science: Biotechnology & Biochemistry

Art: All varieties, especially charcoal drawings and pastels



I just like to create havoc on a regular basis, usually something that ends with a BAM! Occasional outbursts with my echoes can easily distract me from my designated tasks too. I do enjoy writing poetry and short stories, but the short stories typically end up incomplete. I'm hoping that with the help of that I'll be able to keep on task, without too many distractions from the "plots" that wage wars on me! I have a really bad case of nerves, and so I rarely push out stories in my Fanfic might look empty for quite some while.

Other than that, I find myself in a state of constant creativity, with touches of sarcasm and pessimism to balance out all the "bad & good" in life! A little humor always makes my day, and giggles are infectious!!


I'm inspired by a number of personalities that have taken residence inside my head. They are both good and bad...but usually that's the case when there are multiple personalities inside a person's head.

Ai is my DC influence, and she's my core. She is another version of myself, and is the identity that I seem most attached to. Ai's the oldest, and she tries to keep my grammar correct and my thoughts straight. She's a little more philosophical and sees the whole picture rather than the details. Without her, I'd be rather empty and she'd probably be rather lost. If you meet Ai, you'll get to know me quite well.

Vs is my internal debate. She loves the little things and is way too serious for her own good. She loves to create arguments and debates and she's big on realistic story lines. Vs is in charge of keeping my thoughts together, and tying the facts of my story together too. She's head-strong though, and can create a lot of tension when she's not careful. It's my job to keep Vs in check, and hers to keep me in check...I love the way we run in circles...

Makoto is my male persona. He's sly, possessive and a charmer. He seems very controlled, but his writings are well known for being chaotic and rather far-fetched. Holding a conversation with Makoto will lead to insanity if you're a rather normal person. To actually understand him, you'll have to sail with him throughout the dregs of his rather depressing laments of the cosmos and the lives that are lead in this fray. He's also the one who consults my works and tries to make me better.

Eclispe is a bit more rugged and a little more dangerous. She tends to have a very unholy side to her, and devours many plots whole. Part of her is criticism, while the other part is pretty much full bodied support...odd how that works out. She's harsh, but true and can really get the job done. She's probably the fem-version of Makoto. He'd be rather nasty if I wasn't the "charmin' Milady". Eclispe doesn't hurt people intentionally though; she just strikes back when provoked and she's also a very blunt type of echo.

Harvest is a launch away from reality. She's a sweet little one with big eyes that no living soul can refuse. She's basically the one who throws all these plots and ideas into my head and then I have to sort through them. I find her a delight and I listen to her chatter in my thoughts quite a bit, but I don't get a lot down when it's just her and me. Her temperment is too sweet though, so without regulation I'll have sappy stories breeding all over my fanfiction page.

Leaps, well, she's become my rebellion. She's a monochromed figure that practically lives in a fantasy land created from my mind. She chases stars and talks about alternate diminsions and has spread her interest into me. So now I've got plunnies given by Harvest and nurtured by Leaps; this basically creates whomping stories that switch their realms rather amusingly. Right now, she's bouncing on the balls of her feet at the latest success of blatant integration. She's also creating her own story, which will at some point drive me mad. Let's say Leap's has become a great sphere of energy that has no control whatsoever, it's almost as if she's a black hole pulling everything inside of her and then plopping it into my lap and saying: happy birthday!

Star is like the role model for Harvest. They share each others thoughts, but Star is a lot more grounded and realistic. She keeps Harvest in check, while letting loose some of her own ideas. She has more motivation than Harvest, so I'll be able to actually write down the thoughts. It's a little harder to define Star, so for now she's more of a guide than a full-bodied personality.

Whimsy is the last, and she's the one that always wants to have fun. If anything, she's the reason that I skirt away from finishing a story. Whimsy gets bored and my attention can no longer focus. She can curb her boredom at random intervals, but many things will inevitably fall away. I'm still trying to train her to finish eating before running after the furry little critters that rummage through my thoughts.

My quotes as of now:

I throw giggles because they bounce and go whee! -me, on a sugar rush

Fate hates everyone, but usually, Fate will latch onto one person to torment. So far, it's Shinichi and not me, so life's fairly decent! -me, trying to cheer up myself

I'd run right now, because all ten of the voices in my head are chanting, "revenge," and I've never had a unanimous vote before. =me, after an argument with a sibling.

Mom: You don't tell people you have voices in your head, right?

Me: (0.o''')...No...why would I?

Mom: (sighs) Why do I even try...

Me: uhm...I don't really know...-me, was talking to my Mom about the types of crazy...and that lead to how there's me...

Sometimes a situation requires tact and politeness. In those times, I provide entertainment. =me, after inciting some kid on the internet to wage word war with me. He didn't like that I differed in opinion from him and was ready to debate about it. Was really entertaining that I could goad him into being an arse for over three weeks by merely commenting back. My last post contained this quote and he really ranted then. ;>

"Nothing, nothing tra-la-la!" Jareth, Labyrinth

"A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day."-Bill Watterson

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society"-Mark Twain

"The invention of teenagers was a mistake. Once you identify a period of life in which people get to stay out late but don't have to pay taxes-naturally nobody wants to live another way."-Judith Martin

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It Is Always Raining
It doesn't register, until that very moment, that everything about her journey seemed to begin and end in the rain. She does not know how she will bear it, with these coming months, that promise even more rain. The whole of Neverwinter should have already flooded. NWN2-Original Campaign, Original Character
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