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Author has written 12 stories for Mai HiME, Hidamari Sketch, Haibane Renmei, Sailor Moon, and Read or Die.

IMPORTANT NEWS (as important as bio page news can be, heh)--> I didn't get classified as an Ohio resident, I couldn't go to college there, and I've moved back to Texas. Specifially, I've moved to a small home in the middle of a 40-acre plot of land a half-hour away from even the smallest town around (I'm closer to another "town", but I don't count the stop light, bar, and convenience store as a town). My laptop is still dead, but has been replaced with money I now have from a full-time job that I've been holding down for a little over a month. I'll be getting back into school in December, albeit a Community College, and going to a major university come August-ish 2009.

Now then, I've been without a computer for about a month or so, and without internet for the same time, so I couldn't write. Then I got a computer, but all my documents are saved ODT, so I couldn't continue any of the in-progress work or look back on previous chapters (no internet to download OpenOffice, and now only dial-up internet, all I can get out here, which is shaky enough to make downloading OpenOffice nigh-impossible). However, I felt secure enough continuing Two Kitty's Curiosity, so there's a chapter of that ready now, to celebrate my return to the internet, and my most lovable editor should be sending me a copy of OpenOffice soon, along with a bunch of other goodies that are hard to get on dial-up (including anime I'm missing from the current season!). I hope I'll be able to catch up with my work soon. And yeah, for those who read this before, all my real swell friends are still stuck in that lease they wanted out of, boo.


Howdy ya'll. I'm 20, I'm Texan, and I ain't gonna tell ya'll nothin' else about myself. Let my stories speak for me. If you must know anything about me, let it be that I'm somewhat insecure, confused, and flighty. Hence, my desire to allow the stories to be most of what you know of me, as I hope they're better than the actual me _

I write romance, tend to enjoy a good deal of comedy and (hopefully) in-character fluff, although once in a while I misplace my glasses and take a huge swig of ANGST, mistaking it for the milk.

I suppose numerically I mostly write Mai-HiME fiction, but I'm starting to feel less defined by any particular series as I go along.

"Tea Leaves, Coffee Beans, and a Touch of Mint", my first piece of writing, is definitely not dead, whatever that update date might tell you. Will probably get the rest of it polished and posted in the summer, though I doubt anybody who follows it will be happy to hear that. It's getting done, though, thanks to this lovely creature: Ol' Enshi is also the only reason I ever felt confident enough to continue writing in the first place, so anybody who likes me knows who to thank, and anybody who doesn't like me knows who to blame.

Check out her writing and bask in the talents of my mentor.

As for the rest, you may have noticed I have a few irons in the fire and wonder what's active and what's not, and to what degree. Very well!

In alphabetical order,

-Beginnings, Yukino and Haruka: Stalled. The words, they won't come, but the idea is there and just needs to be written. Not abandoned, one more wrapping-up chapter for this part in the works, just not able to be qualified as "active". I do want to finish it pretty badly, though. I don't know when it happened, but it seems like I turned around twice and this little side-project experiment in POV (Yes, this is why the point of view seems so weird in that second segment, I was testing the waters in POV switches without proper separation) suddenly became my second-most popular (by hits, reviews, and favs) fic.

-El Hogar Viejo: Slowly but surely; it's not receiving the majority of my focus at the moment, but now and again I jump back and get a sentence here, a paragraph there.

-Stilllife Sketch in Motion: About the same as that directly above. I had hoped that having a few stories up would make it so I always had something I feel like writing, and it has to some degree, but I hadn't expected so many stories to get neglected. My apologies, but this is still active.

-Two Kitty's Curiosity: Surprise resurrection! I re-wrote the first chapter, making it told from Mai's point of view, cutting out some unnecessary and somewhat poorly-written action (I got all of my desires to write action scenes out of my system with What Worth below), and just generally making myself more happy with it. I've written a second chapter now, which definitely increases its odds of continued survival.

-What Worth a Leaf in a Storm?: Chapter 8 is done, you may have noticed. Yes, the ending bit may have been formulaic and cliche, and used in almost every medium of storytelling fiction there is, but I did it anyway. Chapter 9 is being produced, then, with no definite timetable. Sorry for the being evil and all with the cliffhangeriness.

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