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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

Hey peoples my name is Lemonpotato. I like reading and writing Harry's a twin stories and a few Lilly, James.

I have written one story The Son Child I'm estimating it will be about 20 chapters and continue through Hogwarts maybe if this one goes well. If it ends up more or less my excuse is I suck at estimations. Well The Son Child is now finished and it was 11 chapters, yep I suck at estimations. The Sun Child will be a series of Harry's years at Hogwarts. Every year he has there will be a new story. And guess what I don't have any new original names so the sequel will be called The Sun Child 2. wow. Guess what comes after that.

The year is almost over and I have finally updated...heh heh heh...oops. I will make it up to you guys though. I'm currently dying of boredom so updates will come quicker.

About my friends: Well you're all ugly, just kidding, kidding, don’t hit me. (In no order.) Hammerhead is very energetic, her smile is contagious and she loves to make others smile. While she may say she is stupid it's not true. Hammerhead has a natural flair for technology (lucky her). She is very creative and her ideas are often wild. She's not afraid of what people think of her and not ashamed of who she is. McFleury is another friend. She is very generous, her generosity is so great that she will continue to give even when it means personal sacrifice. She never lets others known when she is angry or upset but continues to make the world brighter for everyone else. She is very intelligent, putting everything into anything she does. Beachball has a flair for science. She is brilliant at the subject and has a passion for everything about it. She even sunk so low as to doing it in the holidays. (I'm ashamed of you Beachball. How could you? Kidding.) She is a very dedicated person and puts everything into what she does. She can also sing, her voice is really amazing! Recently it has been discovered that she also has a boyfriend called Leon who she hides in a locker and shares him with McFleury. She has written the words "I love Leon" all over her books. (It wasn't us it was her.) She is also married to him along with McFleury and we distinguish between the two by calling them Mrs Smith 1 and Mrs Smith 2... I'm not sure which is which it appears to change at least twice a day. Beachball and McFleury continue to deny his existence but we all know he's real. Lindi is another friend, she is an outgoing person who just generally brightens up everyones day. Lindi has an amazing voice (even though she will deny it) she also has a flair for English. Her ability to write speeches is quite amazing. Lindi also has the ability to step into any situation and look comfortable, no matter where she is she seems to fit in. Her street smarts and ability to notices things others will miss makes her a very sharp person. Lindi is a good leader, she lets people choose but she also knows when she needs to step up. Unlike other people who attempt to lead she doesn't boss but gives you her opinion and generally everyone will go along with her way of thinking. Bacon is yet another friend. A very intelligent person, Bacon has an incredible ability for maths. She doesn't study for maths tests that some people spend hours working towards and still Bacon can beat their marks easily. Bacon is also very sporty, she has an ability to put her hand to any sport and excel at it. She is also obsessed with photos. Bec is another friend. She, like me, has an account on fanfiction. She was the person who first got me hooked. Em R is the one of my close friends. She didn't have very much written on here before because I was too damn lazy to write much and I wasn't really close till this year. Em is one of the brightest people I know, her comments are just...they show intelligence way beyond her years...I should know...while she may be a sarcastic bitch, excuse my language I would have said basted but her parents are married as she has informed me so therefore she is a sarcastic bitch, comparable to George Orwell...She's always there when you need her, when I had an essay I was stressed for she offered to copy down my notes! How NICE is that??? She's there for the bad jokes - lets have a biology theme song!!!! or worse ones..."just no...no..." and while she's probably glaring at me right now I reckon she's cool.

I've always wondered if any of my friends have come across this page by accident. Maybe they put lemonpotato into google and just happened to click this link.

Now I've told you all about my friends I'll tell you a bit about me. My favorite subject is maths and I can't spell to save my life. In my spare time I like writing stories, poetry and songs, reading and hanging out with my friends. Hanging out with my friends is my favorite thing to do. I can lose pretty much anything on the face of this earth and I'm not too well co-ordinated...


"Be kind. You may be only someone in this world but you may mean the world to someone."

"A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."

"Walking is not a lost art. One must by some means get to the garage."

"Before you criticize a man walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you criticize him you are a mile away and you have his shoes."

"I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned."

"People don’t always want to hear the truth."

"If you are always looking behind you to see if you’re being followed, you can’t see where you are going and you will run into a pole."

"To live held back by fear is to only live half a life."

"The easiest house you will ever sell is the one you have just sold."

"I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't deserve my friends."

"If all my friends jumped off a bridge I wouldn't jump with them. I'd be at the bottom to catch them."

"A circle is round, it has no end. That's how long I want to be your friend."

"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."

While looking through The Sun Child I've found that if you are using the sever Mozilla Firefox, when you click to go to chapter 7 the story links to another story altogether. If yours does this go to the address bar and erase the part of the website that says The_Sun_Child and it should link you back to the right page. If that doesn't work, this is the website for the chapter.


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