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"Give me Scotland or I die." - John Knox

"Lord, I am your messenger. Throw me like a blazing torch into the night." - Mary Skobtsova, Germany 1945

Hello, all of my FF loverlies! (smiles and waves)

This pic was taken by my friend Christopher while I was serving as a missionary at Iris Ministries in Mozambique, Africa, June of last year. WOW. What an adventure! I traveled all the way across the world bymyself, people were healed instantly, my life was threatened with the deadliest form of malaria, and the joy was OVERFLOWING... Then, after I got back to the States I was healed of the malaria! (not even a traceof it in my blood folks!)

ROCK ON then- Okay, let's see...a wee bit more about myself...(ponders and smiles knowingly)

You know all those movies they make? You know, the ones based upon true stories (LoL), and even the ones not founded upon any actual truth? Well, I'm one of the people that those movies could be about. (LoL knowingly) You see, I used to lie like a rug growing up, thinking my life was so boring that no one would want to be a part of it. But the truth is, there was no reason to make anything up, because my life was so NOT boring that it overwhelmed and freaked people out and away from me. I cannot blame them. Not even I wanted to partake of it. So, to deaden the pain seemingly caused by merely being me, I made a LOT of bad choices. Fortunately, I've since learned that bad choices are often opportunities to learn HUGE life lessons, as well. 'Tis this truth wherein lies the GLORY of my AWESOME and AMAZING LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. My life proves that ALL THINGS LITERALLY ARE POSSIBLE (smiles brightly AND knowingly), and He can and does raise up beautiful things from out of the ashes of our bad choices. ROCK ON Jesus!

Now, why am I here on FF?

I adore reading other authors' works and sharing what I think. I have a PASSION for encouraging you to be who God has specifically and individually created you to be, AND strengthening you in the gifts and talents He has sovereignly given you. HE believes in you (it doesn't matter how weird you think you are or may be), and has a specific and irreplaceable role for you that no one else can play (it doesn't matterwhat you've done). So, I'm here, in whatever capacity I can be, to make sure you know that, and possibly to even help you find that elusive "purpose for being here" you've been searching for.

He created me to LOVE to sing...(snickers knowingly), LAUGH, DANCE, act, read, paint, do graphic design, and to LOVE going to Renaissance Faires ('twould be ROCKIN' AWESOME to have my own Mystical Healing, Destiny Word, and Dream Interpretation tent), however, my newest fondtivity (that's an activity I'm tremedously fond of btw) is WRITING. The way I see it, I'm still "painting" upon a "canvas"... 'Tis simply that my new "canvas" is actually the reader's mind, and my new medium, the seemingly simple, yet at times, decidedly complex and beautifully diverse medium of...WORDS...(her heart swollen, she beams and releases an audible sigh and sings...AGAIN.)

I also count it a great HONOUR for anyone to take the time to read my work. Anyone that allows me to paint upon the canvas of their mind, for any amount of time, is giving me a privilege that I do NOT take lightly. For that, I sincerely thank you. (smiles warmly and bows her head)

"Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn." - Thomas Gray (1716-1771) THIS was a man who had PASSION for what he did. LOVE THAT!

Fact about me that may perhaps be of interest to you: take it or leave it (smiles and winks)

When I was in school, I was literally a special ed student for such things as grammar, reading comprehension, and English Literature... (she snorts back a laugh quite knowingly) Yesh, that does indeed mean I didnot go to any college or university AND I only graduated High School by earning a General Equivalency Diploma, or what is commonly referred to in America as a G.E.D... That means, I've NEVER been formally educated on ANY of this- Seriously, it just happened one day... Wanna know how it happened? Ask me about it. (smiles and winks)

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