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Author has written 8 stories for RENT, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, General Hospital, and Twilight.

Hi, my name is Kate. I'm the girl who sticks out in a diffirent but good way. I started writing about two years ago, and started writing about Yu-gi-oh and Yu-gi-oh gx. Most of my storys got good comments by those who read them. I have alot of pets a horse named Ringo, a dog named Allie, two cats named Pearl and Veon, a rat named Betsy. And a sugar glider named simba.I love animals as you can tell. I'm really into Music. My favorite singer is Rick Springfield, I know he was famous in the 80's, I also love the Barenaked ladies, My Chemical romance, Panic! at the disco, Billy Joel, Eminem, Bowling for soup, and alot of other bands. They say music says alot about your personality, but I like so many diffirent types, just looking at my music must make it hard to tell what kind of person I am. Well I'm a shy, out going but kind of shy person. I'm always trying to be polite, but opiniontive. For my whole life I have been changing my mind constantly about what I want to be when I grow up, when I was five I wanted to be a Judge, I thought the idea of being able to send people to jail was just awesome. Of course then I spelled Judge with a q. Now I am undecided I 'm going to think about what I wanna become. I love broadway music, I love Rent, Phantom of the Opera, Moving out, Wicked, Caberet, Nine and Le Mis. My favorite broadway singers are Adam Pascal famous as Roger from rent, but he played in many other roles, he was even the M.C. in Caberet and Idina Menzel who was famous for being Elphaba in wicked, but she just so happened to be Maureen in Rent. I love to read, my favorite books are TTYL, TTFN, M or F, and I read the Yu-gi-oh Manga. I recently became a Inuyasha fan, an ass kicking half human, half demon is always fun to watch. My favorite episode was when Inuyasha was posioned when he was human, and Kagome helped him through the night. Well I have a quiz now, so if you like it copy it and delete my answers and put down your own.

My interview with myself.

Question 1: What is your name?

Answer: Kate, my name is Kate and no it isn’t short for Katherine damn it!

Question 2: What is your quest?

Answer: To find the Jade Monkey, Seriously has anyone seen it?

Question 3: What is your favorite anime?

Answer: Yu-gi-oh gx.

Question 4: What is your favorite character from that anime?

Answer: Syrus Truesdale, aww he’s so cute.

Question 5: What do you fear most?

Answer: Chuck Norris, he is mega scary.

Question 6: Tell me what is the worlds lamest pick up line and how would you respond to said pick up line?

Answer: lamest pick up line anyone can use is Hey sweetheart looking for a good time? How would I respond? “Yeah I love shooting my gun at perverts!”

Question 7: Do you wish to share an inside joke you have with a friend/relative.

Answer: Yes, one time my family went to see BNL in concert and the warm up band came out, and it really sucked, I swear the guy thought he was fricken Bruce Springsteen and there was only one person up dancing. I asked my mom “Why is no one else dancing?” and my mom told me “Because he’s not Bruce Springsteen.” So now every time we see an unpopular band or something we say their not Bruce Springsteen.

Question 8: Do you consider yourself a Jock, geek, Popular, Artistic or musical?

Answer: Musical and proud of it.

Question 9: If you could have one super power, what power would you want?

Answer: Earth powers, Then I can just make a brigde to Australia.

Question 10: Finish this sentence, Anger is a path to the dark side……

Answer: So are Oreo’s but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Favorite Anime: Yu-gi-oh gx.

Favorite couples: Jaden/Alexis Zane/Alexis Syrus/Jasmine Aster/OC Syrus/Oc Aster/Sartorius Jaden/Syrus Zane/Aster Zane/OC

Hated couples: Jaden/Bastion Chazz/Syrus Zane/(with any of the guys besides Aster. Zane just doesn't seem very Yaoi.) Mindy/anyone Alexis/Chazz.

Favorite T.V. show: General Hospital.

Favorite couples: Patrick/Robin!(My all time favorite.) Luke/Laura Jason/Liz Emily/Nicholas Lulu/Dillion Lulu/Logan Jax/Carly Sky/Lorenzo

Hated couples: Sonny/Carly Maxie/anyone(I hate her guts.) Georgie/Dillion Nicholas/Courtney Emily/Sonny(worst couple ever)

Couples in my storys:

Tragedy of a love story: Zane/Alpha Jaden/Alpha Jaden Alexis.

Rent Next Generation:(My Favorite Couple) Randi/Cameron, Fay/Harris, Gina/Nicky, Mark/Brooke, Derek/Warren.

Rent Next seasons: (Sequel to Rent Next Generation) Donna/Atticus, Reese/Mitchel, Isabella/Jay.

Saving words: Aster/Tori, Jaden/Alexis, Zane/Allegra, Syrus/Lilly, Jesse/Amethyst, and Chazz/Obbi.

Favorite/Least Favorite!

Favorite animal: Dog

Least favorite: Spider

Favorite song: Bring me to life Evanescence

Least Favorite: Red high heels Kelly Pickler

Favorite movie: Tallaga nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Least favorite: War of the worlds (The one with Tom Cruise in it.)

Favorite quote: Oh snap!

Least favorite: I don't know if I have one.

A picture of Tori's locket from saving words:

The dresses of Lilly and Syrus's wedding from Saving Words:

Lilly's wedding gown:

The bridesmaid/maid of honor (Alexis, Allegra, and Obbi's dresses):

The flower girl dress (Jon's dress):

The mother of the bride (Madeline Yuki's dress):

The mother of the groom (Luna Truesdale's dress):

--What people are saying about Saving Words-- (Some reviews I really liked, but I loved them all and thank you to everyone who read or reviewed this story!)

' Wow! This is really good. I kind of expected Tori to be pregnant and one of the babies to be kidnapped, but I'm usually that way on everything. And if that didn't happen, I suspected that it might just be a boring, usual story about life without any action. But you sure proved me wrong! It's so good I couldn't stop reading it. Nice job on keeping the story entertaining. I can't think of any grammar mistakes on it at the moment. Again I'll say really great story. =D' SpacePirateGirl

YAY! does happy dance _ Sorry, me just gets so hyper afta reading awesome fanfics!! Incrediable chapter, update soon_' - Anime-Queen-2011

'Aw, Satorius has a child now! Lol, the story should change titles from Saving Worlds to Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Baby Boom
lol. Good chapter, can't t for more!"
- Setoglompre

'your stories are awesome! just do oe tiny little thing. dont make jaden die or alexis! theyre awesome!" - Crazylady

'I love this story please update soon!' Vanilla Ice Chocolate

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