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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Transformers/Beast Wars, Danny Phantom, and Jackie Chan Adventures.

Name: Nocturne no Kitsune

Gender: male

Announcement: I'm Back! After many grueling trials, set backs, meltdowns, and a Few other things, I am honestly back and working on updating everything. I hope to have something out for my active stories very soon.

Fav TV shows: Transformers, Naruto, Danny Phantom, Full Metal Alchemist, Hellsing, Sonic, Monster Rancher, Fairy Tail, Macross 7, Escaflowne, Case Closed, D.Grey man, Soul eater, Kuroshitsuji, Buso Renkin, Black lagoon, Princess resurrection, and +Anima

Fav chars: Wheeljack, Megatron, The Lambo Twins, Soundwave, Shockwave, The Cassettes, the Constructicons, Punch/Counter-Punch, The BattleChargers, SideWays, Sari Sumdac, BlackArachnia, The Dinobots, Jazz, Danny Phantom, Pariah Dark, ClockWork, Ember Mclain, Wulf, Fright Knight, Sam manson, Edward Elric, Lust, Greed, Scar, Genki, Moo, Pixie, Lucy, Erza, Basara, Mylene, The ProtoDeviln, Hitomi, Conan Edogawa, Maka, Arachne, Franken Stein, Medusa, Tyki Mikk, Road Camalot, The Earl, Allen, Lero, Kuuybi, Deidara, Sasori, Tenten, Garra, Kimmimaro, Tayuya, Kisame, Seras, The mad major, Pip, Kagome, Kikiyo, Naraku, the band of Seven, And a lot more.

Bio: What can i say? you don't need to know about me to like what i write.


wake up, wake up and... smell the ashes- G-man

Don't take life seriously, no one ever makes it out alive anyways

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all of its students

"Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling?."

I remember when I lost my mind; there was something so special about that day”-Gnarls Barkley

The universe is a machine where you have been placed, and like a machine the outcome can be known. Every battle has already been won or lost. All that is left is for you to choose your side.

If you Don't mind, I am somewhat preoccupied telling the Laws of Physics and Universal Order to shut up, sit down, and kiss my Ass.

Only Fool's and the Ignorant pave a dark path with good intentions.

Shed Tears of joy for what you gain, and love what you might call your Own, while you weep at what you have lost, and suffer in silence at what you have that you fear to sacrifice.

Rejoice, for very bad things are about to happen...

Insanity: Would you like fries with that?

What do I do when life gives me lemons? I find someone and squirt the juice in their eyes and laugh.

I have a Rocket Launcher. Your Argument is invalid.

My Inner Dragon is: Deep Drake

In the war between good and evil, a Deep Drake tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality.

When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon tends to do things by the book.

As far as magical tendencies, a Deep Drake's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic, your inner dragon will have to work to earn his magic.

During combat situations, a true Deep Drake prefers to defeat opponents by the use of water spells and other tactics.

Dragon Description:

The Deep Drake makes it's home in the farthest reaches of the Deepest Oceans. They seldom (if ever) come to the surface or have any contact with land dwelling creatures, although

they do sometimes spend time among with the Sea-Elves.

Deep Drakes are very large, even among dragons and while few have been seen by living beings, legends of the Deep Drake are known far and wide (especially among fisher folk and sailors).

The Deep Drake's scales are a dark royal blue with markings and highlights of verdant green. They glitter and move through the water with a speed and grace unmatched by any

other creature.Deep Drakes are generally good natured and have been known to rescue sea vessels and marooned sailors when possible. Among the creatures of the sea, the Deep

Drake rules as master and in it's natural element there are none to rival it.

This Dragons favorite elements are: Blue Diamonds, Pearls, and Sapphires.

My inner Transformer is: Soundwave.

Perfered Fiction types

I like Fics that are well written, with a feel of depth and emotion to them. I like a good fic that presses new ideas forward, and are unique and new to their style. I also like fics that present a slightly darker feel to the chosen verse or fandom, and I can't say I really like fics where all the characters except for the bad guys get a fairy tail ending and live happily ever after. But the same goes for the DarkFics, just because I like it dark does not mean I am really into the bad guys winning, or everyone and their grandma's being secretive masterminds with a puppet-master complex. I like a sense of balance to a Fic, not to much one way or to much another way. I am also not into fics that focus on deliberate and intentional torture and basically having the main character or other characters suffering in a extreme way. I can take and understand accidental or unintentional torture and suffering of a Character, and even situational suffering. But when someone makes the main or others suffer in a way that is planned and deliberate in a story just really does not sit well with me. Blame it on being a semi-moral person.

I also like Alternative fanfiction, which is actually very hard to find. I can probably count the number of fanfiction's in say the "Danny Phantom" archives in which Danny is born a girl, or is gender-bent in such a way as is not totally idiotic on my fingers and not run out. I just like Fics that explore new ideas, to put it mildly. X-overs are also pretty good, as long as they are balanced, and make sense. I hate it when People either make a X-over in which someone has their abilities under-powered compared to everyone else or over-powered. If you are going to write it, please try to keep it balance. The best way would not to just pick a verse at random and do a X-over because you figure it would be cool, but try to find a verse in which the X-over works. Take perhaps my personal favorite character from TF:A and the Star of most of my Fics to date, Sari Sumdac. After her upgrade, she gains a plethora of new skills, and its pretty much safe to bet that if the series continued she would have gained even more. As it stood, she had the power to "Speak" to machines, as well as "Integrate" with them to a degree. She also gained a almost boggling boost in intelligence, that I am not really going into right now. But its safe to say she could have gained even more AllSpark-ish powers as time went on, and gotten even more powerful. Along with her combat abilities and everything, she makes for a fairly formidable opponent. Therefor, it would take a careful mind and a strict sense of what makes sense to make a good X-over with her, especially if its her traveling to other verses or anything. So to put it bluntly and before i Really Start ranting, I like it when someone brings a new idea to the site.

What I really hate, and I really mean hate, is when people either do some sort of massive X-over in a fic with half a million things, and don't try to make it work. They just do it so that their chosen Character or OC can get more powers that make them untouchable, godlike and basically Uber. I also hate it when people just pop in OC's just because they feel that it would make things more interesting, and then just leave us hanging as to where they came from or anything. A Good fic needs a sense of Balance, or it loses its interest. I dont mean to bash anyone, but please. If you are going to do it, please balance it out, and have it make sense. I know that Fiction does not always need to make sense, but there has to be a believable reason for stuff to happen.

Writer's Priority List

A small list that well help you keep track of my Priority when it comes to writing for my currently active ficsand which stories are more likely to be updated first.

#1: Queen of Shadow's

#2: My Big Sister The Spider

#3: Two for The Show

#4: Titan's Servant

Project Dark Jade:

A mutual project carried out by myself and Nocturne no Kitsune. It turns out we have many similar interests and disatisfactions. In one case this resulted in us working together to address a depressing vaccum in the Jackie Chan Adventures Archives. Nameky stories in which the shows leading little lady either strays or is press ganged unto the dark side.

"Queen of All Oni"(Running): My contribution diverges at the begining of the Shadow Khan arc. Rather than Daolon Wong's spell reawkening the ancient ruler of the Shadow Khan, he revives a newer evil. The Queen of the Shadow Khan has risen again, and the hunt for the masks is on. Not only must Jackie and Torhu save the world they must save Jade from the darkess that engulfs her, if they can.

"Queen of Shadows"(Running): Nocturne no Kitsune has a rather different, but highly enjoyable approach in mind. When Jade attacked the Shendu possessed Jackie she made him slash a page with ink, setting the course of history into chaos. She awakens to find herself a powerful ruler in ancient Japan with mighty armies at her disposal. The armies beng the tribes of Shadow Khan and herself the dreaded Queen of Shadows. Can she mend the damage done to history and return to her proper self and time. Will she survive the forces of Light and rivals in Darkness long enough to even try?

"Jade Dragon"(Planning): No blue skin here, we are not horses of a single trick. In this collaboration a magic mirror sends Jade on astrange but very familiar journey. For now we will leave it at that.

"When I Grow up"(Complete): Does knowing the future mean you can change it? Or is fate the one thing not even the indomitable Jade Chan can overcome?

"A Shadow of the Titans"(Running): Orginally concieved by Nocturne no Kitsune it has become a collaboration between him and Eduard Kassel. A sweeping lengthy saga crafted over much of 2009 in secret, the prologue was written months ago by Nocturne. The hiatus has delayed the launch leaving Kassel with the notes and plot outlines but now that Nocturne has given his blessing this project can proceed:

An accident during a bainishing spell sends Jade cear to another world, but the intervention of a mysterious entity complicates her problems. Once more the Queen of the Shadowkhan Jae muist survive the world of the Teen Titans where supoer heroes asnd villains clash in seemingly endless struggles of good and evil. An not only that she must try and find a way to return, or will this world's promises sway her from thar course? Expected to be epic in length, and hopefully epic in other ways.

"Beyond my Abilities": A Delve into how power corrupts, and the desire for power corrupts absolutely. Once all the adventures are over and life has calmed down, Jade laments the loss of her exciting lifestyle. But the worse is yet to come, as she starts to feel ignored and useless. Her Uncles are seeming to drift away from her, and deny her the things she earned on her exploits like Training in the Martial arts with Jackie, or watching as Uncle brews another spell. Thinking that she is being dragged down into obscurity, Jade desperately attempts to find a way to add that exceptional aspect to her life again.

And she gets exactly what she wants, when she discovers a small shop with no name. But is the asking price for this stores special products more then What Jade is willing to pay? Status: Concept Stages

"Roommate"(Running): ppH's entry begins at the start of season 2. When Jade gets between Valmont and Shendu. Things are turned upside down.

Now stuck with the bad guys and with a 900 year old dragon in her head. Will Jade find her way back into the light?. Or will Shendu drag her down into the darkness?.


PPH: The new rookie on the block. Who merely hopes people enjoy his story’s.

Nocturne no Kitsune: The first one past the post with a story for this Project. He also comcieved Jade Dragon and the Crossover Project. Real life has forced him into a hiatus of indeinie length on all stories. His last communication indicates he wants me to carry on the CP but I really wish he had been clearer since it would be a betrayal to post his idea on my page without permission.

Eduard Kassel: Founder of Project Dark Jade, though it was only made real through the encouragement and input of Nocturne no Kitsune.

Zim'smostloyalservant: The stalwart beta that has worked with Nocturne and Kassel on their PDJ stories and more. An invaluable member of the PDJ team.

MEMBER X: A new writer that has submitted a story idea and been approved. Wishes to remain anonymous until the story is ready to be posted.

Have a Dark Jade idea? Send it to Eduard Kassel and you could join the Project as well! Spread the word.

Fan Art

This here is where i put art from friends and fans they did for my Fics


And here is the colored Version


This here is a piece for Queen of Shadows, once again by Dal.


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Summery: Dwell not on Cruelty in the Dark, lest a Devil take your soul.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Poetry/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 547 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 19 - Published: 12/21/2008 - Kyuubi/Kurama, Naruto U. - Complete
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