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I thank you for showing a tiny bit of interest in my profile and my stories.

(And even if you just stumbled on this profile, I thank you nonetheless.)

Oh. And the name's Belle. It's nice to meet you.


Monday, July 16th, 2012:

Currently working on an update for Caldwell's Eyes this summer now that I've got a little more free time on my hands. Hopefully an update will come this following week or so. Also, still working on a more detailed outline of That Special Fish, so an update of that should pop up some time by the end of the month.

Hope all of you are having a nice, warm and liberating summer! :)

Much love,


Thursday, January 5th, 2012:

Yo, yo, yo! First and foremost, happy new year everyone! I hope you all have great things planned for the year ahead and you haven't yet then you better get. on. it!
I'm still working on
That Special Fish but while waiting I wrote a little one-shot to change my mind off murder and the FBI and blah blah blah so I hope you guys check it out! It's called Twisted Lilyand it's just a little fun between Lily and James in their 7th year at Hogwarts. If you're a Harry Potter fan, don't hesitate to check it out!

On another note, I'm currently working on my essay I told you guys about in my previous profile update, so that's taking up some time; especially since the winter sales are coming up and I'll be spending some time shopping! (Yikes.) I'm also trying to see some of my friends before I fly back to university at the end of next week. With a little luck I'll have an update for TSF up and running for you guys.


Basic info:

Info about myself...WELL.

Let me break it down for you guys:

I am a simple creature. I'm 19. I grew up all over the world. I study architecture. I laugh a lot. And rather loudly. It tends to scare people away. I speak French. I snort. I speak of football when others don’t. I stare at people. A lot. I cartwheel myself out of problems. I sing awful songs in public. And I sneeze in your face when you annoy me. Oh. And I enjoy talking to myself, smelling people, and imitating weird creatures that don’t even exist in this world (noises included).

What I like:

Architecture. Ladybugs. Food. Piano. Laughter. Football. Dancing. Colors. Sun. Drawing. People. Stories. Songs. Cocktails. Heat. Bracelets. Rain. Spontaneity. Old shoes. Writings. Dreaming. Japan. Travel journals. Tennis. Apple crumble. Art. Swimming. Wind. Curiosity. Rhythm. Lists. Knowledge. Christmas. Driving. Happiness. You.

I basically like a lot of things. I'm kind of a hippy at heart. Except I'm not a stoner. I do wash my hair. And I do wear clean underwear.

Favorite characters I love reading and writing about:

There are several people I love in the fanfiction fandom.

One has been, and will always be, Paul Slater from The Mediator series written by Meg Cabot. He is hot. He is smart and he is just... everything a girl needs. I have grown up reading these books, and I have realized with hindsight, that I will always have a thing for dark, mysterious, rebellious guys. It's just hot. And interesting to read about. Come on... Jesse? NO THANKS. SUZE CAN HAVE HIM.

I have a weird fascination for L from Death Note, as well. I just can't help myself. The way I picture him in my head differs from the original character created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. He is not so much the goofy-eyed, crouched, childish man often portrayed... but let's say -- a leaner, more muscular, tall, sombre, pensive, man with a slight bad streak. Hm. Yes. That sounds more like it. Definitely. (I'm sorry. I'm nineteen. I have a right to fantasize a little. Heh.)

AND the best for last. These two are at a draw. And they are probably the two male characters I have obsessed about the MOST over the years. They are my two babez. I love them to death, and it has been my wildest dream to even write a fanfiction about them. I'm too scared though, I sincerely don't think I'd be good enough. Not in a fandom this big anyway. Yes, I am talking about the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. What else? I have this incurable infatuation with James Potter and Sirius Black. I have read so many Marauder fanfics in my short lifespan and I can tell you one thing. I WILL NEVER BE SICK OF THOSE. I just... I can't. Those two merged together would create my ideal man. They are the key to my heart. The apple of my eye. The wetness between my thighs and--



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Twisted Lily reviews
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People called me a genius. I worked for the FBI, had an IQ of 187 with three PhDs and two BAs under the belt, and I knew the answer to everything. Well, almost everything. There was still something I didn't know... and that was how to be happy. ReidxOC
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