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Pen Name: KayaTate

Real Name: Kaya

Age: 18

Birthday: August 30, 1988

Sign: Virgo, Ox

About me (lets try again for the 5th time!)

Well, people say i'm like Yusuke and Krama from YYH. Personally i may have to agree with them, i have 3 little sisters one you may find on here TailaStealth. I'm rarely on the computer due to work and not able to upade, buuut if you ask my sister nicely she might do an update fro me _~

The similarities between me Yusuke and Kurama is that i could be so polight and also bad mouthed at the same time. I love flowers and fighting (which i normaly do with TailaStealth) I'm also inbetween their hight.

Yusuke 5'8

Me 5'9/10

Kurama 5'11

Also when i was at school i had good grades although i was rarely ever there.

See the similarities?


Singing, Dancing, Storie Writing, fighting, flowers.


Don't really have any

Fav Couples

YusukeXKurama / YusukeXKuwabara / YusukeXKoenma / YusukeXBotan / YusukeXKeiko / YusukeXHiei / YusukeXYukina

KuramaXHiei / KuramaXKuwabara / KuramaXKoenma / KuramaXBotan / KuramaXYukina

HieiXYukina (wrong but hey, seen some and liked)

EdwardXRoy / RoyXRiza / AlphonseXEdward (wrong i know, but seen some and liked)

MaxXKai / RayXKai / RayXMax / KaiXTyson

Fav Quote's

"Hn" - You just got to love Hiei

"I'm so gunna kick your ass!" - Yusuke - i also love to say that when fighting or joking around with TailaStealth

Not really got any other fav ones... just them 2

My Quotes

"Tissue?" - i always say when someone sneezes

"How stupid can you get?"

"Now why did you do that for?"

"Show me that pretty smile!" - This Quote is for TailaStealth.

Also i love talking to people so if you want to, feel free to add me:

MSN: Kayacascade@hotmail.co.uk

Email: kayatate@hotmail.co.uk

And don't worry, i don't bite _~

My Medival Life reviews
Yianad, Tiaa and Taila. Three sisters go killing mosters in the Albion realm with two other friends. Called upon the Alliance leader Taila was left at home Waiting for her sister to return.
Dark Age Of Camelot - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,593 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/6/2006