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Author has written 12 stories for Danny Phantom, Dragon Ball Z, Skip Beat!, and Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師.

Name: bloodmoon13 (duh)

Age: 17 (and still without a freaking license)

Gender: Girl

Beta-reader: Inukagome15

If you want to check out some of my artwork click the link below

8-18-10: I have now updated YU (finally) and I plan on getting more done since I go back to school on the 23rd. Yes, it sucks and I really want to finish one story before high school is over as I will be an official Senior the moment I step onto my school's campus. I have so much to do this year that it's not even funny. Hopefully another update will soon be on it's way.

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Hey welcome to my profile if you're reading this then that must mean you've read my stories thanks. I hope you like them I'm so glad I can share my ideas. I better start with the basics and all that crap.

I Like... art, reading, watching tv, rollercoasters, tree climbing, rock climbing, swimming, animals, to be alone, history, speaking what's on my mind, and anime.

I Dislike... vegetables, geometry, people who are always asking me why I am the way I am, THAT'S MY PROBLEM!!, people who don't know when to leave me alone, politics, nickolodeon, and me forgetting something important again, and Algebra 2.

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I describe myself as... a sarcastic person who's always blunt and REALLY hates the mall , a person who most of the time doesn't care about what other people think of me especially if they can't accept me for who I am, though I can be harsh at times and really need to learn to shut up and watch what I say to others so I don't end up hurting their feelings there fore getting in trouble with my parents, a girl who gave up trying to be little Miss Perfect all the time and finally learned about the wonderful world of rock and television. And as someone who just loves to lose hours of sleep because I hate until the very last freakin minute to do my homework or to study for a test.

Mental state: weird, unstable, smart in school but dumb in life, finally catching up to all of my school work and finally got over one HUGE writer's block for one of my stories.

Things that people tell me to stay away from: sugar, chocolate, soda, and any form of caffeine. Like I actually listen to them. HA!

My opinions... I am never going to pass Algebra. Nick is a total jackass for cancelling two of the best shows they've had in a long time. I have poor time management skills and if I don't get my act together I am never going to get anywhere, at all. I can't spell to save my life.

Favorite Animal: the tiger

Current Favorite Song: We Weren't Born to Follow- Bon Jovi

Story Ideas that may be put into action soon...

Ideas I've been thinking about and I want to know what people think about them before I spend hours on chapters that no one even will read.

Deep Blue-This is the modern version of Titanic. Sam is from the higher classes and is sailing off on the Neptune's Spirit with her family and her so called friends. Danny is a boy with a mysterious past who gets tickets from London to New York for him and his friend Tucker, by working on the ship at various jobs. One night during the three week journey they meet at a mascerade. But things go down hill for Danny when a figure of the past ends up being on the same boat with him...

Phamtom Heir- Everyone knows that there was once an heir to the Ghost Zone. The heir was the keeper of the Ghost Zone's secrets and kept the balance between Earth and the Ghost Zone. But one day the heir vanished and was said to have been destroyed. Danny was found in a strange ice crystal when he was only four and has no memory of his past except growing up in Amity. On his sixteenth birthday his powers suddenly grow out of control and he gains a few new ones and his memory returns. Now Danny has to learn how to control his new powers, defeat a new enemy, and pass drivers ed.

Arabian Frights- Valerie and Danny are sent back in time to old time Arabia and have to work together in order to survive, meeting new allies and foes. Heres the basic of what happens... Danny was trying to track down a gem that was stolen from Pariah's Keep when he finds the villian Valerie attacks him and by accident all three of them land in Arabia and with Danny quickly losing his powers and Valerie losing all uses of her new suit and weapons. It's now a race to get to the Heaven's Hand and get the gem before their friend does or they might just be stuck there forever.

Alls Fair in Love and SPORTS!!-Tucker is trying to get the attention of the hot new girl in school by trying out for every sport that Casper High has to offer, and Sam and Danny are standing by on the side lines with a first aid kit. Some how Danny is the one who ends up making the team and catching the eye of a certain Tasha Ria. Not only does Danny have to put up with a new ghost, but a jealous friend, and an unhappy Dash who doesn't like to be upstaged by a loser.

Fugitives vs Freakshow- Freakshow has managed to escaped and since he had used the gems before he still has his memory and plans on getting full revenge on Danny. Our hero is already on thin ice and he doesn't need an escaped criminal on top of everything else. Too bad Freakshow isn't the one to let a grudge go... By framing Danny, Sam, and Tucker, it leaves him the oppertunity to go and find the gems once more that are now scattered around the world. Now the trio are on the run from the law and Danny doesn't have his powers because Freakshow took them to create a new power gem. As if High School wasn't hard enough!

Bats Don't Play with Ghosts- Freeze has escaped from prison and is up to no good. The Batman is trying to figure out Freeze's latest plot only to discover it leads him to Amity Park and a meeting with a mischievous ghost teen.

Mission: Ghost- Drakken is up to his old tricks and decides to use a different approach when he stumbles across an old spell book. Using it to call upon the most powerful ghost in the country. Much to his surprise he gets a sarcastic white haired fifteen year old who just loves to annoy and insult him even more than Shego.

The Truth of Love- Paulina wishes that she could have just one day to spend with her ghostly love too bad that when a certain genie over hears and grants her wish landing her, Star, and her little twelve year old brother Jose exactly what she wants. Complete with all the danger of Danny's life while he travels between demensions to complete a mission for ClockWork. Paulina discovers many things about her love that she couldn't have ever imagined...

Ghostley Fairies- Timmy Turner is exploring his fairies' castle while he waits for Cosmo to find his wand, when he finds a room called the 'Hall of Possibilities' curious he looks around and finds a photo of one ghost hybrid...

Them Ghosts- White blood cell, Osmosis Jones, and cold pill capsole Drix, are transported out of Hector while chasing down their ever elusive archnemesis Dr. Bronchulous, and into none other than the Danny's Phantom's body. Where they meet some VERY interestion cells there. They are the first people apart from Danny's friends, sister, and enemies to find out about Danny and not only that but they get an inside look at what makes a Ghost Boy tick... at the cellular level.

Guys I been thinking of doing a fanfiction that takes place after Phantom Planet. This might go on my DA account instead but I'm still not sure.

Thank-you! And remember to destroy Nick!

If anyone is interested I have a little comic for Twisted Creampuff's awesome story called Anathema's Abode along with a comic for WingsofMorphius's story Saga of Sam and Secret Spy Guy's story Circus Freak (trying out a new program and so if it turns out good then all current pages will undergo reconstruction) at the link above.

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Queens' Lover by perdidit-angelus reviews
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Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 22 - Words: 146,690 - Reviews: 910 - Favs: 736 - Follows: 810 - Updated: 8/9 - Published: 3/27/2009 - Danny F., Sam M.
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