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real name: top secret (hehehe...) --,

nickname: you can call me phriench (a silly version of my name)

age: do i have to tell how young i am? oh well, I'm 17.

gender: it's pretty obvious that i am a female (silly, I was about to type in male)

e-mail address: frenchmichelle13 @ yahoo . com

you can add me up at

and if you have a youtube account, add me as a friend (loveanime13)


I'm in third year college, majoring in English elementary education. (MSU-IIT ko bai~! --,)

I love music, arts,(digital) photography, military drills, fashion designing, video & photo editing. Most of them grew to be my hobbies, but my favorite hobby is writing stories, especially fanfics during my heartbroken days.

My story entries are inspired from my own experiences, songs and SMS which I sort of revised in some ways that can be related to my favorite anime pairings.

I know I do not write that good, at least some people appreciated it. Thank you very much! I'm beginning to practice my diction and vocabulary to come up with fulfilling stories.


My top priority in my 'Fave Anime Pairings List' is none other than the destined KanataxMiyu of Daa! Daa! Daa! of UFO Baby. The famous hate-and-love pair. But I also wanted a non-canon pairing so, there is EriolxTomoyo of Cardcaptor Sakura. A singer and a pianist, what chemistry in between?


I have submitted eight stories in Six one-shots and one unfinished multi-chapters. The latter is not yet finished, but I am writing it now. It's ending is coming soon! Schoolworks are flooding AGAIN!!

I have many story plots in my mind and I hope to write it soon. I am now writing a one-shot and a multi-chapter for ExT. I hope I can finished both sooner.

FYI: I don't own the first fanfic I submitted here. I put the disclaimer in the story as well as how did it get to my hands. It isn't mine. I'm just sharing the story. Credits to whoever made it. I never intend to own something I didn't make. I hope everybody understands.(I DON'T OWN THE FIRST STORY ENTRY I HAD! -Unbelievable)

Another FYI: Sorry for the late update of love potion... In the past few months or years (?), I was immune with the kind of unrequited loves I had, but the my latest love story was kinda different, so I now ended up SOOO heartbroken!! Thanks to that, I had updated another chappie!! :D


I would like to share my 22nd of July 2008 Diary entry:

It's raining. The heavy rain reminds me of a sweet memory, a memory of him.

He was once my shelter from rain. That in the event of an unexpected drop, he would always bring with him an umbrella for he knew I would never bring one. It's for us to share.

Once, on a rainy Sunday night, I had the pleasure of sharing it with him because I was beginning to be soaked wet in the rain.

Being too shy to share just one umbrella, I childishly played with the raindrops and said I don't need an umbrella. So he said he, too, doesn't care to be soaked and immediately closed the umbrella and enjoyed watching me play.

It convinced me to share the umbrella with him. I was concerned of my and his health, still.

So on, we walked with no direction at all, but still enjoyed the topics of our conversation.

But that kind of moment will only happen once in a lifetime, that sweet moment of sharing one umbrella.

And now, that I lost that umbrella I never had, I wondered. Is he now happy being a shelter for someone else?

Does he like his new owner?

Does he even miss his former companion?

Or did he forgot that he even had one?

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Did you ever feel you're missing someone you've never met?"
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