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Hi, my name is Lady Elektra (not really, but hey).

AGE: 13

LOCATION: Devon, England

FAVE FILMS: Van Helsing, Harry Potter, Underworld, Underwrld Evolution, LOTR, King Authur, Ice Age, Ice Age 2: The Melt Down, Scooby-Doo 12 (don't ask, I have little brothers), Pirates of the Caribean 12, Narnia and the Lizzy McGuire Movie.

FAVE BOOKS: The Harry Potter series (duh), the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Narnia, the Roman Mysteries series, Poirot (I love all the mysteries with him in them), Terry Pratchet, Jacqueline Wilson (I learnt to read with her books) and Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels.

HOBIES: Horse Riding (I lurve riding on Dartmoor, on my fave horse, Treacle), Writing (once again, duh!), reading action/adventure novels, playing on my PS2, watching films (and ordering my dad to let me watch 18 movies), drawing/painting and reading Fan Fiction.

ME?: I have shoulder-length dark gold hair, hazel eyes, and a hear shaped face. I'm "5.7' tall and 'curvy' (due, so my mum says, to me sitting around all day writing/reading/watching films).

SCHOOL: I go to King Edward VI school in Totnes, Devon, though I don't live in Totnes. I'm in Babage house (though they don't have a houses anymore) and I'm in yr 8. I love my school, and my work but I'm no Boffin.

NOTE: When my stories come up, they won't be updated regularly; being in yr8 means I have lots and lots of Homework or Indipendent Learning, as they call it. So, please be patient, and leave lots of your lovely reviews, so I know what I do wrong, and what I do right!!

Lady E

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A young girl with a family past related to one of Dracula's brides, tries to know the history about that bride and the motives of Dracula to chose her and the others. The beginning of the end will come soon!
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