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Edward Cullen:
"Simmer down ladies. Relax as I bathe you in my dulcet tones,
and make sweet love to the English language.
credit: twilight picspam

M E Z Z A N O T T E X 3
⇒ (italian definition: midnight / pronounced mez-uh-note-ah)

Mezzanottex3 is a girl with dark hair and green eyes. She believes that words are the most powerful weapon known to man.

‡ She would like to formally introduce you to one of the largest Twilight communities on the net. LionLamb. Favorite it, bbz.

‡ doesn't work well with her outdated computer. If you get a review/response from me, it's a blessing LMAO. Please don't consider me rude because you don't get a response... I don't intentionally mean it. I literally can't do it because my computer craps out.

‡ Favorite songs... right now :D... Live Like We're Dying by Kris Allen. & ! explicit ! Hot Mess by Cobra Starship.

‡ She's hopelessly in love with her best friend. He just doesn't know it.

‡ She grew up around boys, so she loves video games. Her favorites are Oblivion: Elder Scrolls, the Legend of Zelda games, Assassin's Creed (#2 especially) and Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2.

‡ If she could have a superpower, she'd want the ability to use telekinesis. Cuz that would be just flipping awesome.

‡ Writing is her outlet.

‡ She acts older than her age.

‡ Writer's block claims her often. Her readers painfully know this. She apologizes in advance.

‡ She likes anime.

‡ She likes lemons... and dark, dominant Edward. TEAM EDWARD.

Hilarious Breaking Dawn Review w/ the Help of Edward Cullen (not mine): click teh here.


The Truth About Heaven -- Russian Translation by DreamingAnnie.

(empty space)

I'll Eat You Alive -- Spanish Translation by I Love Darkward Devil.

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(& more empty space)
(because ff won't let me skip)

... want to translate one of my stories? PM me! :)

· I'll Eat You Alive Extras! ·
(cool pics & videos)

(1.) Gift for my awesome reviewers: James Truth.
(everyone has to have seen this a million times but I'll keep it up here! xD)

(2.) My idea of what Bella looks like as a vampire.

(3.) Chapter 12: Here's that SasuSaku video I spoke about in my authors note.
The one with my new favorite song, "September"... :)

(4.) Chapter 13:
A. Jasper & Alice's Car
B. Emmett & Rose's Car
C. Edward & Bella's Car
D. Bella's Sleepwear from Alice

(5.) Chapter 14: Here are the scenes released of the Twilight movie
(from the Penelope DVD... by now you guys have seen it & memorized it lol)

(6.) Chapter 16: Cool videos for yous...
A. Twilight Parody XD
B. Earthquake Hits Twilight!
C. Edward & Bella Lullaby (love this song...)

(7.) Chapter 18: Felix's Ride (Ferrari GG50)

(8.) Chapter 22:
Mini-Edward Hair LOL (RPattz)
Funniest Red Carpet Twilight Interviews. EVER.

· The Facade Extras! ·

(1.) Chapter 1: Bella's Necklace.

(2.) Chapter 3: Bella's Bedroom, Edward's Bedroom (something like this), Their Kitchen, Their Living Room, Their Bathroom (ha! they have to share a bathroom!)

· A Midsummer Night's Requiem Extras! ·

(1.) Chapter Four: Outside View of Bella's House, Her Living Room, Her Library, Her Bedroom, Her Dining Room, Her Hallways & Such, Her Kitchen, Her Back Porch, Her Office, & finally Her Grotto.

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Midsummer Night's Requiem reviews
Who said imprinting was only for mutts? When two vampires mate, their bond is much more potent and dependent. It's either a blessing or a curse... depending on the two that the moon chooses to pair. For Edward and I... well, we don't exactly... get along.
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Edward is back in Forks, but something is very wrong. He's not the same as he used to be. "I feel like a savage, Bella. I'm trapped inside a body I can't control." ExB: lemons. dark/mature themes. vampires. OOC. "That's right, sweetheart. Scream my name."
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I came to see the light in my best friend... You seemed as happy as you'd ever been... My chance of being open was broken... And now you're Mrs. Him. "Tell me goodbye, Bella." My rendition of Jacob's goodbye to Bella. ONESHOT.
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I came down here to tell you... it rains in Heaven all day long. I want to find you so bad... and let you know I'm miserable up here without you. ::Edward/Bella:: ::oneshot::
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EB: lemons! mature! a bit OOC... not too much. "Easy, love..." he whispered roughly, his lips touching her ear. "You test the thin boundaries of my self-control."
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It was Heaven, Right Smack in the Middle of Hell reviews
Then, Bella began her procession down the aisle. Charlie was holding her close to him, tears in his eyes. I could see Bella's mother in the audience, she had tears in her eyes too. And if I was human, there would be tears in my eyes as well. ::oneshot::
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