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Author has written 2 stories for Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!, and Fire Emblem.

A profile, eh? Well, just so that people have something to read, I may as well.

Where to start...

Well, I've moved to Australia from Japan. I like to consider myself quite patient and silent, but that's probably giving myself too much credit. Simply put, I'm a loud mouthed, short tempered female with the attitude of a stupid dwarf. You might see this alias of mine, Oregano Samurai, popping up on a few websites around on the internet. Though I have to admit, I have way too many different names for my own good. And, ah...well, I never was quite good at these.

Age: Mind your own business.

Favourite...stuff to do: Read, draw, write, sleep... (Dull, aren't I...)

Favourite food: Oh goodness, do I really have to choose one?

Characters I wanna bash the crap out of:

Raoul. I hate Raoul. I really, really, really hate Raoul. Think of it. If he were out of the picture, Christine would have fallen in love with the Phantom. But nooooo. Raoul had to be there, and she had to love him. What sort of a name is Raoul, anyway?

Eliwood. He's a useless, melodramatic angst bucket head who never stops being a worthless idiot. He never hits the enemy, despite being on level 16 as a 'Great Lord' or whatever it is, and he's completely stupid to boot. Not to mention he had to pass on his stupid genes to Roy.

Harry Potter. He's like Eliwood and Frodo from LotR put together. Never stops complaining about how much his life sucks, and he's pathetically dim-witted.

Marcus. That bloody Jeigan cost me my game in Fire Emblem! Never manages to hit ANYTHING, even though he's a paladin, and he only gets a critical when it so suits him. Which is usually when he's battling a half-dead recruit. And when it comes to bosses? Ha! He's either just plain stupid and won't hit 'em, or he deals them a measly 10 damage tops and gets me killed. And this is using every strategy I've ever formulated.

Riev. Do I even need a reason for this...whatever he is...to be on this list? He's ugly, he's annoying, and he can go drown in a lake for all I care.

Raven/Raymond. Go to hell, you bloody emo kid.

Gheb. Perhaps it's due to the fact that for about 2 months I was haunted by exceedingly disturbing fanfics from a certain author (you know who you are) about this 'Gheb' man, but back then I could take it; I had no idea what he looked like. At least, I thought I had no idea. After being driven mad by these stories, not to mention FE forums constantly babbling about this Gheb person, I finally looked him up. And gods...those stories combined with that picture... (shudders)

Arcia: That wench from Chaos Legion should have shot herself at the end of the game. How the 'force restraining her' managed to weaken and cause the bullet to only clip her left shoulder rather than the right side of her head is way beyond me.

Tohru Honda. The 'Mary Sue' of Fruits Basket, I reckon just about everyone would agree that she's a pain in the behind, especially if they've read all the way up to book 20 like I have. She's a ditz, an annoying brat and I just wanna go into that damn book and bash the ever-loving crap out of her.

Akito. He/She was great when he/she...IT was a guy. A bit of a pain, but bearable and almost cool. Then you find out that HE is really a SHE, and your respect just drops down to zero.

Hype. I doubt many people have ever played 'Hype: The Time Quest', but anyhow. Hype is the most worthless main character, and is completely crap at everything his little lego body does.

Raziel. Yeah, I love Raziel. Not as much as Kain, but whatever. I enjoyed watching my sister play as him, and I enjoyed the movies featuring him, and I pretty much thought he was cool. Except then I started playing the game myself, and I found out what a little emo he was. Self-obsessed little shit who only thinks of himself and what HE wants, regardless of the fact that Kain never wanted to fight or even hurt him, (okay, so he ripped his wings off. Touché.) and the only time he didn't think of his own sorry arse was at the end. (Broke Kain's heart...or lack, thereof) not to mention he's completely annoying to control, and weak as hell in battle. And the bloody crap ripped out Kain's heart for his own selfish needs!

Paulson. Someday I am going to personally mutilate this fat arse, and make sure that he never comes back.

Ailish. She looks fine on the cover of Sudeki (despite her lack of clothing) but in the game she's just a self-obsessed kid. 'Best spellcaster in the land'?! My arse begs to differ! Skanky little slut.

Spyro. Here is gaming proof that shit can fly.

Eike. He doesn't really belong on this list, considering he's bearable, but I didn't really have a 'stupid, spaced out fake foreigner' list, so here he is.

Mario. Accusations of this little fatso being a communist are common, and I have to admit that I completely support those rumours. There's no proper reason that I can write down for hating Mario, he's...he's just crap! He's terrible, and there's really no way I can express it in writing. Go take it up with Patrick Alexander. He gets it.

Zephiel. How that adorable child turned into such a maniac is way beyond me.

Satsuke. I'm going to receive a lot of hate mail for this, but whatever. There is so much to hate about this prissy little mama's boy that I am at a loss of where to start. A mix between Harry Potter and Raziel, this bastard absolutely loves himself. (quote: 'He's fast...nearly as good as me.') YOU SELF-OBSESSED ARSEHOLE!! Not to mention he's a terrible actor, and he's not even really acting because he's computer generated. That is truly pathetic. My question to all you Naruto fans; why is the show called 'Naruto' when it focuses on Satsuke's angst more?

Julius Belmont. I implore you to take a look at his face, then say to me 'Julius is cool'. Not possible. Okay, maybe if you think that's slightly possible, take a look at his face when he's levitating in the air, going 'AAAAAAAARRRRGHHH!!' Then get back to me.

Dracula. Yeah, I kinda like Dracula (this is Castlevania, by the way) but...don't you think that with a whole CENTURY between each hare-brained plot of his he'd be able to get it RIGHT? Not to mention his ever-persistent 'Mwahahaha', and disappearing in a puff of smoke before reappearing right beside you with the same annoying laugh. Every single damnable game. (Minus Dawn of Sorrow, but his annoying laugh is still there in the form of Dmitrii Blinov and Soma)

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