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Hello everyone I'm Melf!! (aka The Phantoms Angel of Darkness) (melf is my nickname not my true name)

~~~I changed my pen name because well I wanted to, but my nickname is still Melf... ~~~


Marching is Beginning in July!! We are doing the Phantom of the Opera SHOW!! YAY YAY YAY!!

I will try and update whenever I can...

--Story info--


My favorite and most loved story Phantess is completed... I am editing things here and there but it is mainly finished.

I may add an alternate ending... But I am still unsure...

My other stories... well I have writer's block on quite a few of them... grrrrr...

FAVORITE QUOTES!!~~~( from friends and what not)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. He who stands on toilet is high on pot. -Adrienne Coffee ( a senior I will miss!!)

2.NO PDA!! - FOP hunters #1,2,3

3.Row Row Row ur boat! -Adrienne Coffee

4.No coffee till after ur married, then use decafe, and when u hit forty none @ all!! -FOP hunters #1, 2

5. School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect... well nobody's perfect so why do we practice? -Billie Joe Armstrong

6.Nobody dies a virgin, LIFE SCREWS US ALL!! -anonymous

7.Another day in the life of a band geek. -Fop Hunter 1

8. Story of my life. -Melf

9. WINDS KICK BRASS!! -woodwinds!!

10.Sleep? there is no sleep in marching band!! -Mr. Morjal

11. The sound of my stool scraping across the floor calms me. - Mrs. Gault

12.You've all got the plague. -Mrs. Gault

13.No one is truly happy... It's just not human. -Billie Joe Armstrong

14. ME: Ben Shoot the bird! (Ben points up in the air with his hand shaped as a gun and pointer finger pointed upward)

Ben: Where's that bird... Oh I thought you meant...

Me: Oh nevermind.

15. "Sneak sneak HIDE!" -Alyssia

16. HE's Got A HUGE TALENT! -Alyssia and I... from movie Moulin Rouge

17. "The VOICES!! they are BACK!!" -#1

18. "NO ROMEO! She's NOT DEAD YET!!" -R&J play.. me and Alyssia

19. "STARBUCKS!" -me

20. "SOFT!! SOFT!!" -me from R&J. (soft means wait.)

21. "ITS THE CRACK!!" -don't ask

22. "Show your decks." -Manuel in the band room while playing rat slap.

23. "She's a butterface. Everything is hott about her but her face." -Andrew (El Dorko) at Frito Lay

24. "Dressed as girls? What do you mean we walked around dressed as girls? We walked around in our own clothes. They just happened to be dresses." -Billie Joe Armstrong

25. "It's hotter than the hinges of heck out here!!" -me standing out beside our pool.

26. "That's What She said!!" -Manuel (and a buttload of band geeks)

27. "Say Banana!" -Manuel (Trying to get karen this awesome british girl to say banana cause he is obsessed with her accent)

Favorite Movies and/or tv series:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. The Phantom of the Opera (2004 version) (DER!!)

2. Pirates of the Caribean (1,2&3)

3. Moulin Rouge

4. The Illusionist

5.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

6. Happy Feet

7. 300

8. Bullet in a Bible (Green Day concert)

9. Bleach (series)

10. Trinity Blood (series)

11. Blood Plus (series)

12. Dark Angel (series)

13. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (series)

14. 16 Candles

15. The Narnia Movies

16. Weird Science

17. I, Robot

18. I am legend

19. Cloverfield

20. P.S. I Love You

21. Pride and Prejudice

22. Charlie's Angels Full Throttle

Favorite Quotes from Movies:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Phantom: Now let it be war upon you both!

2. Jack Sparrow: I've got a jar of Dirt!

3. Dory: Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming...

4. Ramone: AH!! I can do this. I can do this... (walks around in circles) Wait! I have to trick myself. Hey look at that... WHAT?! (Falls off cliff)

5. "Up is Down" -Jack Sparrow

6."I'll meet you in the red room, close the door and dim the lights." -Moulin Rouge

7. Dory: P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

8. Jack Sparrow: Bugger

9. Jack Sparrow: Save Me!

10."Straight into the ELEPHANTS HEAD!!" -Moulin Rouge

11. Phantom: Wandering Child, so lost, so helpless. Yearning for my guidance.

12. "The man who did the waking bought the man who was sleeping a drink. The man who was sleeping drnks it while listening to a propositon from the man who did the waking." -Jack Sparrow

13. 50 first dates:

Henry: Stay clean for at least ten minutes ok.

Penguin: squawks!

Henry: Now go eat. (Penguin walks off.)

Henry:(Lucie walks in) Oh hi Lucie.

Lucie: Hi. Listen...I'm here to break up with you for I fear I'm holding you back from having a wonderful life where you can be happy and do something productive.

Henry: Hey I cleaned a penguin today. That's productive. (Penguin walks in with anchovies and ice cream all over it.) Which I'll have to do again tomorrow. SIGHS

14. Satine: "Come and get me boys."

15. Christian: And Suddenly an unconscious Argentinian falls through my roof... Followed by a male dwarf dressed as a nun...

Dwarf: He suffers from Narcalepsy!

16. Satine & Christian (Singing): Come What MAY! I will LOVE YOU! Until MY DYING DAY! -Come What May( OMG!! One of my fave songs...)

17. Argentinian: We have a dance in the brothels of Buenes Aires... It tells a story of a prostitue and a man, who falls in love with her... -El Tango De Roxanne (Love that song)

18. "I'm not dead yet. I feel HAPPY! I want to go for a stroll!" -Monty Python and the holy Grail (I think...)

19."BLOODY FAVORITISM!" -Monty Python's Life Of Bryan

20. Man: Crucifiction good. Down the hall to the left... one cross each.

Man#2: Crucifiction? No... Freedom.

Man: What?

Man#2: Freedom!

Man: Well i'm not sure If I can help you with that. NAW Just pulling your leg... Crucifiction down the hall to the left one cross each." -Monty Python's Life of Bryan

21."FREEDOM!!" -Braceheart Wasted

22. "Bloody Hell Harry." -Ron

23. "THIS IS SPARTA!!" -king leonadis (GERRY

Lets make it short, sweet and to the point I am a BAND GEEK who Loves Phantom, Green Day, anything with Orlando Bloom in it, hanging out with her friends, and is a bit crazy! lol... (weird/crazy people make the world interesting... it would suck if we were all normal..)

that pretty much says everything bout me...

"There's an "if" in Life thast can change everything in a blink of an eye."

Remember that wonderful quote... it means a lot to me... Becuase change has happened a lot of late...

"Punk, Geek, Prep... ME!~"

~Melf~ :D

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