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Author has written 10 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, and Little Shop of Horrors.

I remember when I logged into this site more than anywhere else on the internet... *sigh*

I updated my profile picture to a doodle that is actually Nix in a scene from my fic Science Class. But I mostly just like the doodle.

DeviantArt: phantomothedeathstar

Twitter: AngstMuffin666

In case you were curious.

My stories:

CURRENT SERIALIZED STORY: Science Class, sequel to English Teacher.
Status: ... I have no idea any more. I swear by my honor as an artist and a vampire I will finish it! I think I'll have time to work on it. Feel free to "remind" me to work.

~"Let Me Die" is Hojo's account of Lucrecia's attempted suicide. Perhaps Vincent was not the only man who cared about her... But then again, perhaps he was. It's the first story I've ever started and finished all in one day... but it's barely over 600 words... I'd be much obliged if you'd take the minute or so it will take to read it. I think it's an interesting analysis of Hojo's character and his relationship with Lucrecia. It makes me a little sad how few people have even looked at this story, actually... If you're willing to read just ONE of my stories, please read this one?

~"Dear Demon, Love, Demon" is a short story I wrote centered around Vincent and a series of deaths that have occurred while he's asleep. Kinda creepy, but I love it. Anyone who knows how to write creepy stuff, please read it and tell me everything that I'm doing wrong. Much obliged.

~"Unstable" True-story oneshot which will make you question my sanity.

~"The English Teacher" is my only story I heave ever published in serial so far... Don't judge my other pieces based on it, okay? (Yeah, I added a secret final chapter. I do stuff like that. You got a problem with that? Huh!?) Oh, I'm thinking of trying to re-write English Teacher, just improve language and stuff... If you have a strong opinion about whether I should polish it or not or if you have suggestions on how to go about it, PLEASE contact me, thanks!

~"Feed Us NOW!" was published under the influence of laughing gas, I am not to be held accountable.

I recently started reading a book called "Writing Tools" for a class... it is a-ma-zing for an aspiring writer or journalist. Just thought I'd put that reccomendation out there.

I recently discovered Chrono Trigger and have subsequently become quite obsessed. I may be putting up some CT stuff, and/or including cameos in future other works. I like cameos.

Ok, onto less relevant stuff... like me.

Basic Personal Profile:

1. Name: Call me "Nix".

2. Nicknames and who calls you by them: "Nix" is a nickname, technically. I have also been called "Toad," "Hat Girl," "Shiny," "Jelaire," "New Girl," "Ho Bag," (Inside joke) "Star Trek," "fourth sister wife" and "Hey, you!" I'll look up if you say a name of a Final Fantasy character or one of my original characters, but they're not really nicknames. That'd just be creepy.

3. Middle name: Obnoxious.

4. Gender: Female.

5. Age: Not really applicable at this point.

6. DOB: Same as Cloud's... after they changed it.

7. Physical appearance…

~a) Hair color: Brown

~b) Eye color: Brown

~d) Height: Same as Aeris! Or Yuffie... Kinda in-between, really. Point is, I'm short.

~e) Clothing or “image”…

~~1) Basic costuming: Black hat. Black trench coat. I've started wearing dark, Egyptian-style eyeliner and dark lipsticks.

~~2) Jewelry and/or other frilly stuff: I religiously wear my blue heart pendant. Oh, and I have a pocket watch.

8. Handedness: Right handed.

9. Basic weapon type: Weapon of choice is a kitchen knife, as its the only thing I can wield with any kind of precision.

10. Employment: I work as Lead Graphic Designer and Character Designer for Black Sheep Games.

11. Hobbies: Uh... see previous question. Oh, and fanfiction, off course.

12. Worst fears: Hojo, the US national debt, North Korea, hurting people's feelings...


--Dumb quotes I've said:

(sarcasticly)"I feel clever now."

"I hate you with a passion that burns... like my love for you."

"How come we say 'Voldemort' without even thinking, but we won't even talk about him."(Referring to Hojo)

"AH! I found a SHOP! Now I am IMMORTAL!" (during the fight with Weiss Empowered in Dirge (easy mode))

"DON'T GO IN THERE! The magical, evil pixie-dragons will bite your head off."

"Sometimes, I wish I were a manga character so I could have the little angry symbol on my head..."

(after beating one of Jenova's forms in FFVII, the original game) "I OWNED YOUR MOM!!"

(to my computer) "YOUR MOM'S NOT RESPONDING!"

"Sephiroth is GOD. He doesn't need pants!"

"In the beginning, Mog created the universe..."

"... No, they're fishnets."

"Oh, goddess! Hollander stole Marry Poppins's purse!! ... And now he's hitting me with it!!"

(To a gate graphic) "Are you just trying to make my life difficult?! ... Not going to answer, are you!?"

"Somebody pin my butt back together!"

"What if you had such bad karma that when you died you came back to life as a tonberry?"

"Look! I sparkle!... Like a vampire!!" (When I noticed that the innumerable sequins on my shirt were reflecting sunlight onto a wall in elaborate patterns reminiscent of one of the many scenes from Twilight that caused graphic artists across the world to either start crying or kick themselves for not signing on to work on the movie for easy cash.)

"I am The Human Platypus! ... I lay eggs."

"Bad Mary-Sue! Sit. Down. Die!"

"I'm developing a love-hate relationship with Eros."

"OMG. Rosso's a communist!!"

"Dude, Kirk's a pimp."

"Please do not tap on the fourth wall, it frightens the actors."

"Yo momma's so dumb, when you chopped her head off she didn't know she was DEAD!"

--Other nice quotes:

"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"-- Adam Savage

"Wake up, it's time for SCIENCE!!"-- Adam Savage

"Today's forecast: 70 percent chance of SCIENCE!"--Adam Savage

"I/We -insert action here- for SCIENCE!"--Adam Savage

"It's like a wet T-shirt contest..."--Jamie Hyneman

"It is, like, impossible to conceal a gun in your hair, right?!"--Me
"Unless you have a Bump-It."--Bug

“Hojo's a butt."--Bug

"How many gloves can you get out of one kangaroo?"--Morgan

"Smart people walk into walls, stupid people try to go through them." --(Person who actually came up with this is debated.)

"I don't abuse deodorant, I just shove it under my armpits."--Livi, I think.

"Lord Voldemort's soul rests in pieces!!" -- Gillian

"My poor little toes! I feel sorry for them already..." --Queen Victoria in the movie Young Victoria

"You just can't stay away from me, can you Vincent?"--Hojo (MeThinking--!!)

"It's time to end this... Right here, right now."--Vincent

(To Vincent of all people) "Let's see what kind of man you are..." --Rosso the Crimson


I was recently diagnosed with a strain of a nearly incurable mental disease called “Zackosis.” Zackosis is a condition that causes the affected to become convinced that they are actually someone else, while retaining their own identity simultaneously. Cloud Strife was the first known case of Zackosis, and the illness was thus named for the person he thought he was. The particular strain I have contracted has made me convinced that, if I try hard enough, I can be Lucrecia Crescent when I grow up.

It is not yet known if this disease is at all contagious.

I also have phalangial dyslexia, which means that I type characters out-of-order somteimes.

My alter-ego (for lack of a better term) wants to diagnose me with Disassociative Identity Disorder.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, I'm alive.

How many ways can you kill a madman? by Neku the Last Reaper reviews
For anyone who has ever wanted to kill Hojo. Thank you for the nomination in the Genesis awards! Hojo has now died his last. I hope you all had fun!
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