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Author has written 9 stories for Inuyasha, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Vampires.

wassup, a girl from nashville, in the black parts we call it LA (lower antioch) lol i know it lame but its where i'm from

name: Nichelle yesssss with a N not M

nicknames: chelle, chelly, angel

race: black/native american/ trinidadian

its a real place look it up

style: i wouldnt go so far to say gothinc but i'm unique


fav colors: BLACK. dark blue, lavander, violet, purple, hot pink, silver, red

fav anime: ai no kusabi, inuyasha, yu yu hakusho, naruto, yu-gi-oh, trinity blood, hellsing, vandread Samurai Deeper Kyo

fav characters

ai no kusabi: iason mink a sexy blondie!


of course inyasha! sesshomaru (drool), rin (she's so cute) naraku (evil but hot) kagome, shippou sango(she kicks ass) miroku and even though he was only in the 3rd movie inuyasha and sesshomaru's dad inutaisho (he's sooooo sexy)

yu yu hakusho:

hiei (he may be short but he's bad ass) kurama he hot in human or fox form. raizen, yusuke(he's ghetto so get used to it) genkai


well naruto, and sakura sasuke guy, shikamaru (what a drag) lol. kakashi sensai itachi ino


yugi, mea, joey, tristen, atem even though the mage of chaos dont talk he's sexy

trinity blood:

father night road. ester, hugue you know the blond one (drool)


alacard he's hot in a scary way, seres victoria, and sir helsing ofcourse she cool


dita, hibiki, deuro (gosh, he's FIONE) pai way (GOTCHA ribet!!) D.C the captain, parfit and gasconue

fav movie:

lord of the rings 1,2,3 pitch black&TCOR, doom, any vampire movie in existance cept really old ones, romancing the stone, the incredibles, covenant, sky high, sandlot,mummy 1&2 scprion king, harold and kumar go to white castle lol zorro 1and2 desperado and once upon a time in mexico,

hobbies: reading and writing, eating and sleeping

i love wrestling

fav wrestlers" DX. john cena(he's soo cute) undertaker kane, carlito trish micky james matt and jeff hardy dave baptista, maria (even though she dumb sometimes) cyme tyme, candice michelle.highlander super crazy, boogyman. rey mysterio.

i know alot

most hated people

milina and johnny nitro k-fed, booker and his bitch. and other i shall not name

fav book

romance about vampires, indians, or highlanders

favorite pairings

Ino and Shikamaru

Naruto and Hinata

Gaara and Hinata

Sasuke and Sakura

Itachi and Sakura

Neji and TenTen

hated pairing

temari and shikamaru

naruto and sakura

hinata and kiba

well there you go some of the things i like to do i hope you read and enjoy my stories



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