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Oyo's Profile Page!!!!

Apperance- Short, brown eyes, a small afro, black hair, black and red braces (Falcons)

Things I like to do- Play soccer, watch football, eat (=D), talk to my friends, draw manga. write shorts stories/poems

Things I dislike/not like doing- i hate hurricanes ( Im from Florida. Nuff said.) basketball, spicy foods, orange juice, Darth Vader

For my age Im pretty short. I really like playing soccer. I'm really good at it. Im pretty good at football to, except at QB. Im a good WR because, well, Im so short that all the QB has to do is to throw it at my knees. I have really small hands, not to mention below average upper body strength, one reason i play soccer. One of my favorite games is SSBM. Since i moved (hurricanes will do that to ya), I haven't played as much as I used to, but Im still a pro with Luigi.

I loved my 3-6th grade years. I was in teh same class for those years and bonded well with everyone. We always had random discusions and nostalgia trips. For example, we always talked about PIE!! Pie is this and Pie is that! We had good times. Ahh, good times.

A quote form my friend CJ (Cloud223)

"The Flood are really stupid. If you shoot of thir arms, they'll atalk you the whole level, still trying to kill you!"

My Fics

Link: This is my first fic. It's about Link, Ike and Zelda and a few other characters. An action/adventure story.

All My Machine Gunz: This was inspired by my lunchroom series, All my Machine Gunz (ask Cloud223. He was the one who listened to them and helped me add on some other stuff). It was about Sami from Advance Wars and her journy to destroy the Mountain Dew factory. Its pretty hilarious. Ill post it when i feel like it.

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