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Author has written 2 stories for Fruits Basket, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Hello! I am RinIsTheGrudgeLady! Pleasure to meet you! I am story reader and reviewer but I never flame. Just not my style. I always comment on stories I deem worth it. I also read reviews to see if a story is worth trying of if someone is looking for readers on their stories. I love to take requests!! I have accounts of many sites but with the same name so it doesn't get difficult for me. my home-away-from-homes are:


www.quizilla.com User name:RinIsTheGrudgeLady



www.myspace.com/rin_is_the_grudge_lady If you do talk to me via myspace please tell me what site you're from!

I'm pretty sure these are the links but if not, go straight the website desired and look me up. (Me being RinIsTheGrudgeLady.)


www.deviantart.com User Name:ilikethefair (shared with 3 other of my friends so if you contact me through that say it's a message for Kuro which is my name there and Tasu is the one who wrote the Avatar story so if you what to talk to her thats the only way to do it.)

Now that I read them all over I see that I have quite the imagination x.x but oh flippin well! The origin of my name is quite simple, I was talking to Akito At the Disco most Fruits Basket readers know who she is and asked her what my account name should be. The first thing that came to her mind was RinIsTheGrudgeLady, so I literally copied and pasted it and THERE YOU HAVE IT! Me in a nut shell! If you have a story on another site you would like me to read and review to I would be MORE THAN HAPPY TOO!! Usually when I read stories I go through fazes. As in I read ALOT of a certain topic. Here are some of those that I have had and usually go back too:

Labyrinth I try not to read ones too goofy but w/e

Phantom of the Opera It's hard to find a really good one that updates nowadays sigh

Inuyasha I'm trying to get back into those!!

Sky High totally random but I LOVE LASH FICS MORE THAN LIFE!!(if you know of any please tell me!)

Harry Potter again. trying to get back into those.

Fruits BasketOh boy...I was reading those before I had a accountsigh back in the day...


Pirates of the Caribbean oh of course _

Thats all I can think of at the moment but that gives you the basic idea so welcome to the wonderful world of ME!!

Oh and as you've probably noticed, I have a few stories on my account but by NO means does that make me a writer! I wrote the Fruits Basket one with my friend out of TOTAL randomness and probably not going to update and the other one is strickly hers but she doesn't have an account so I posted it for her. Feel free to review if you like telling me what you think of my year old randomness or my friend's story but she has a bad case the the writer's block but I will warn you that it won't change there status or their contents...it just may make me happy for the day XD or all emo and depressed DX depending on the review.


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