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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Name: Skii-chan (Skii pronounced as Sky)

Gender: Fe-Male

Age: 17

Hobbies: Cosplay, Fanfictions, Manga and Anime Hunting


Story Status:

+Sweet Harmony+ Chapter 14 + on going

+Borrowed Time+ Chapter 2 + on going [last update: July 19, 2010]

|FF Journal/Blog:|

Disasters of a Writer 7/09/10

I'm officially back. I stepped out from high school and I'm now a college student. Though people perceive college to be in harder and more difficult level compared to high school, mine goes the other way. My high school is way worse than hell and college is just...a blue horizon. I have free time now to get back to writing.

However, it is not a very easy task to get back to writing. My last update on May 2009 was already a big pain. First of all, there's a writer's block virus where you won't have any ideas in mind nor writing techniques to produce at least a one shot. Secondly, in my own opinion, you owe an apology to those who are anticipating an update.

This time, I underwent and will undergo some exercises to fully get myself back to writing. Writing a research paper (in story form) helped me with the writing techniques and simply browsing through past stories, images and fanfictions will help create an idea. To further get myself tied to writing, I'm challenging myself to produce one shots for other fandoms.

My new development plan won't be too helpful for my two stories running. I can write but the idea and the feeling I want to convey are still missing.

'Sweet Harmony' was a story made by a 12-year old me and when the 17-year old me looks at it, I feel goosebumps all over my body. It was because I don't even read stories which are like SH (filled with OCness, cheezy moments, weird conversations, mary sues *insert negative things here*) I rummaged through the old notebooks of that little girl and realized that she has written 24 chapters of Sweet Harmony. This is the condition: If the story will not click anymore, I would cancel it. Actually, I already canceled the supposedly last arc of this story because it is so cliched already but if there's no click, I would not hesitate since I have another agenda and another story in mind appropriate for my age.

'Borrowed Time' will continue. This is a story done by the 15-year old me and I also feel slight goosebumps when I see it. The reason will be the MOE-ness, OCness and the weird construction of the story. I will continue this because everything is still repairable. I can manage to make the appropriate changes according to what I think would be better for this old story and those changes will include the dialogues, in character of the characters and the writing.

I'm going to write my stories in favor to what the plan was; in case of Sweet Harmony, the stories that were written already and the contribution of the current me would be the polishing; in case of Borrowed Time, the plan of arcs and basically, I have to make up stuffs that will follow the plan.

I won't promise specific dates of update since it's difficult to develop an idea for stories that I'm not too familiar with anymore especially 'Borrowed Time' since I didn't start writing it in notebooks but straight to the computer and I have no Chapter 3 right now.

This is what I'll leave to my followers: I won't be in hiatus and do expect that you won't find the next update next year but in the next weeks.

I'm currently activated and I just hope that the supporters I had since before will once again give their support to me this time.

Thank you! =D

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