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Author has written 4 stories for Hannah Montana, and Misc. Tv Shows.

The name's Balko. Briana Balko. :)

The only thing I write for is Hannah Montana. Usually. I might change later on...but for now, just Hannah Montana.

I ship for:

Hannah Montana

Lilly/Oliver-My number one ship!!

Jake/Miley-They look so adorable together!

Jake/Lilly-This one's cute, but I like J/M and L/O better.

Naturally, Sadie

Sadie/Ben-They're so adorable. I just love them together!

Rain/Margret-Best Friends always attract.

Phil Of The Future

Phil/Keely-Anyone who hates this ship, needs to be taken outside and forced to watch women give birth over and over again. :)

That's So Raven

Chelsea/Eddie-'Nuff said.

Life With Derek

Derek/Casey-Some people think this would be incest, but I don't really care, they are adorable together and I think it would be lovely if they end the show with Nora and George getting a divorce and then Derek and Casey realizing they have feelings for each other.

Harry Potter

Harry/GinnyI think this one's so cute! And they have so many moments that lead me to believe they will get together...which im pretty sure it will happen.

Ron/Hermione-same as above.

Malfoy/Hermione-This one is okay, and they're cute together, but I just don't think they're get together. But...I still like it. :)

Ginny/Malfoy-Not really nessasary, but I still like it!

Harry/Hermione-I think alot of people ship for these two. I ship for them because, well, they're always dropping hints, HOWEVER, I do ship for Hermione and Ron more. :)

Stuck in The Suburbs

Jordan/Jessie-I love them together! I mean, at least they're the same age and stuff. I started liking them together when I saw the way Jessie looked at him when he was singing. I think it's better than Brittany and Jordan.

Eddie/Brittany-Absolutely cute, and stuff :)

Return to Halloweentown

Ethan/Marnie-self explanitory!

Pictures from my story

No Regrets

Allie Einerson- NEW PICTURE!!

Ellie White-

Kellie Grayne-

Shellie Kayman- NEW PICTURE!!

James Kent-

Nothing's Going Right

Candi- NEW PICTURE!! (just imagine with black hair)


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