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Greetings! I just had a daring escaped the commune I was stuck in for the last four years. I am writing again!!! LOVE YALL!

Hello Everyone,

This is Immortalis Ramala. No, this is not my real name, but it is the name I write under for poems, for plays and movies, and of course, now also my fan fictions. I am not perfect, never will I be a perfect writer. I have dreadful spelling (thank-you god for spell check). I am a horseback riding type person. I have horses of my own, I LOVE to ride, train, and I do jumping for the most part of it. It is my favorite ‘sport’. Show jumping is my world, along with basically anything horse, and writing. I also may later add into this wonderful site, a link to my site, that will in time hold my scripts and stories. But for now, nothing to be linked too. I am not a new member, and will be taking one or two old stories of mine and finishing or even adding on.

-Immortalis Ramala

!!!!!TAKE NOTE!!!!!

I will be bringing a string of my own characters. Once I bring in new characters, I will add them into this part. Or before I post. I might recycle my characters, use them in multiple stories and so on... They will be both male and female, though upfront, being female, I seem to lean more towards making female characters. I will try to bring in males too. Thank-you! Immortalis Ramala!

Zinta Morvollo

She has a vast empire of money that is secretly given to her, via parents. She is a red head beauty, great looks, great shape, but she is secritive, and powerful. As a mutant, she is a deadly, powerful beast that can be controled by those who can manipulate fire. Her viens have more a lava than blood. She turns into a flaming eagle, a very hot bird indeed. Able to melt just about anything. Her codename is Sizzler. Though her alter ego (the bird itself), is From thee Ashes. She gets taken in by the brotherhood. Forcefully


A strange mutant girl who is more animal than human in personality and emotions. She doesnt really trust people, and is weary on anything they touch. Growing up more like a wolf, and finding out the hard way what humans did to wolves. She thinks she is a wolf that turns into a human. Memories of her human life are gone. She is over 100 years old, but looks sixteen years old. A dark beauty indeed. Her name before Anuba was Rachel Taylor. She has immunity to all illnesses, blood can heal people, bring them back to life, ext.

Maxamus Fairchild

A power hungry, but oh so dreamy five eleven male. Dark brown hair, shocking blue eyes, beautiful muscles. Hes dreamy, but arrogant. In MUTANT or SMALLVILLE/SUPERMAN type of writing, he is known as the 'Lord of Illusions'. He can make people think they are actually being killed hurt, ext. And if he can be trained to full power, he can indeed kill with illusions. He has a self healing power. Cant help others, not that he would if he could. As a simple human, he is a rich, brilliant young man who uses his vast resources to get what he wants.


A blast from the past, she is a young girl who had been killed in previuse years, killing for revenge never finding rest. In my supernatural story, her body remains young and healed, as she spreads chaos. What can stop her... if she can be?


The first vampire, a wild beauty with exotic looks, perfection. She is an ageless woman, who is to star in my Vampire High series, were the group moves to a new school for vampires. With no connection anymore to the elders, after learning there lies and how powerful they can become, while blending in with humans like they never thought possible with the help of this dove.

Alysha Taylor

A big busted girl with blonde hair, beauty, and a past hardship thats depressing. She was nearly killed at eighteen, beaten, and such. She is now a CSI, located in Vegas. Though I might get her in action in Miami and New York. Maybe.

Hayden-Lars Ackerman

An exotic beauty, red flaming hair, a driver that can scare the hell out of you, and a past that hunts in her dreams. Her and her twin sister at sixteen had been kidnapped and released into the desert, with nothing but a leter of water each, and then hunted like animals for the fun of a sadistic man, both lived... Though both think the other is dead... Lars as a star vegas CSI

Mackenzie Lee Jaclyn

An exotic beauty, red flaming hair, a driver that can scare the hell out of you, and a past that hunts in her dreams. Her and her twin sister at sixteen had been kidnapped and released into the desert, with nothing but a leter of water each, and then hunted like animals for the fun of a sadistic man, both lived... Though both think the other is dead... Mac as a star miami CSI


-x men: The Movie

Anuba-- Animal I've Become

A story of great chage. Of a female of over 100 years with the body of a teen. She is a wild beauty with dark looks. An animal at heart. She can change form into a wolf. Or even a Jackle. She has power to heal herself and others. She is a cure. Not to mutants. But to illness and wounds. She can make the paralized walk again. She is a merical. But she is an animal. Can Bobby (iceman) teach her to be human again? Wolverine is much an animal in ways, will an early conflict turn into friendship?

From the Ashes - Everything to Ashes

A story of Zinta Morvoll. A beautiful red head who has a very, very powerful mutation that has a devistating effect. She is something that cannot be controlled when full power is reached. In this story, it tells how 'Sizzler / From the Ashes' is taken in, by force, to the side of the brotherhood. She shows her mutation to them unknowingly. Pyro takes an intrest in her and romance might be in her life for the first time, or will everything she touch just turn to ashes...


The Screaming Immortal

a young girl ran down the street, screaming for help. Wrists bleeding perfusly. Everyone just watched. No one helped as if a fear of dirtying their sunday cloths. To date that same dead girl kills the towns people the way she died. Wrists opened wide. Now Sam and Dean find one of their first cases back together. And can they give a happy ending to the town draped in death?

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