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Well... I'm kind of back. I've been going through a lot lately and been off Fanfiction for nearly... HOLY COW... 5 years? Anyway... I'll probably be posting a sample piece in a little while, but I've got Zero touch with cannon, so the characters have been modified to fit my own stories and purposes. (Each story is like a planet, held together with the weakest universal laws and more laws built on a per-planetary basis... kinda like gravity.)

Anyway... I pretty much deleted everything from the original profile with the exception of some of my choice OC's. (Which I really need new descriptions for).

Regarding my other stories... I refuse to update the early chapters... yes, they are horrible, but:
1) I severely dislike, no, hate editing. I feel that rewriting the chapters causes them to lose their unique flair inspired by whatever emotions I had at the time I wrote it.
2) I see them as a track of how my writing has improved. Maybe it's that naggy teacher side of me, but I love seeing people progress from a fledgling to whatever they may become. It's interesting to see their beginnings. And the writing speaks for itself.

So that's what I have to say in a nutshell. I'm also in college now and a participant in NaNo and Screnzy. So come April, don't expect to see me around.

That's me though check out my OC's:


The Probe - Very important. I got to thinking about it one day and thought why people made robot monkey OC's even though the alchemest didn't invent them, some are simply, born that way? Here's the answer. The probe has been in space since the 'great sleep' (before Chiro came) began. It sends rays to other planets and causes some siesmic activities that causes all monkeys 25 and under to become cybernetic. (I veiw MT, 19-20, adjust age to your fancy). It has been running rampant and nearly every planet the team come's to has been effected. The probe lies somewhere off center of the middle of the universe slightly closer to Shugazoom than other planets. It's rays go off in a ripple pattern so no planet is safe.

The probe is an open source OC that anyone can use without giving any credit to me. Anyone can use it, you don't need to contact me, nothing...use to your hearts content.


The Isle of Lost Monkeys

created by Mandarin to lose team so he could claim Shugazoom, it is a jungle-ish habitat, invisible force feild on top, only opened on outside by a monkey hand




Looks exactly like Chiro in fact he's chiro's twin brother except he's a little taller

he hates admitting he's chiro's brother b/c he hates chiro

Mad Mary


Wears bright red dress with olive green hearts on it, wears long heavy crystal earings, lots of makeup (still doesnt hide the wrinkles), grey-ish curled short hair, dark blue eyes / as her name suggests she's crazy

Announcer Bunny

He's a bunny, in a hat. He pokes up and annoys you with questions. But he's so cute and fluffy! Nobody can resist the cuteness! He only shows up in the comments though. 'Cause his job is to be the cute yet inevitably annoying announcer bunny!

Well, that's my page. Now, go read my stories and check out KittyKat93 and Duskblood's pages after that cuz I said so! :)

And for my copy pastie: Write your name on the list if you've ever gotten flamed for no reason: Minibyte,

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