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Joined 11-07-06, id: 1161892

-Name: well you can just call me zexx

-Gender:a guy who happends to love yaoi.

-Age: 18

-OTPTIL: (One True Pairing that i lov) zemyx-aka-zexionxdemyx

-Animes I watch:Gakuen Heaven,loveless,Kyou Kara Maou,(anything yaoi)getbackers,naruto sometimes.

-Mangas I read:naruto only some times tho,and kh. -Fav game:kh of corse,final fantisy.thats about it.

-Lucky number: 13

-Favorite books: manga,fanfic's,thats about it.

-Favorite movie: final fantisy avaint children.

-Favorite color:black and purple

-Music: I listen mostly to rock. , Good Charlotte, Green Day, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, AFI, Panic!at the Disco,Avril,SimplePlan, Location: florida

-Appearance: black hair like zexion's,green eyes i like to were black alot too. -Obsessions:yaoi,my boyfriend chris,rp,writeing.

-Pet peeves: My parents, my sister's(i have two of them one 21 the other 10, homophobes,spoorks because amy talk's about them so much.

-Good Pairings: well i like all most any pair.

-Bad Pairings: like i said i like all most any pair.

- how I amuse myself: watching amy doing something dumb but funny then nick telling amy that she need's help,rp,writeing,makeing vid's on youtube my name on there is demyxishot,trying to draw the keyword is drawing i got on deviant art too my name on there is JesterOfDarkness.i sometimes cosplay as zexion not really tho.

-In a nutshell: music fanatic,overly loyal,obsessive, original (I like to think so anyway), homophobe-phobic,open-minded, slightly hypocritcal,opinionated (heheh), dramatic, slightly over-sensitive,emo somewhat,gay(i am i even have a boyfriend to named chris he looks like demyx lol.)

Quotes: dance water dance!-demyx

"Who goes to Tacobell and comes back with a boyfriend and no tacos?" -Roxas to Demyx in Finding Your Inner Magician: For Dummies its a really good story you should read it.

Wash away these memories which have become too painful to stand...
Or at least hide these tears so no one may see this weakness and strike me were i stand.-taki nakano my oc. fear the allmighty spoork for it will rule you all!-one of my crazy friends amy lol. you mean the retarded spoork-my friend nick right after she said that. amy leave my spoon alone would u?-nick telling amy to leave his spoon alone they came over for dinner lol. no your's a SPOORK OF DOOM!- amy after he said that like i said crazy and well obsessive about spoork's don't ask lol.
.i have some verry crazy friend's nicks not that crazy tho only amy lol... amy:i heard that did u get in my house? amy:your chimney du imma ninja no no a spoork ninja!MUHAHAHA! me:...don't worry the men in white coat's will be here soon...backs away slowly amy:do they have spoorks and cookies? nick: hey wats going on in here? me: amy has hit a all time point of crazyness... nick:amy come on ill take you home to play with your spoork's ok... amy:ok hiho spoorky away! me:ok well i hope you enjoyed learning about me lol o and sry if you lost brain cell's from amy lol that happends to alot of ppl's anway going to go play kh2 now by--kh yaoi rp im in you should join too! http:///index.cgi

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