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Author has written 16 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Harry Potter.

Where to start: Welcome to my profile!

Name: pen name says it all- let's leave it at that

Trademark Signature: L.M

Reviewing: I'm always nice! Even though it may seem bad, I always point out the plot you're trying to convey on your story. Plus, I'm always the one to give as much constructive criticism if it is needed.

Physical Profile

Age: Between 16-20

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark brown/reddish

Eyes: Brown

Birthday: December 20 - 29 (it's an odd number ) ;)

Race: African American

Weight: that's a secret (okay; it's between 129-139)

Height: currently 5'2

Now my Favs!

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, The Inheritance, The Prince and the Pauper, Cinderella, His Dark Materials

Loves: Serenity, peace, love itself, cats, school, reading, writing, movies, the Internet

Dislikes: Selfishness, hate, fish (foodwise), dogs, bossiness

Attitude: Busy, busy, busy

Dreams/Aspirations: To become a author

10 Top Sonic the Hedgehog couples I agree on:

1. Amy/Sonic

2. Blaze/Silver

3. Knuckles/Rouge

4. Amy/Shadow

5. Tails/Cream



8. Sonic/Shadow

9. Tikal/Shadow

10. Silver/Amy

10 Top Harry Potter couples

1. Harry/Draco

2. Harry/Luna



5. Harry/Hermione

6. Draco/Hermione

7. James/Lily

8. Ron/Lavender

9. Hagrid/Maxime

10. Snape/Narcissa

I have this unnatural passion and talent to write a story all my life. Ever since I learned to read, I always take up hints of writing techniques and strategies. Also, I can attribute the right adjectives to the right verbs, it can go on if I felt like it! I have all this abundance of ideas in my head that I can create as stories and poems; it's maddening. Almost everything you see in your life is worthy to be a story; they scream for you, beg for you to make it known. Sometimes, I just let my imagination runaway, and the keyboards take its course.

Official Disclaimer: All of the stories that I write of registered and trademark characters(Sega, Nintendo, JK Rowling, etc.) I totally disclaim

Be an individual; stand out, don't let others influence you the wrong way; peer pressure is poison. Never neglect your body; it is like a sacred temple to you. Also, it is true that you are a spirit, your body a temporary vessel to use until you are called home, early or not, so ladies, never let the media change your beautiful bodies. The secret is, they change as you grow. Nobody can determine your future or how you're going to end up. If they can foresee the future, then they must be Jesus, which they are not. Ignore others' attempts to play your so-called ambitions like a puppet. God made you for a purpose; proof is the way you look, think, act, and believe. So what if you're a homosexual, black, atheist, emo, vegetarian, Republican, Democratic, rich, poor, popular, uncool, lovable, spiteful, or just that one person who's a timid wallflower at dances? Use your abilities, philosophy, and education to change a world. Because remember: even one ethic deed can turn around an entire world. So if you take pride to be an individual and make a striving success to change the world in a positive, ground shaking way, copy and paste this on your profile. - Lil moonprincess

May I like to introduce my Next Sonic Generation crew ( future Sonic children)

Soleanna the Hedgehog

Classification: daughter/offspring of Project Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose the Hedgehog

Appearance: Ruby eyes, black fur with pink streaks, shoulder length quills, wearing dark pink tank top, black capri pants with a red stripe going down each side, and magenta and white hover shoes

Age: 15

Abilities: Chaos HeartBreaker, Martial Arts, 7th sense, Chaos Dynamite, Chaos Spear II, Lethal Petal Kick

Weakness: Fire, temper

Friends: Justin 'Berry' Prower, Lazuli the Echidna, Mercury the Hedgehog, Ember the Cat, Stream the Hawk, Melody the Bee, Scout the Chameleon

Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, Chaotix, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, The Babylon Rogues

Enemies: Dr. Percival Robotnik aka Dr. Eggman Jr., Dr. Eggman Sr

Personality: Spunky, brave, leadership, sweet, adventurous, cautious, considerate, friendly

Soleanna was since a famous little critter from the day of her birth. Curious as to who she really is from the inside, she takes on a mission to stop Dr. Eggman Jr from wrecking havoc on the world.

Mercury the Hedgehog

Classification: son/offspring of Sonic the Hedgehog and Tiara Boobowski the Cat

Appearance: Emerald eyes, sky blue fur with a violet streak going down from his forehead, same quill length as Sonic, violet and white running shoes

Age: 15

Abilities: Supersonic Speed, Double Homing Attack, Kick Impact, Chaos Control

Weakness: water, negativity

Friends: Soleanna the Hedgehog, Justin 'Berry' Prower, Lazuli the Echidna, Ember the Cat, Stream the Hawk

Enemies: Dr. Eggman Jr.

Personality: Confident, risk taker, carefree, grateful, respectful, challenging, positive

Mercury was always following in his father's footsteps, and now he wonders if he succeeded in doing what he does best: being the destined chip off the old block of the Legendary Sonic. Having a strong dislike for Dr. Eggman Jr., he helps Soleanna and others defeat the young evil doctor of his schemes of world domination.

Justin 'Berry' Prower

Classification: son/offspring of Miles 'Tails' Prower and Cream the Rabbit

Appearance: Amber eyes, light reddish-orange and white fur, long kitsune ears and three tails

Age: 13

Abilities: Flight, Dummy Ring Bomb, Mechanics and Engineering, Mental Intellegence, Baking?!(guess who's to blame...)

Weakness: Falling, heights

Friends: Mercury the Hedgehog, Soleanna the Hedgehog, Lazuli the Echidna, Melody the Bee, Ember the Cat, Scout the Chameleon

Enemies: Dr. Eggman Jr.

Personality: Modest, kind, observant, short tempered, perfectionist, creative, quick to tatics

Berry wanted to make use of his new creations, so joining the fight to stop Dr. Eggman Jr. is the great opportunity to do so...

Lazuli the Echidna

Classification: son/offspring of Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat

Appearance: Aquamarine eyes,white fur with red stripes on his face, black bat wings, dark blue and green shoes, downward quills and, well, knuckled hands,

Age: 16

Abilities: Martial Arts, Scavenging, Claw Screw, Gliding, Chaos Emerald Punch, Swift Slide, Jewel Earthquake

Weakness: Harm to others, manipulation

Friends: Mercury the Hedgehog, Justin 'Berry' Prower, Soleanna the Hedgehog, Scout the Chameleon

Enemies: Dr. Eggman Jr

Personality: Stubborn, strong-willed, clever, mischievious, reserved, confident, protective, suave

The one heir to the occupation of protecting the Master Emerald, he also has a fevered obsession of collecting gemstones. In order to make his prophecy the better, Lazuli aims to defeat and prevent Dr. Eggman Jr. from taking the one thing that holds his beloved home out of danger and extinction.

Ember the Cat

Classification: daughter/offspring of Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat

Appearance: Yellow eyes, lavender-pink fur, waist length white hair, wearing pink and white running shoes, and a violet haltertop with red-orange flames designs on white pants

Age: 17

Abilities: Pyrokinetics, Telekinetics, Mystical Flashover, Chain of Flames, Triple Torrid Kick, Psychotic Daisy

Weakness: Ice, ghosts, darkness

Friends: Soleanna the Hedgehog, Lazuli the Echidna, Mercury the Hedgehog, Stream the Hawk

Enemies: Dr. Eggman Jr., Eggman Nega

Personality: Fiery, imaginative, positive, open minded, tough, ladylike, loyal

Always the exceptionally amazing belle of her time, Ember has the mysterious technique to juggle both her mother and father's powers at will. With that in hand, she hopes stopping Dr. Eggman Jr. will eventually cease the existing evil and malevolence of Eggman Nega in the future.

More kids to come, I'm still working on them...

My 6th story (yay, I've gone that far!) is a story that I've been thinking about for a quite a while before 'Rose of Mystical Dreams' (which was deleted). Here's the real, full summary:

'Unknown Enchantments' concerns two hedgehogs, both aristocratic members of two feuding kingdoms, discovering each other for the second time, fall in love, and battle the life war of forbidden liasions, secrets, contention, magic, and plans of evil that might endanger a whole planet. This story will include:

Sonic the Hedgehog -former page boy; now a world famous knight in the Kingdom of Flora

Miles 'Tails' Prower -Flora's most recognized genius and inventor; he's also a chemist(or an alchemist)

Amy Rose -princess; heir to the Flora Kingdom. She is the main character of the story

Knuckles the Echinda -martial arts warrior; protector of the large 'sacred Umbrian gem'. Sound familiar?

Shadow the Hedgehog -prince; heir to the Umbra Kingdom. He is also the main character of the story

Rouge the Bat -Umbrian espionage spy who works undercover as a harlot in the Flora court, but for one bargain...

Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik -a malevolent, crazed sorcerer who schemes to gain power of the 'Mystique One' to rule over both Flora and Umbra kingdoms

Blaze the Cat -powerful princess of the Flame Kingdom; arranged fiance to Prince Shadow

Cream the Rabbit -local village girl; secret best friend of HRH Princess Amy

Vector the Crocodile -one of the three Floran court investigators/patrons

Espio the Chameleon -one of the three Floran court investigators/patrons

Charmy the Bee -one of the three Floran court investigators/patrons; they later became bodyguards of Princess Amy

Cosmo -Queen of the Floran Forest; she dies eventually at the hands of the evil sorcerer

Tikal the Echinda -mystical oracle and priestess; a pacifist who later is accused of witchcraft

Gerald Robotnik -a wizard whose works were redeemed terrific, but was imprisoned on account of treason in Umbra

Maria Robotnik -granddaughter of Gerald Robotnik; an ill enchantress whose powers weakened as her body did. A dear, kind childhood friend of Prince Shadow, she was tragically killed in a long ago raid

With cameo appearances of:

Princess Sally Acorn

Respectfully, with similar roles as they have in the games, along with characters I've made up.

The time frame in this constructive planet I've made is different because the sun sets at midnight and comes up in what is normally the afternoon (weird, huh?).

This story will contain the following:



Mild language

Sexual content (some will be strong, so I warn you)

Crude language

Strong horror scenes

Suggestive Gore

So if you can't read this because it has any of the following...okay

This story is a combination of Cinderella (my favorite story of all time!) and Romeo and Juliet, but with twists of my own to add.

A Rose's Empryean Identity

Mainly, our lovely pink hostess embarks on a mysterious, mystical, and dangerous journey to uncover a jewel's powerful history. By coincidence, her incentive seems to be in connection to the job of a certain black hedgehog's, out on a mission from G.U.N to gain information about a goddess kidnapped by Dr. Eggman...

The Six Daughters of Aphrodite

Erostia - red haired goddess of lust; her cosmo jewel is the Passion Garnet

Maniadae - white haired goddess of psychosis; her cosmo jewel is the Dementia Amethyst

Pragmauducia - raven haired goddess of intellegence; her cosmo jewel is the Mentality Opal

Luducia - brunette goddess of friendship; her cosmo jewel is the Harmony Topaz

Storgiora - blond goddess of conquest ; her cosmo jewel is the Victoria Tiger's Eye

Agapelle - pink haired goddess of altruism; her cosmo jewel, the Serenity Sapphire, has powers that are unknown to the entire universe

Cream the Assassin

'Too many constricting emotions...too much pain in my soul...he took away what meant the most to me, and he never regretted it. That was when my hidden demon broke out the dank prisons of my good conscious and went loose everywhere, even in the pit of my soul it emerged into the outside world...and I did it, just like that. I never realized how easy and good it felt...until now.'

This story, of course, will be set in the future. I'll give the ages right here:

Sonic the Hedgehog 25

Miles 'Tails' Prower 18

Knuckles the Echidna 26

Amy Rose 22

Shadow the Hedgehog infinite

Rouge the Bat 28

Cream the Rabbit 16

The couples may be unexpected in this story. least one. I'll give you a cookie if you can figure out which one!

More about this story will be updated; there are also new characters (and a new villain!) in order for the story to flow.

These are the stories that fall into the Maybe/Interested category. These stories are what I want to consider doing.

Until the Last Flame Dies

Blaze doesn't mind 'burning out' alone in her world, as long as her kingdom is happy and prosperous. However, a hedgehog friend of hers won't let that 'flame' die alone, not without his personal Tender. Loving. Care. (Blaze/Sonic)

Eggman's Lady

It's never occured to Eggman that he was missing a little fun in his life. Until he meets Ms. Dorothy Spangle, of course. But, with the aided encouragement of Amy and friends, will Dorothy prove to be too calculating for her own good? (Eggman/OC)

Not Just Hedwig

Sometimes being an owl spells freedom. But it can also spell out 'flying away from feelings.' Being an owl can be hard, especially if loyalty to the one you love is insurmountable to the latter choice. Because I'm not just Hedwig the Owl...

As of today, I am discontinuing all of my fanfic stories, including Unknown Enchantments. It seemed like a terribly rude thing to just up and leave stories unwritten, so I'm going to discontinue them all. Who knows, I might come back to them, but not in the near future as of now. If anyone is interested in continuing some of the stories, however, just PM me and I'll see what we can do. I'm sorry for the fruitless wait and I hope you can forgive me for that.

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