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Bullitin board this is. I wanted to make use of this profile area. I don't like adding my personal profile. So check this board from time to time if there are announcements or additional informations relating to my fanfics. _

Many of my readers of Peaceful Green Days reviewed me that they want me to let Hitsugaya end up with Hinamori. At that time, Midori-chan seems to be too close to Hitsugaya. I intended to fool my readers. Sorry if I did it. I gave everybody a hint, right? I made Midori-chan very childish... that is my hint. Midori-chan is simply wanted to play with Hitsugaya and Hinamori... no special feelings. I relly didn't expect to read reviews that Hitsugaya and Midori-chan were couples. From my view and the way I created the early chapters, it didn't look like they were couples. It seems that the misunderdstanding part in the early chapters confused the readers.

There is one anonymous reader that wrote me that she wants Hitsugaya to end up with Midori-chan. Many suggested to me that add more HitsuHina scenes but I still continued to add HitsuOCs. I intended it to look like it's Midori-chan who's going to be with Hitsugaya. At first, it looked like it's HitsuHina but Hitsugaya eventually liked Midori-chan more. This is what I will say: I won't make this easy for Hitsugaya!

After the Espada part of the Peaceful Green Days fanfic... I'm going to end it with Midori-chan's birthday. Yes, I'm ending it. PM me if you have anything to say. Hey... after I finish Midori-chan's birthday, I wil announce something here. I will be asking some suggestions so check out my profile page again after you read Midori-chan's birthday.

Midori-chan drawings!

March 3... March 4

SO the end is near for Peaceful Green Days... I always look at the stats of this fic and there are lots of bleach fans reading my fic. I'm happy about it even they just read and don't review. There are always 28 people who reads the latest chapters in 12 hours... only 2 of them constanly review (Love you!) If thoes people read this fic as soon as this fic is updated, I assume they are interested in this fic. I'm happy so I will give you guys a present. The present will be show after I release chapter 19 (the last chapter).

March 3... March 4

Chapter 19 in the ending... but the story won't end here! I know many HitsuHina fans are disappointed about the ending but I won't when I start the 2nd season (this is my present for you!). Since Midori-chan rejected Hitsugaya, the love triangle is broken, which means the 2nd season will be HitsuHina. I will be posting the next season with in the next week. I need time to think about the plot. It won't take long since I already finished chapter 2 and starting chapter 3.

I'm adding two more OCs in the 2nd season. Midori finds her own love! I already showed you this boy... but I mentioned him as SHINIGAMI so you won't know who is he. Remember that in chapter 18 that Midori-chan blushed? He's there!

March 9...March10

I'm currently working on the Peaceful Green Love and I've finished my latest fanfic, Shi to Ai no Yakusoku, which is a Death Note fanfic. When I checked out the Death Note section, no LightMisa... so this is it! I made a LightXMisa fanfic.

Peaceful Green Love will update slower than Peaceful Green days because I need to edit so parts from time to time. Once the Undokai (sports fest) is over I may update faster but get slower again when I begin the Gekishobai (stage play). Sorry readers... but thanks for reading and reviewing!

March 16...March17

After I finished the Shi to Ai no Yakusoku, Black Bunneh-san asked me if he/she could make a stroy related to this. So... Shi to Ai no Yakusoku: A Dying Wish is posted recently. Please read this fanfic too for Death Note fans. I read it myself and it's a nice fic.

Peaceful Green Love is going to drag a bit for now. My PC gone Poof~!... get it? It needs repair... I need to wait for the next Tuesday. The next chapters are still in my PC so for now, I'm delaying the HitsuHina part. Gomen ne.

Oh yeah, I made a new Death Note fanfic... Shinigami no Sonzai. I made it in a different computer so I could update soon. It is more on friendship but I'm thinking if I'm going to add LightMisa. This one might be longer than Shi to Ai no Yakusoku, depends on the stats.

March 19...March20

I'm crawling back to fanfiction! Somehow I manage to update stories. Updates will slow down due to the computer problems. Already updated Peaceful Green Love 6, Shinigami no Sonzai 2 and The World Without Takumi 3 (Whoa! Long time I didn't updated it!)

More Peaceful Green Love arts!

March 26...March 27

Gotei 13 13th division vice-captain Aotsuki Kurenai:
Aotsuki Kurenai

Aotsuki and Kunogi

As promised, here's a pic of the play. Momo, Kurenai to Midori

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