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For those of you who already know me, I don’t need an introduction. For those who are newcomers… well, I’m Crazyeight. Probably all you need to know really. Not too inclined to go around giving away information about myself to complete and total strangers until I’ve gotten to know you better. Anyway, as I’m sure that you’ve guessed, I’m a fan of the TV show, Digimon, particularly season three, which I felt had the most realistic feel to its storyline and characters (though Adventure and 02 were also pretty good. Frontier sadly wasn’t all that impressive in my mind, but it had some okay parts to it. The battles with the Royal Knights for instance was my favorite story arc of that season), and as you may have guessed by looking at my story summaries (or a previous edition of my profile) I’m a Rukato fan (Rika x Takato), which is really the only pairing that I’ve really cared about, though Jurato (Jeri x Takato) and Ryuki (Ryo x Rika) scenes find their way in as well.

(And why not? Keeps things interesting :P)

Overall, I’ve got no problem with pairings, and refuse to bash them unless it’s done in parody, in which case even my own preferences will be subject to the same treatment (as evidenced in my ‘Fourth Wall’ series, which is a multi-season crossover set in the world of fan fiction), so rest assured that in my stories all characters and views will be treated with as much respect that is possible. Read, review, or just fire a PM at me if you just want to talk or ask me about a story idea. And if you want me to beta read your work, I'll do that, and you can expect me to give constructive criticism and tips, though I may not be the right candidate for the job.

Anyway, hope that you enjoy my work. Later.



Anonymous Reviews for: A Story for Suzie: Chapters 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60


53: Flustered Sakuyamon seems to be a favorite of quite a few of my fans now for some reason. I don't know why this is, but it is, which I find to be both baffling and amusing. XD

54: Yeah, you're not the first to remark on the Dragon and Fox gods resembling the stereotype of 'gruff dude who melts around his wife.' It wasn't intentional except that I wanted them to contrast one another and the idea didn't appear that way to me while I was writing, but I guess that's how they turned out.

55: I did kind of feel like Jeri was wondering if she and Calumon were destined to be partners. There's a scene where she's holding an unconscious Calumon in the D-Reaper, and she looks at him and her digivice and asks if that was their destiny. So I just went with it. The series does nothing to confirm if they are partners though, and Jeri doesn't seem to think so in the 'Message' Drama CD. And a friend of mine, one of my reviewers by the name of Pyro also pointed out that the digivices seem to have additional slots for partners (currently marked as 'empty') so I pretty much just went with it from there, though I covered my bases by having the whole thing be helped by Rika and Takato's wish.

56: I imagine the Fox goddess is pretty powerful in her own right, just not as savage as the Dragon when angry.

57: Heh. The Calumon to Leomon line was me. I couldn't find anything for Calumon, so I just made it so that Takato and Rika made a wish, and the wish worked it out as best as it could, making Calumon fill the role of Leomon by giving him his form. Worked out nicely it seems. :P

58: Heh. Takato's doing his own fanfiction version of that particular story. I've always imagined that he doesn't like how that story ended so he would come up with a happily ever after for the two separated lovers. And yeah, Renamon loves trolling people a little bit, so I imagined that the fox goddess wouldn't be too different in that regard. :P

59: In the past I've done a lot more work on Takato and Rika just falling in love and leaving it there, but lately I've been thinking more on how they would interact in the long term. Obviously the ship wasn't made official in this story, but I felt that their interaction would be important to explore and how they would work around one another. In an environment such as this where they pretty much have to rely on each other more for an extended period of time, they've figured out a few things, and through that, Rika's learning that she can be more 'her' around Takato without blowing up all the time. Takato's a sensitive person and can usually read people fairly well, and given enough time, he can work out a way to help Rika without leaving her feeling like she has to be on the defensive around him. Small stuff helps.

60: One of the things I've been experimenting with is how to do a story climax without always needing to one-up a previous fight scene, at least in terms of power scaling. As I was writing, I realized that the Crow god couldn't possibly stack up to the D-Reaper in the same way. Not by a long shot, especially with his minions. So I had to rework ideas to keep them interesting, which was actually kinda hard when the heroes are stronger than the villain. But I'm glad it worked out. :D

Tamers Requiem was very much how far I could push the envelope with length (not a bad thing itself to try) and since then I've been working to 'streamline' as you've said, to something cleaner without unnecessary details bogging it down.

Hah! I'm rather tempted to see what you'd come up with, but do what feels natural. :)

Thanks for the reviews. :)

Anonymous Reviews for: A Spring Flowering, chapter 5

PG: I can attest to learning from other authors and incorporating the lessons into my style. I have a fair number to thank. :)

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Story for Suzie, chapter 53

Guest: I think it's just a matter of perspective. Takato's not quite the sort of person to think of Rika in that way (and he says this in earlier chapters), while, for some reason, Rika is more likely to (I think mainly because Rika's just more aware of that sort of thing than Takato is, as he tends to be a bit dense on things of that nature). Plus there's the situation they're involved in which has a touch of tension and he knows he can trust Rika no matter what.

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Story for Suzie, chapter 60

Guest: Heh. I'm flattered you think that. I do my best to give that impression for readers. :)

Thanks for the comment.

Guest: In my opinion, it would have been unrealistic to have them jump right into a relationship this quick, especially after such a major series of events. Their age aside, there's a lot of still unresolved emotions that would need to be, well, resolved or at least confronted before either of them could really move into that sort of thing, and they have a lot of time to experiment and see where they stand with one another and what they want.

Of course, this is, I imagine, a frustratingly common theme with my Rukato works, so I'm amazed no one has complained about another fic ending on that note. XD

Thanks for the review.

Sialier: One of my earliest concerns was surrounding the difficulty level of the villain as I couldn't justify the Crow god being on the same level as that of the D-Reaper, and so wouldn't pose as serious a threat. As I continued to write, that worry fell away from me since I felt it would avoid shounen anime's usual problem with escalation of the threat level to the point where it goes beyond the reader's ability to be concerned about the danger. So I focused on making the villain more of a schemer and paid closer attention to character development, and when it comes to that, while I prefer to focus on my OTP, there's no leaving out the other characters. The other characters help breathe life into the story and keep things from being stale.

Not sure when I'll be able to write a story that focuses on Takato and Rika fighting together, but I do enjoy the concept. The two balance each other out very well in my opinion and that's definitely something I'd like to see more of myself. Of course, that's my personal preference as well. ;P

We'll see what the future brings. Until then. :)

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Story for Suzie, chapter 59

Guest: It could happen. Who knows? ;P

Thanks for the review.

BanRoo: I'd been trying to figure out a way to fit normal Rumiko in, but with everything going on, it hadn't really worked out until things began to simmer down and cool off.

Heh. Enough time of close proximity has passed where Takato and Rika would have been forced to work out any issues between them (like Rika's newfound protectiveness) in order to survive. While not explored, Rika's figured out that she needs to dial it back a little bit, but at the same time, Takato has learned that he can't push her too hard on things she doesn't want to talk about right away, all the while finding ways to console her and be like, "I've got your back." He's learned that little things here and there help. It's a dynamic I've been wanting to work out for a while now, but hadn't quite figured out how to do that until recently, as it would be a very subtle approach, which I'm not used to writing for Takato. Glad to see it working out. :D

Thanks for the review.

Dracofighter: In more recent chapters, the Fox goddess confronted the Crow directly where it was revealed that the arrival of the doubles in the real world was in part a result of the Crow god's interference with the nature of the story, swapping them out for the real characters in the hopes that by disrupting the story itself, he couldn't be defeated. As for Ryo, it's established that Ryo lives on the far southern end of Japan, making a commute rather difficult for him.

Thanks for the review. :)

Anonymous Reviews for: A Day and a Knight

P: Sometimes the best kind of story is one that leaves you wanting more, but leaves the rest of the story to your imagination. :D

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Story for Suzie, chapter 58

Dracofighter: I too am also looking forward to seeing how things end. XD It's been a long time coming.

Thanks for the review.

Guest: I've had quite a lot of practice at writing Rukato, so I'm glad to hear that I've streamlined the process (probably more so given how often this story in particular has started, stopped, and started again compared to other works). We'll see how future conversations between them go. I'm honestly not sure myself at this point. XD

Thanks for the review.

Phas: I find that stories tend to be enriched with little tidbits on culture. Really fills out the world and, creatively speaking, gives you more stuff to work with. One of my favorite examples of this is the comic book series, Usagi Yojimbo, which, while fairly 'Hollywood Samurai' in places, is probably one of the best explorations of Japanese culture at the time of the Shogunate era. Very well researched, and some of its best oneshot stories have involved things as mundane as making kites for a festival. And that's just the mundane stuff. 'Dragon Bellow Conspiracy' and 'Grass Cutter' are much bigger events, the latter of which dealt with an integral part of Japanese folklore.

Ha! We'll see whether or not Henry survives Rika's wrath. Hopefully he does. :P

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Story for Suzie, chapter 57

Hiieero: I'll have to double check the chapters. Lots of characters, Rika included, have been interrupted in the middle of voicing concerns, and presently none stand out to me.

Sadly, there are no further fights planned for the story. The crow warriors in the real world are all dead now, and the Crow god has been dispossessed of physical form, so he's out of action. We're pretty much coming up on the end now.

Thanks for the review.

Ex-Cite: Very much so with regards to the end game. Not too much left to do at this point. :P

The whole thing is starting to catch up to Takato. Now that things have relaxed a little bit, Takato has a bit more luxury to take notice (albeit unconsciously) Rika's sudden protectiveness of him, on top of all the other stuff that they've gone through in the story.

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Hot Summers Day, chapter 13

Guest: The thought has crossed my mind a few times. Perhaps someday, though I can't promise as to when. That would depend on how into the story I am. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: What's Left of You, chapter 6

Guest: I have a rough idea as to how the story is going to end, so that's about as close to a 'set ending' as I can get without a more definitive plan (I tend to plan rough as a rule). The M-Rating for this fic is largely due to the first chapter, which was fairly heavy (a character losing a limb tends to be pretty heavy), all things considered, and I gave it an M-Rating to be on the safe side. I highly doubt that we'll see much else in the story that gets more graphic than that, though I'm not making any promises.

It's definitely not a coincidence that this is the third (more like the second, though Takato suggested it in a oneshot and Rika referenced it in 'Tangled') story where I've had Rika work part time at the bakery. A lot of it is exploration of character interactions and motivations (in Tangled for example, it was a very brief exploration on why Rika went into modeling as an adult when she never liked it, suggesting that without the digimon, Rika drifted into convenience rather than actually seeking her passion). This would be the first fic of mine though where we might actually see Rika working the job that wasn't just pitching in on occasion. So we'll see how it works out as a potential test as a story line plot.

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: What's Left of You, chapter 5

Richardo: Glad you're enjoying the branching out. I've been finding the change to be a bit refreshing for a change of pace and quite the challenge as well. :) Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

M.T.: Perhaps not, though I disagree with what Rika might do when getting more comfortable with herself and her friends. Admittedly, this is probably a less realistic case, as she might still need a few more years to be comfortable with herself as depicted in this story. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Hot Summer's Day, chapter 9

E: Edit: (for some reason thought this was a review of chapter 8) I'm assuming you're referring to the one with Sakuyamon? Much of this story was written on the fly, and the kiss was one of those scenes. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: What's Left of You, chapter 5

Erok: Looks like. :D Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: What's Left of You, chapter 4

OmeAlph: Maybe someday we'll find out. :P Thanks for the review.

Guest: Quite possible. Guess we'll see what happens. :D Thanks for the review.

hellodarkness: Not sure if there will be any romance due to the nature of the story, so I guess the only way to find out is to keep reading. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: What's Left of You, chapter 3

Keeying: Well, I can honestly say that Takato's loss of his arm wasn't directly in protecting Rika in the way of jumping in front of a blast and she happened to be a target, nor was his protection of her any different from protecting Henry (who was also down and out at the time). Like Renamon and the others have said, when Henry went down, Takato took a dangerous gamble to end the fight as quickly as possible to protect everyone, and it cost him his arm. Regarding Rika's promise to Jeri, all will be revealed in due time. :P

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: A Story for Suzie, chapter 56

Shuuter: I'd say it's possible that Rika would have gotten more comfortable around Takato without Henry's story, but the story sped up the process. Not quite sure what you mean by their reacting to the second group running around. Thanks for the review.

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