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Update 01/26/24: Hi guys, I hope you'll be patient with the next chapter. My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly and it's been a lot to deal with, so as much as I love writing it's had to take a back seat for now. Please give your fathers hugs when you can and I'll come back soon.

My email, for those who don't have an FFN account to PM but still want to talk: AshevillainFanfic at Gmail


Q: You haven’t updated in three weeks an entire year, have you abandoned the story?

A: No! Never! I try my hardest to update every two weeks once a month no longer than three months apart, but sometimes real life just throws me off schedule. But I will absolutely finish this story. There might be a wait between chapters, but it won't be abandoned!

Q: I found your story re-posted on WattPad, should I report it?

A: Several people have either asked permission to repost the story or just gone ahead and posted it. I did originally ask people not to repost it, but at this point as long as they give credit to the original story (preferably with a link) I don't really care. WattPad confuses me, so if people reposting it means the story reaches a wider audience without me having to deal with figuring out that site, then I'm okay with it. If you see someone posting it and claiming it's their own work, however, please let me know!

Q: Will your story remain T-rated, or will you bump it up to M? Know what I mean?

A: I get this question a lot because you guys are all dirty-minded perverts. The answer is that it will remain T simply because it makes it more accessible to a larger audience. But when the M-rated scene comes up (we aren't there yet) the current plan is to post it as a one-shot so that reader who want the smut can read it and readers who don't can skip it without missing any story.

Q: Why is Matt wearing his black suit if the story is set after Season 1?

A: For one, a lot of the scenes I had planned out required Matt to be more easily injured, and two: a large chunk of the story revolves around Sarah finding him very intimidating at first. Personally, I think the black suit is sexier scarier, so it fit with that theme. He'll upgrade at some point in the story, don't worry.

Q: Did you mean to give one of your villains the same name as one of the villains from Guardian of the Galaxy?

A: No. I’m dumb.

Q: Will you be incorporating Seasons 2 and 3 of Daredevil or Season 1 of the Defenders into your storyline?

A: I won't be incorporating any of those storylines into WTWD, but I might pick and choose bits of each to work with for the sequel of one-shots.

Q: Will you read my story and give me some feedback?

A: My answer to this question always used to be yes! But I've gotten so busy lately that I barely even have time to write my own story, much less read anyone else's and give any sort of solid, thoughtful feedback. If this changes in the future I'll let you guys know! And when I do get the time to read things I always try to review.

Fan Creations for What They Wouldn't Do:

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-The first artwork anyone made for this story, with Alexis Bledel as the face claim:

thetenthdoctorscompanion . tumblr . com / post / 125877750243


-Based off Chapter 11 (The Storm) when Matt finds Sarah in the dark at Orion:

miserystoll . tumblr . com / post / 131394134104

-A scene from the same chapter, in which Matt stitches Sarah up:

miserystoll . tumblr . com / post / 131321802434

-The color version of the scene above:

miserystoll . tumblr . com / post / 131329349619

-A scene from Chapter 19 (Surprise) where Matt and Sarah sit in the windowsill after the attack on the roof:

miserystoll . tumblr . com / post / 140776480869

-A photo edit of Sarah, Matt, Foggy, Lauren, Ronan, and Mitch:

miserystoll . tumblr . com / post / 148671030989

-This one is really interesting; it's of a scene that was never actually in the story, but that the reader thought up on her own as a possible next scenario, so t's kind of like fanfiction of fanfiction, which is amazing:

miserystoll . tumblr . com / post / 149019722329

-A drawing of the long awaited Matt/Sarah First Kiss:

miserystoll . tumblr . com / post / 165026960314


-A Photoshop banner for the story with Willa Holland as the face claim:

tumblr . com / onespoongirl / 133854400023


-Based off the scene in Chapter 15 (Games) where Sarah is in the police station waiting for Officer McDermott and sees her name on the list on his desk:

abitdreamyweamy . tumblr . com / post / 134553384083


-A super cool edit with Felicity Jones as Sarah's face claim and Mackenzie Davis as Lauren (the first fan art to feature Lauren!):

movie-and-tv-obsessor . tumblr . com / post / 144919764974

-Another Felicity edit! Matt and Sarah being cute and couple-y:

movie-and-tv-obsessor . tumblr . com / post / 155985366614

-The very first character banner that has all of the main/secondary characters on it! It has the canon characters along with Sarah, Lauren, Mitch, Ronan, Jason, and Greg:

movie-and-tv-obsessor . tumblr . com / post / 155985210864

-GIFs!! Excellent ones! A few of Matt and Sarah being their usual angsty selves, and one of Matt and Lauren, too:

movie-and-tv-obsessor . tumblr . com / post / 166855931404


-An edit just for Sarah and Lauren:

flawlesslykrei . tumblr . com / post / 145591196291

-A great photoshop of Matt and Sarah using one of the main series promo photos:

flawlesslykrei . tumblr . com / post / 145580010491


-A really great sketch of Sarah herself:

mintdesco . tumblr . com / post / 168010693376


-An awesome ballpoint drawing of Matt and Sarah being flirty in the diner:

instagram . com / p / BcqbIRjgimv /


-The newest addition to amazing drawings of WTWD scenes! This one is Sarah in her fancy date night dress from Chapter 28, with a tiny Matt in the corner:

tumblr . com / crystal-lillies / 177752192051

-Another drawing, just as adorable as the other one! This one features Lauren and (I think for the first time in a fan drawing) little baby Noah:

crystal-lillies . tumblr . com / post / 177821539156


-A talented reader drew this really detailed drawing of the first time Matt and Sarah 'met' (AKA Sarah hiding underneath an office desk) and I love it:

deviantart . com / ravensskill / art / The-Beginning-774945137


These amazing ones have Emily Rudd as an excellent casting choice for Sarah:

tumblr . com / helloandromedastrain-blog / 183324665442

tumblr . com / helloandromedastrain-blog / 183331222097



An Ao3 author made the very first fan video for this story, using 'Young God' by Halsey for the song and Eva Green for the face claim, and it's amazing:

amy-issen . tumblr . com / post / 141232673568t


An audio read through of WTWD, which is a really awesome idea for a story that deals with a blind main character:

youtube . com / watch?v=g--8Wi2zC_0


Two more audio recordings of WTWD; I love that people have enough interest to read the story out loud and hear where they put their own emphasis on things!

Recording One:

youtube . com / watch?v=EQbCw3xkDm0

And Recording Two:


All of these playlists are fantastic, and should be listened to immediately!


8tracks . com / advancingtheplot / what-they-wouldn-t-do


8tracks . com / clock_work_fox / what-they-wouldn-t-do


8tracks . com / bottlewish / what-they-wouldn-t-do


8tracks . com / talesandtea / what-they-wouldn-t-do


8tracks . com / dancinginthedark13 / what-they-wouldn-t-do



AO3 author dmcreif made a TV Tropes page for WTWD, and it's so amazingly detailed! If you like tropes and like the story, check it out here:

tvtropes . org / pmwiki / pmwiki . php / Fanfic / WhatTheyWouldntDo

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