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Author has written 11 stories for Redwall, Harry Potter, and Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon.

Ceso.(Pronounced SEE SO)

Favorite Authors - Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Brian Jacques, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Victoria Alexandria, Connie Brockway, Philippa Gregory,Suzanne Enoch and many more!

My current favorite is Philippa Gregory.

Favorite pairings:

Diao chan/Lu Bu
Da Qiao/Sun Ce

okay now a little bit about my stories! (Extended Summaries) they go in order of when they were written

Do you Believe in Destiny? - Sailor moon Gundam wing Crossover. Minako plays the main character. Pluto comes to the future and asks the gundam poilets for assistance. not having to much of a choice they find themselves sent back in time in attempt to find the sailor scouts and warn them about an upcoming danger that will destroy Tokyo and any future for Crystal Tokyo.

Venus - Redwall. Its a story about how Badgers came to rule as Salamandstron. Venus is a beautiful haremaidne tired of simply being a female. she knows that females are just servents and decides to try and alter fate. so she runs away and Meets a large badger. in doing so she breaks the biggest law of Salamandstron. she handles a Sword. Venus masks herself and pretends to be a male and is soon known as the best swordsman ever. but nothing lasts forever!

Love Lies lightly - Complete Harry Potter story. Set in the time of Harry Potters parents. Lily Evans is just another student at Hogwarts. not really a nerd, but close. Her and Her Best Friend, Ceso, enter Hogwarts, Both muggle born. There, Lily Meets James Potter, the biggest player in Hogwarts. she distrusts him and his motives. No one knows why, but James seems to be falling all over Lily Evans. Is it love? (Duh) lol

Deepest Depth - A crossover between Harry Potter and Sailormoon. No one really knows what Minako did before she became a sailor scout, when in truth she actually attended Hogwarts. but something happened back then that made Minako run from the wizarding world. Now Galaxia has been defeated and everything is quite. until Usagi and the other scouts get murdered. Minako's all alone in the world again. so when Dumbledore sends her a letter asking her to come teach at Hogwarts, she's a little reluctant. but when Dumbledore adds that Harry Potter might be in trouble everything changes and Minako finds herself entering Hogwarts as a teacher.

Simple Glance - James is a bit of a nerd. He has Milk white skin. he's very skinny, and his glasses seem to dominate his face. not to mention he's very shy. So what happens when his Best friends Sirius Black convinces him to get a make over? Maybe his long time crush Lily Evans will notice him. little does he know, Lily Evans noticed him even when he wasn't popular, and sometimes thats all that counts!

Love Till Death - Harry Potter. Lily and her best friend go to Salems school of WitchCraft and Wizardry. one day A girl bumps into Lily, causing Lily to drop her books. Lily gets angry and begins to insult the girl, unaware that her headmaster was watching. He then decides the best way for Lily to learn her leason is to send her to Hogwarts. Lily see's nothing wrong with this until he tells her that, she isn't supposed to go as herself, but is to dress up in someway to make herself ugly. Elayna, Lily's best friend is also to serve this punishment. As they arrive at Hogwarts they find themselves slowly understand what it's like to be on the "other side" and oddly enough, so does James Potter (sooner or later)

Letting Go Of The Past - A sailormoon/Weiss Kruez fanfic. The story centre's around Minako. The Senshi were placed in a deep sleep, so they could protect the future. When they wake up they find everything isnt at all like the past. People are constantly buying people to assisinate other people and so and so forth. The senshi have a duty to protect the people of earth, and become assasins. what happens when Minako makes a friend in Omi, but an enemy with Weiss Kruez.

Minako's Retreat - (GW/SM) Minako is living on earth, trying to enjoy her last few moments of freedom, before the call of her kingdom steals that all away. unwillingly she finds herself tied to a small girl who capture's the heart of the now depressed scout. As it would be, this young girl just happens to be Quatre's daughter. Disaster strikes and Minako soon finds herself pulled into the will of the world. Only she and Usagi are left now to defend their descesed friends planets.

Love Lies Deeply - (HP) It been a long time since Ceso has been back to London, but forced back by a promise to a long dead friend, she finds herself forced back to her hometown, only to have to confront the one person she ran from. Emotions run strong as she strives to keep her anger from the hated Sirius, Will it work?

Love Will Find a Way - (GW/SM) Minako has always been a sucker for love. She believes she's cursed, never to find love, which is why anything that seems like love to her, seems like a chance. When she mets some guy, she never thought she would be pulled into a web of abuse and pain. When her family is threatened, they must go into the protection of the Gundam Pilots. Unexpected things happen, as she finds herself growing closer and closer to Duo, how helps her get her life back together. But what's Minako to do? She's a married woman with a strong sense of loyalty, and if she leaves, He will take what means the most to her. Her Daughter.

The Gods Affair - (GW/SM) Gods and Goddess, Angels and devils, Heaven and Hell. It's rare when these things mix. When an unexpected force threatens The realm of the gods, they must ban together with their enemies. Heaven and hell must fight side by side to rid themselves of the threatning force. Two lovers, sworn into a secret affair, rise together to met this force. Their names are Aphrodite and Shinigami. But disaster strikes and Aphrodite is killed. Her lover, consumed by grief takes his own life as well. Usagi gives them the gift of rebirth, allowing them to live as nomal mortals on earth. Will they be able to rekindle their relationship from their amnesic state, with the help of the angels, or will those from hell manage to break them apart?


I've retired from writing fanfictions! I may stop by and maybe even do a chapter or two, but no promises. Thanks so much for all the reviews i've recieved over the years, they've helped me mature and improve my writing, and for that, i'll always be grateful.

That's it for now!

Happy Typing,


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