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Hi everyone. I just want to say I really don't write here anymore, if that isn't obvious or anything. Instead, I have taken up RPing at Zelda Universe. (My name there is Ruki, so if anybody wants to contact me/find me that way, can. In addition, if you read the news on there, news written by chatteringnavi is me too :3) So yeah, if you are still waiting for updates, you might want to stop because I am going to be really bored/nostalgic for me to update anything on here anymore. I just don't have the motivation.

So, that's up with that. Sorry.

Update List:

A Day in the Life- UPDATED

Digimon Tamers: Rika's Story: COMPLETED

Memories of the Damned: 2nd chapter in progress and almost completed. However, I am having trouble with it so it will be still a bit longer.

Twilight Rewrite: I want to rewrite this. Badly.

Dusk: Hiatus

Love's Sacrifice: COMPLETED

The Rising of the Fallen: Hiatus

The Marriage Alliance: Hiatus


The Races of Hyrule: Discontinued until further notice

Academy Day: Discontinued until further noticed

The Demon Prince: Indefiented hiatus-possibly discontinued until further notice

The Smash Files: Discontinued


Legend of Zelda: The Shikon Jewel: Discontinued

Roy's Woman: COMPLETED


Note: The avatar came from Digimonspirit.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Hanasaku Iroh

Ao no Exorcist

And I have some stories I'm (sorta) working on besides the ones I have right now. They are

The Water War

In the Twilight Hours

Adventure on Sevii Islands

Two Worlds

This Turn of the Centurary



Thirteen Going On Five

Rhetorical Conversations

Ruki's Xros Heart

The Water War is just a screw ball comedy Naruto fic thats about the Rookie Nine (including Sasuke and Sai), Team Gai, and Team Suna having a huge water war to keep from roasting an abnormally hot day. This will never be published because I lost the floppy disk it was saved on

In the Twilight Hours is yet another Wind Waker fic (sorry, its my favorite, Tetra is just too kick ass!) and also takes a year after the Wind Waker. The Hylians are supposedly destroyed in the Great Hylian War which in the stories of the Hero of Time is the same force that brought down Hyrule to its knees. The Hylains make everybody flee and they fend off the unknown threat by themselves. The rest of Hyrule goes to the Twilight Realm which, thanks to Link and Princess Zelda, the pathway had been restored again. But Zant is trying to take control of the throne again so with the help of The Pervy Great Deku Tree (as Tetra calls him because his mind is always in the gutter) Link, Tetra, Fado (Makar is still annoying...), Medlii, Komali, and Aryll are all sent to the Twilight Realm. There they find an oracle talking about them, calling them the Guardians. The concept of controlling awakened forms (as briefly mentioned when Link in the Twilight Princess gets the trademark green outfit. I think he looked better the first time...I like the Zora armor though...) is introduced and plays a great role in the story and defeating Zant and this mysterious evil force. Will be rated T for perverted moments (not to perverted people, just alludes to em, your perverted minds can take it from there) blood, evil that just won't shut the hell up and dies, and violance...lots and lots of violance. Will prolly be Drama/Action/Adventure. There will be Humor and Romance as you see a lot in my other stories, but mostly that. Plus some anghasty moments. Oh! And the sages of Ocarina of Time plus everybody else of Twilight Princess will star in the story. Will no way be related to Hylian Phoniex.

Adventure on Sevii Islands is a Pokemon Story that takes place in the world of Fire Red/Leaf Green. It's a Ash/Misty story. It's about my OC named Chris (who's my guy in my actual game, Fire Red, though that's not his real name, after I finish and post the story, I'll write a prequel just about "Chris") who found an Unknown. Brock has to leave to take care of the gym in Pewter City because his parents are on another honeymoon, so its Chris, Ash, and Misty who go to check things out for Professor Oak. On the way to the islands, the boat gets caught in a storm and Chris, Misty, and Ash almost die, but are saved by Suicuine, and Misty loses her memory. With Misty's memory gone, things get a lot harder especially when an undercover group tries to get to unknown before the group does at the same time try to take away what makes Chris the "legendary" tamer. Will be rated either K or T, and be Advenutre/Romance.

Two Worlds takes place after Naruto's clone find's Sasuke. Naruto and the group is running through the trees, trying to get to Sasuke when the Kyuubi tells Naruto to move. Acting instantly, he grabs somebody and a huge explosion appears, followed by a green flash, but not before Naruto sees a black cloak with red clouds. When Naruto comes to, the Kyuubi, in the form of a one-tailed very cute and innocent fox kit, is outside his body and he learns the person he had grabbed was none other then Hinata. Kyuubi explains to Naruto that they are in a parellel world to thier own, except the only bijuu jinjurkii left alive is Gaara, and other minon jinjurkii are created constintly, but are not as near dangerous as the bijuu ones. With Hinata and Kyuubi, whose real name turns out to be Kabi, Naruto sets out in hopes to get back to his world. Unfortunatly, while in the woods, Hinata is kidnapped and now Naruto, with the help with Sasuke who had seen the green light and went after it thinking to be Itachi, Itachi, who saw the green light and knows the caster of it, and Kabi must hunt the kidnappers down and rescue Hinata. But this new enemy is more then he seems and is intent on killing Naruto. Will be rated T, and be a Hinata/Naruto, and be Adventure/Romance

This Turn of the Centurary is my first book fanfiction ever. It's an Artemis Fowl, an Arty/Holly one actually. It takes place after the Lost Colony. Artemis returns, but instead of missing 3 years, he missed 103 years! How? Because the minute they almost touched down, the time thing that saved Holly's life sent them 100 years past where they're supposed to be. Now that everyone in our world that Artemis ever knew is dead, he asks if he can stay with Holly in Haven. She agrees and they become roomies, with Artemis becoming Holly's partner for above ground investigations. But when Artemis's great grandnephew becomes another criminal mastermind like Artemis was, its up to Artemis and Holly to set the kid straight, but with Sool corrupting the kid, its going to be harder then it sounds, especially since Artemis and Holly are developing feelings for each other! Rated T, Romance/Adventure.

Digi-Tama is a crossover between Digimon Tamers (of course) and GinTama. It's like GinTama in its random storyline, but it has Digimon Tamers characters. ie: Gintoki-Takato, Shinpachi-Jenyra, Kagura-Ruki. Can't give you much more info then that because that's all I have myself. Probably going to be Humor and rated T, but if I can I'm gonna get some serious Rukato action in there. Well how I usually do it.

Dream Knights is yet another Digimon Tamers fic. And yes it is a Rukato. Honestly do you expect anything else from me huh? Anyways, Dream Knights is not its real name, its actually in Japanese...Yushi something...but that is what it means literally. Anywho, Takato and Ruki are partner "dream knights" that kill the monsters that cause nightmares at night and by day, they go to school, Ruki being the friendless lone wolf she is in the beginning of the series, and Takato being the small social buttefly he is who is friends with Jenrya, Juri (who are also "dream knights" and partners), Kenta, and Kazu. One night, the elders disappear and the nightmares take over, and appear in the real world. Now its up to the Dream Knights to fight off the monsters that are now causing physical harm as well as mental. Not a pleasent combo to be sure. But when Dream Knights are slowly hunted down and systimatically removed, its clear that something much more foul is at play. Soon, the only Dream Knights left are Ruki, Takato, Jen, Juri, Ryo, and Alice. Now Takato has to find Ruki so they can team up and go off, since they never met in real life, but he has to race against the clock. With the help of Jen, Juri, Alice, and a blackmailed Ryo, will he make it in time? A definite Rukato, some Jenuri and Ryice. Rated T, being Romance/Adventure NOTE THIS IS NO LONGER BEING MADE INTO A STORY

Thirteen Going On Five is yet another Rukato story. In this, a Digimon transforms Ruki into a five year old child and it's left to Jen and Takato to take care of her. But when Jen mysteriously disappers and Ruki's family leaves for a photo shoot, all that's left is a five year old Ruki with lots of attitude and an annoying tendancy (to Ruki) to blurt what she's thinking and a very confused and possibly love stricken Takato. Can the two of them and thier partners stop a Digimon menance AND revert Ruki back to normal? Rated T, Romance/Adventure

Rhetorical Conversations is sort of like a Day in the Life, but its a group of oneshots having Ruki and Takato explore certain concepts such as why is the sky is blue and if a tree falls in a forest will anybody hear it? Jen will come in and give the right answer at the end. Conversations can be requested. Rukato. General/Humor K to T

Ruki's Xros Heart is a crossover between Xros Wars and Tamers. Ruki died in the D-Reaper invasion 15-20 years ago (I want to make the Tamers around 30) and her (and Renamon's) spirit were downloaded in a Legendary Digimon chip for future use, unknown to the Tamers. After the D-Reaper invasion, governments across the world made an effort to eradicate all knowledge of Digimon. Only in Shinjuku, Japan does the memory still remain. The Tamers grieve for the loss of Ruki, and while some of them get along with their lives, others are stuck in a rut (mostly Ryou, Takato, Jenyra, and Juri) unable to cope with the loss. Years pass and Taiki and his friends enter the Digitial World on accident where they learn the Bagura Army is attempting to take over the place. Taiki is made general of Xros Heart and on his defense of that Knightmon castle, Akari is brainwashed by Lilithmon. In his attempt to rescue her, he summons the Legendary Hero Sakuyamon. Much to everyone's surprise not only does Sakuyamon NOT disappear, but he learns he has awakened the "Fallen Hero" (The Tamers are known as heroes, and Ruki is referred to as the Fallen Hero). Now awakened Ruki must fight with Taiki to ensure the survival of the Digital World. Along the way she takes Akari under her wing. This is rather tentative until Xros Heart is MUCH farther along or complete. Adventure/General.

"I've always wondered how they get the pulp out of orange juice..." "...They filter it..." "...Oh...yea...that would make sense..."- Me and a friend

"But I need a distraction to concentrate!"-Me

"The phones are currently out of service, if you have any questions please call your phone company."-Digimon the MOVIE

Author Notes:

I sincerely hate when authors update a chapter with an "author's note." Sure most of them replace the chapter, but its like OMG AN UPDATE-oh wait no never mind. But at the same time I understand for some stories they may be completely necessary. For me, that story is Memories of the Damned.

While I know a lot about the witch trials and why they went down, in order to make this an accurate historical piece I realized I would have to do some research on some things. And while I have been doing research, most of it is coming up for what was going down in the world or in the upper class. This is no help to me what so ever because mine takes place in the eyes of the lower class. So I have some questions which if anybody could answer and/or provide me a link for that would be WONDERFUL.

Was there any German state in the 17th century which was Catholic? If so, what was its name?

The layout of an European 17th century town.

Could girls wear pants?

Was there bars in 17th cent. Europe? (Main purpose: Juri's family job)

Common jobs in 17th century Europe in the middle and lower class communities. Takato's family is of course running the mill/bakery. I am making the Lee family farmers simply because of the majority of children they have unless somebody suggests a better occupation which would relate closer to the show.

I need to figure out the EXACT year believe it or not when this is going to take place because a lot of things were effecting the witch trials besides what I knew about earlier. Should the Black Death be running rampant? The French Revolution going on? All these questions I have to take into serious consideration.

These are the questions I have at the top of my head. If anybody has any more things to add I should look into, please PM me.

Thanks for everybody's cooperation and patience!

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