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GottPen Name: Ryuachi, properly spelled as Ryuuachi. (Which has been fixed)

I'm an amateur writer who is currently 20, male and figuring out relationships and I've been working on story writing for all of my life. Been doing official fanfiction for a good few years now and still trying to get the hang of it, though I am also a Fiction and Short Story writer so it balances out. I've been writing fiction since I was in elementary school, and I've started major fiction on novel level since I was around thirteen years old, and still writing fiction. When I get bored, things get either really interesting, or stagnant and I play my video games, or I start making up new characters out of the blue. Most of the time, it's just random new characters are born from my laziness...or I end up making little tweaks and stuff to whatever I want, such as this profile for example...

I'm a Bleach, Naruto, and mainly action based Anime Fan, plus a few non-animes such as Roughnecks as well as various cartoons (Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, etc). Most of the time I'm too busy reading Fanfics to type up some of my own and I hope one day to get one of my fiction stories published, I don't care about the money, I'd be happier just knowing someone bought my book and enjoyed it. Until then, I will enjoy writing fanfiction, reading it, and giving as many reviews as possible.

As life would have it, I am addicted to reading stories be they short, long, novel, dark, light, odd, disturbing, or even childish and simple, just as long as they peek my interest enough that I will want to learn how it ends. There are times that I will put all writing, development, imagining, rare sketching, even sleeping on hold just so I can find out how it ends and that usually ends up with me sleeping late on the weekends. Disturbing and odd, yes, but I would not want to live any other way. If I am not writing a new story or doing research on it, then I will be eyeball deep reading a story and even forget to eat. Sometimes I used stop and wonder if I am truly meant to be a writer, but then I remind myself of one thing...Should not a writer enjoy both the works of their peers the same if not more than their own? If not, then why else would I be born with a love of writing? As long as stories can touch people and be enjoyed, then the writer has fulfilled their dream and I hope to one day be able to do the same, and continue to do so.

By the way, my penname roughly means ArchDragon, so yes, I like dragons, especially writing stories about them, all of which are fiction and my own original creations. I also like learning whatever I find interesting, and using what I learned in my life, especially where writing is concerned.


"I think a few braincells just fried..." - Myself

"...Amen Hallejulah Peanut Butter." - Dutch, Black Lagoon Manga

Me: "Shoot like there's no tomorrow!" My brother: "But there is a tomorrow..." Me: "Just keep shooting!" - Me and my brother, Halo and Halo 2

"A truly sane person will admit to being insane, yet an insane person will deny it and claim their sane. It is that admittance of insanity that makes a person sane..." - Myself

"I feel like a living dictionary slash thesaurus sometimes...I just say the right word a person is looking for as soon as it pops in my head..." - Me talking to my older sister

Gir: "(gasp) It's got chicken legs..." Zim: "Yes...chicken legs..." -Zim and Gir, Megadoomer

"Trouble? I know nothing of this trouble." Yoda

"As long as I know that my story has been read, enjoyed, or has touched someone's heart in someway then I could care less if I ever make money with my books. If I do then that's fine too, just as long as my story has been read and nejoyed..." Myself talking to my English Professor

Favorite Pairings - All the common sense, to me, pairings that should become reality in my opinion, though it will be months or even years before that happens, most likely whenever. Also, pairings I like, though not all of them will be put in my fanfics as I support Naruhina mainly along with a few others. The rest I just agree with and I'm open to other pairings and willing to try different ones in my fanfics. As such, I'm always a fan of any pairing in a story that has everyone that should be paired up, paired up with someone that will make them happy. Yes, I support NaruHina and NarutoRaven, because in both cases I can see it working for different reasons. After all, it's the story that makes the pairing work, and that's what counts.


Ichigo/Orihime - Orihime, though Ichigo has pushed himself to become stronger to save both girls, he is putting more on the line to save Orihime in my opinion, and he isn't going to be given the opporutunity to grow stronger with a short break of sorts for training. Also, Orihime has always been there supporting him in the background and always worrying about him above all others.

Rukia/Renji - I believe that they are suited to each other, it will just take a nice little subplot twist to make them realize the truth.

Tatsuki/Uryu - Karate, Archery, a barrel of laughs in my opinion, as well as the fact that they have opposing personalities and are bound to be attracted to each other sooner or later...

The rest is pretty obvious in that series, the rest is OCs for us Fans, or whatever Tite Kubo comes up with.


Hinata/Naruto - Hell yeah! I read Fanfics with this pairing nonstop like it was friggin' oxygen for me! But on a more serious note, I find that they complete each other; Naruto has abounding determination and courage despite heading into battle blindly most of the time, yet has rarely known about love and a family. Hinata has a kind and gentle spirit and is sensible as well as knowing about love and the love of a family even if for a short time, but lacks courage and the support that she needs to express it. One gives to the other what they lack, and in return they help to be of one mind and goal, though two souls and two hearts.

Naruto/Raven - Bwa? How does one like two different pairing? Simple my associates and reviewers, because there are numerous possibilities and reasons why one pairing can work while the other can't. For Naruto/Raven, they have both gone through quite a lot of hell and trouble, and both of them can understand the pain and suffering they have both endured. Naruto as a Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi and outcast of Konoha, and Raven as the Daughter of Trigon and Gem of her father. They have their own worlds where they belong together and can form a relationship just as strong as Naruto/Hinata, if not stronger. And that doesn't just mean when Hinata dies, but also in world's where she lives as she too has someone who is there for her in the end.

Naruto/Hinata/Raven - May not like Harems, but, I do believe that it is possible for such a pairing to work in a fanfic. Not reality mind you for obvious reasons. They both deserve Naruto, and let's face it, the dummy has a heart that's bigger than the hell he has gone through and it's entirely possible for him to love them both equally. Seriously.

Sheena/Naruto - read Two Worlds, Two Ninja by Synica, plus I find it an interesting match to say the least, even though they exist in two different worlds, I believe they have quite a lot in common, even though only a handful of people can know of the pain and fate of a Jinchuriki. Plus, their both shinobi and have hard childhoods, with both being blamed for devastating tragedies, yet are innocent due to circumstances that they were not aware of nor could they control.

Temari/Shikamaru - It's just like his parents, he's lazy, and Temari has him whipped! Strange as it is, he proves the old belief true that most often you marry someone who is like your mother or father depending on the situation. Odd it may be, but true. Not to mention, it is quite humorous to see their interaction with each other... Grab the popcorn and watch the show.

Choji/Ino - This one is a nice and pretty well thought of pair, I enjoy reading this kind, especially in the sense that she is just misguided by her rivalry with Sakura over Sasuke, and Choji is waiting patiently for her though she does not know it.

Sasuke/Sakura or Lee/Sakura - ...Not that I really care about the former pairing... Personally, I find his interaction with her and the lack thereof, to be that more of hatred, though it would serve him right to have her knock some sense into the smeghead the hard way. If not, then Lee is the best choice, she can tame the beast better than any of the other Kunoichi, and I am interested in finding out what effects they might have on each other if married. He might even have normal eyebrows and clothing, for once in his life. I wouldn't really consider Sasuke/Sakura or Lee/Sakura a favorite pairing, simply something I can accept.

Neji/Tenten - Yep, he needs someone to defrost his frozen ego, and only his kunoichi teammate has the tools to do so. Though he might want to have a will on standby just in case he might piss her off in the future.

Kakashi/Anko - Ah yes, two kindred spirits who have gone through so much, truly a pair like no other. Personally, I would love to have these two get together in the manga, but it is not my decision. Besides, it would take a large portion of storyline and time to get those two together, they've barely noticed each other as far as I know.

Kurenai/Asuma - Even before the manga events, I liked this pairing, though I didn't really notice it at the time. Besides, I would hate to have the two seperated before his time was up.

Kurenai/Kakashi - Only if it was done before we knew of the manga events, or if they came up with a really good explanation. However, seeing as Kakashi and Asuma were comrades, he would want Kakashi to take care of his love and child if he ever died.

Others: Come back later when I have an idea...

Soul Eater:



Invader Zim:

Zim/Gaz - I laugh my butt off on half of them! I mean, a goth type little girl and an alien? What's not to laugh and go aw over? Of course, there is also the sick pleasure they would both get in seeing Dib be rushed to the emergency room due to a severe heart attack. And as well all know, Zim and Gaz both seem to have a oddly healthy appetite for making Dib suffer in any way they can.

Dib/Tak - It's obvious and makes sense, enough said. The fact that she is impressed with his skills, and to my knowledge is the only one in the show not to make fun of his large cranium. As far as I can tell, if that doesn't mean they have something going on between them, I seriously need to get my brain and eyes reexamined.

Danny Phantom:

Danny/Sam - Yes, I support the main and canon pairing. Why not? The two are obviously in love with each other by the middle of the second season, and not to mention they fake-out-make-out one more than is necessary. You have to admit, they make a cute couple and it's about damn time that they got together in the series. It's rare to see a couple get together in any series, and I have to say that it was well worth the wait. Not to mention it's hilarious to see these two people bicker, and it's not very often we find the hero's love interest actually capable of assisting him in his superhero work without having to become one herself in a manner of speaking. And let's face it, there's a likely chance the baby of this pair is more than likely going to be one hell of a halfa. Will ship this pairing as soon as I get started on my main two projects right now.

Danny/Raven - Yet again, I support a pairing that clashes with another. Strange? Well of course, this is me of course, I'm a strange writer after all. But back to the point, I can see this pairing occuring as unlike most heroes, Danny and Raven share a great deal in common. First of all, Danny knows what it's like to be a hero yet seen as something dark and evil. Not that Vlad and Walker helped at all but it still allows Danny to relate to Raven. Likewise, Raven has gone through a great deal of trouble and trauma, not to mention she's been seen her entire life for the most part as something evil and only recently has been seen as a hero. In short, I find this pairing to be quite fascinating, granted that it must meet specific parameters, especially in getting the timelines right and turning away from a full combination of the two episode timelines.

And of course, there are other pairings, but mostly I read the above stated on a regular basis. By regular, I mean that I will be tapping away on the keyboard with story development of my own just till the next chapter comes out.

Pairings which I am either unsure of, or detest:

Naruto/Sakura-OH.HELL.NO!! Love-hate relationships always end up in pain and it's more of brother/sister, not boyfriend/girlfriend, hell no. Naruto might be slow on the uptake and social behaivor for the most part, but I doubt that even if they were to get together, that the relationship would last for long. Just seems too mechanical, and taking into consideration that this is biased to a large degree being a Naruhina fan, she doesn't exactly scream kind and caring mother let alone a lover. One could argue using my earlier statement of the belief that we often marry someone resembling our parents but that would require that Naruto had some kind of memory of who his parents were, and genetics can only go so far. Even so, we have no real idea what Minato and Kushina were like as children other than a general idea of what the two were like from Tsunade and Jiraya.

All damn Yaoi, Yuri, "whatever the heck you want to call it" Pairings-Yes this is fanfiction and you can do whatever the hell you want, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, and the really disturbing ones for example, Sasuke/Naruto...I would prefer to kill those people for the major headaches those pairings give me when I hear them...Naruto is a Shonen manga, not Shojo. (shivers) Disturbing...

Ino/Naruto- Okay, unusual and weird to say the least, I don't hate to the point of killing or maiming people but I just think it's kind of strange for that kind of pairing to be chosen, don't hate, but not exactly my first choice, it's okay I suppose, if its well written. I can accept this pairing fairly well, especially because Ino does give off a caring vibe when she isn't being a fangirl.

Harems - ...(eye twitches) While in certain cases it is considered socially and politically acceptable, that was heavily in the past. Even if Naruto is the last of his Clan that we know of, why in the name of all that is good and holy would the council allow him to have so many wives? And how in the hell did the parents accept this when the majority of the adults despise Naruto for who he protects them from, is Konoha's secret bloodline a form of Bipolar Disorder? In certain cases where it is accepted by the parents or the lack there of, I would believe that he would be forced to choose one as his wife if he is any form of nobility and the other, sadly, as a concubine due to status. Unless they both accept that they love the same man, THEN I shall respect the pairing, I enjoy seeing the right characters have their happy ending, even if it is, conflicting.

Family/Family- FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY!! Neji/Hinata or Neji/Hanabi, or any of the sand trio with each other, disgusting. I really wish that I had a shotgun or a pistol just so I could shoot something to get rid of the anger.

Top Five Favorite Characters- From Naruto

Naruto-who wouldn't love a hyperactive blond with a living juggernaut in his belly? And the fact he's blunt and endures the stupidity of his village? I hope he teaches those damn idoits a overdue lesson in reality!

Hinata-Shy yet doesn't give up, have to give her props for her guts. Everyone who's ever been in that kind of family situation can see themselves in her, and personally, I admire the way she doesn't back down when her friends, mainly Naruto, is counting on her.

Kakashi-If I could, I would want to be this guy's son or relative, all those jutsus and all that intelligence, damn...Okay, so maybe the whole erotic fiction fan thing is kinda disturbing, but then again, I would have developed some odd habits too going through what he had to. Plus, the guy has gone through the entire manga so far and hasn't revealed his face, sheer brilliance!

Anko- The lone survivor of her sensei's depraved experiments, I wish she could get revenge on that stinkin' scale bag of-(censored). Not to mention, a little crazy but hey, who isn't just a little crazy?

Yondaime- Come on, the guy's dead and yet his name can make any good shinobi run to home to change clothes if you pissed him off, managed to take down a powerful demon with a child and a seal, gave all Iwa shinobi nightmares for their entire existence, and gave Orochimaru the willies. What's not to love?

Top Five Favorite Characters - From Avatar: The Last Airbender

Toph - Earthbenders rule! If there is one element I wish I could bend it would be Earth, and after a hell of a lot of training, Metal. She's short, tomboyish, and enjoys a good roll in the dirt. And she can bend earth and metal while still being blind, if that isn't a sign of strength, I don't know what is.

Iroh - The Dragon of the West. Powerful, wise, hilairous and a man who cares for his family. He's like the big lovable uncle who also happens to be a one man army too, what's not to love about that?

Sokka - Sarcasm and proves Murphy's Law every time he opens his mouth. Enough said.

Piandoa - Master swordsman and he doesn't even need bending to own people. That and I have a natural liking for swords in general. Must be a guy thing.

Pakku - Waterbending Master. He's old, ornery, and acts like a jerk. But when your a master waterbender with skills like his, you can however you want to.

Top Five Favorite Characters - From Soul Eater

Death the Kidd - Shinigami adoloscent packing heat with a pair of funny sisters, and has OCD especially when it comes to symmetery. Hilarious and cool, definitely not someone I would want to get pissed off.

Shinigami - The apple doesn't fall from the tree, though at least the tree doesn't care about symmetry that much and can beat anyone done be it in play or in a real fight.

List in progress...

Top Five Favorite Characters - Danny Phantom/Teen Titans

Danny Fenton/Phantom - A true example of how hellish it is for a teenager to be both a super hero and a student as well as just a living teenager in general. It's a miracle he hasn't cracked, though that said, he's just as human as the rest of us. He has his own faults and weaknesses.

Sam Manson - Funny when acceptable and yet very much Danny's earlier support and assistance.

Tucker - The man who loves technology, nothing more to add.

Raven - Sarcasm strikes again, and there is always room for the one superhero who enjoys deflating others and being the rational logical voice.

Slade - Voiced by Ron Pearlman, he is also one of the most intimidating and terrifying villains in the DC universe. Deathstroke the Terminator is truly one of the most fearsome and yet intriguing villains alive, considering all the hell he goes through and just how much power he has. Both respected and feared, he should never be forgotten or excluded in a fanfic,.

Anime Series Theories. Yes, I love to theorize when it comes to anything story related...

Stick up the butt theory; Sasuke - While working on my most recent Naruto Fanfiction project, I have come to a realization about why fanfiction where Sasuke and Naruto have a brotherly relationship is possible canon wise. It only takes one trauma or event to make someone a friggin smeg head and walk around like they have a metal yard stick cemented up their bum. For Sasuke, his clan's massacre and being subject to the Tsukiyomi for so long to see it occur over and over, topped off with Itachi's final words before he leaves gave Sasuke an ICBM up his butt. If Sasuke had someone to lean on at the time such as family friends, Naruto, or even a guardian of some sort, then the ICBM would be replaced by the normal vengenace that can occasionally make people lose all sense of logic upon sight of the cause of said vengenace. Dragon Man 180's Naruto the Kitsune Hanyou is a prime example of him still being Sasuke, but minus the stick and instead has a goal to reach. With the Uzumaki family helping Sasuke recover, he is saved from following his canon counterpart and acting like a complete smeg head, and treating Naruto like a brother that Itachi might have been if he hadn't killed the rest of the clan.

This is only taking into account the actual effect the massacre had on Sasuke, not the repercussions of the massacre not taking place which is something else and to cut the rant short, I hate politics of animes. Period.

Jinchuuriki Power/Form Theory - Taking into consideration recent events and drawing a connection between the jinchuuriki and the forms they take when using the full power of their bijuu, I've noticed something interesting about them. All jinchuuriki possess the same number of forms equal to the number of tails of their bijuu, and at the final stage, they turn into a living replica of their bijuu in all of the spirit's massive power and glory. In addition to these forms are in between stages such as Gaara's mini-Shukaku form though that in itself is an exception as his seal is different than the others as far as we know. Naruto himself can tap some of Kyuubi's chakra to achieve a more feral human form similiar to an Inuzaka going into feral mode, and in extreme cases of emotional instability such as rage, extreme grief, and determination, a Jinchuuriki whille tap more of their bijuu's power and began to take on the bijuu's physical form.

Depending on the mental state, skill level, personality, and will of the jinchuuriki, they may actually be able to use all the tails of the bijuu in it's final form and remain in control of the power. However, the control depends on the mental state and willpower of the jinchuuriki since the source of the power is the spirit and conscious of the bijuu, and without either one being in control to focus, they cannot take on any of their tailed forms. The power level of each bijuu is in an obvious scale from Shukaku being the weakest and Kyuubi the strongest, and with certain bijuu they possesses additional abilities that are related to the animal they represent though not always. Kyuubi for example has not shown the kitsune-bi that kitsunes are believed to have in mythology though I believe that is because a nine-tailed fox has no real need to use kitsune-bi at all. In the four tailed state Naruto can fire off powerful blasts of chakra and even in the one-tailed state Naruto's Rasengan takes on a new level of power and a new color as a result of using Kyuubi's chakra.

Back to the main point, the final tailed state a jinchuuriki enters gives them the full power of the bijuu to use at will, though at the risk of becoming the bijuu reborn in physical form. Gaara and Shukaku are able to do this through Gaara using the Forced/Fake sleeping technique to become unconscious and allow Shukaku free reign to use his powers as he wants to. Several times it has been stated that continued use of the tailed forms during emotional instability weakens the seals, in Naruto's case, his seal's strength is dependent on his own will power and mind which gives him a higher level of control in a sense though at the risk of entering his bijuu states whenever he is enraged. Despite having the immense power of the bijuu, the final tailed state is more than likely to be dangerous if the user lacks the mental control or understanding of the bijuu they contain which will end up in one of two possibilities if they are unable to remain in control in the final tailed state. These two possibilities are both dangerous though the primary danger is that when the final tailed state is activated, the bijuu takes complete control of the host due to the fact that the containment seal will be destroyed/removed to allow full use of the bijuu's chakra, and thus allow the bijuu to return to power with a new physical form similiar to their own. The jinchuuriki's mind will be wiped clean and the conscious either absorbed by the bijuu or destroyed, resulting in the complete return of the bijuu to the physical world. With this possibility, the bijuu could possibly attain a resistance to seals and at the worst, gain the ability to switch between their bijuu form and the host's human form. The second possibility is the reverse; the host becomes the new bijuu with the absorbpotion of the bijuu's mind and conscious or they may simply become a second conscious instead of being destroyed, and the host will be able to freely use the bijuu's tailed states without worrying about killing themselves in the process.

This is my theory about the subject, and seeing what's happened recently in the manga, I believe it's fairly likely to be the case at the present time. Even if it isn't or only part of it is correct, it still brings to mind a whole set of fanfic ideas that revolve around the relationship between the bijuu and their container in terms of power and existence.

My Literary Arsenal of Original Creations, both Fanfiction and Fiction, technique or object, etc. Mainly the ones I had to work on for a while or particularly like.
Note: DO NOT use these without my permission, I trust you to respect the work I put into them and to give credit where credit is due please. If you like one and would like to borrow it for a story, please inform and good luck with the story.

Nexus - Two words; Real Balance. Enough said.

Tenshigan - Variation Doujutsu, translates to Angel Eyes. Three tear shaped diamonds pointing in on the pupil with the iris turning bright green. Diamonds are white and appear slightly invisible until activated, and then they turn black. Shinjutsu - truth, genjutsu's worst nightmare. Mokusho - mercy, a chance to correct sight. Koumei - justice, breaking down the strong to even the field. Took me quite a while to get this one to the right level.

Hyakujuu - Sealless Technique, translates to Hundred Beasts. Yes, it looks like a Chidori knock off, sounds like a Chidori knock off, and even appears like a Chidori knock off. But it isn't, that would be the original idea of the technique. Think of the Tales Series of games, specifically the Beast move, but with just a fist and chakra instead of SP. That's the Hyakujuu, the might of a hundred beasts compacted into a single attack. No point in piercing through a weak opponent if you can just make them wet themselves and run off.

Hageshiishin - Sealless Technique, translates to Fierce Core. Similiar to Hyakujuu, though mainly the naming part is a knock off, that and it's friggin' distracting trying to figure out how to translate back and forth. Imagine compacting as much chakra as you can possible manage into a single space, and closing it up with a thick shell to get a high density orb. Toss it an opponent and watch them scream as they are hit with not just a heavy ball, but the resulting explosion induced by the sudden release of the chakra that has been packed in like sardines that are highly volatile when they come in contact with a solid object. If anything, it's the opposite of the Rasegan's drill effect, and instead is an explosive effect.

Kaze no Senso - Technique Type, translates to Wind of War. A combination style of ninjutsu as well as taijutsu, basically taking wind an another element to combine them into a set of combat oriented techniques. Taijutsu style is based off the actual characteristics of the wind of that particular direction, in theory. Difficult to come up, harder to actually imagine being used in practice.

Ketsueki Fude - Blood based Bloodline, translates to Blood Writing Brush. Blood is used as ink to draw emblems and symbols, called Hyoushou, on a surface, commonly the user's skin. The symbols are then activated by a small burst of chakra, and come in two types. Primary type is the Enhancement, a long lasting emblem that increases a natural ability by a set factor based on their natural ability. Ex: Bakushin (Dash) increases speed by a base factor of 2.5 at the first level. Cannot be upgraded by a non-Shohou and can hurt the user if they are careless. More to come on this one...

More to come...

My Vast Stories...The ones you know about

Valor, Honor, Love- How much do we really know about that fatefull October night? What if Naruto had been given a change of fate, what if Kyuubi and Yondaime were not alone? Neither fate nor destiny forsaw what would happen when one person changed the future in one night... (Obvious NarutoxHinata with several OCs!!) Discontinued for now.

Three Titans- Discontinued.

Monogatari no San:Legend of Three - Two villages have allianced themselves with Konoha after Kyuubi's attack, and a ancient legend is coming to pass...What kind of changes could have come to pass with the influence of two new villages? NarutoxHinata, OCxOC, and more! Revision of Three Titan, with more changes and new faces. Currently on Hiatus

Gankoto tomo Shinjitsu - Reborn to carry out the will of the Shinigami, a young man has arrived at Konoha wearing the brand of his mentors, and wielding strange powers and skills, he has come to shatter the boundaries between dream and reality, and alter the world... Pairings TBA, Hiatus until I can find the spark.

Avatar: Nexus - There is a balance that is maintained by the elements in order to achieve a state of neutrality between them, a nexus; the balance greater than neutrality. Rarely is a nexus achieved, and rarely do worlds ever touch more than twice...once is enough...AU (Warning: AU. Some chapters will be OC-centric, and pairings are not all set in stone) Rewrite idea is complete, construction to begin soon.

Blessing From A Curse - AU. Jinchuuriki are not the only ones who carry a curse within them, and Naruto finds out that even the curse of the Kyuubi can give him a blessing like no other yet received...And he meets a clan who knows this truth as well as he does...NarutoHinata (Warning: OC clan, OCs invovled, Naruto-Centric, and yes Naruto has a bloodline but not a doujutsu, thank heaven. Some pairings are not yet decided. Crossover parts in the future chapters! ) Ch. 1-4 are up! Chapter 5 is being written from the ground up while I go over the previous chapters and fix up a few quick notes for myself as a writer.

Future Projects/Fanfics

Unknown Project - A new fanfic to help me get back into the Fanfic mood, especially since I have some time and spark to write this. It'll be a crossover of course, but beyond that I cannot reveal too much just yet. I hope you all will enjoy it who are fans of this particular crossover.

Okay, so there's no for sure possibility of a second new project, considering I have no clue what series to go with. I may possible do a Naruto fanfic, but first I need to make some progress with a comeback for Blessing From A Curse before I even consider laying the foundation for a third project. Right now, I'm going to be focusing on starting up the project and jumpstarting Blessing From A Curse.

Oh no! I'm actually trying to stick to a schedule!

As of this moment, I am working as best as I can with the end of a college semester to jumpstart myself back into the Fanfic world. It is both a realm where we can all write as we please and what we wish to write. I will be doing my best to create a balance and a schedule to allow me to continue my fanfiction work as well as live.

Beta Found

My dear friend who is also one of the few I consider a true sibling has graciously accepted the offer to help me by being my beta-reader. Therefore, I aim to get my chapters out faster and with as little error as possible.

My Projects which I pride myself in creating.

Blessing From a Curse - Chapter 1-4 finished and uploaded. Chapter 5 is being rewritten so please bear with me.

New project - Chapter 1 of this bad-boy is finished, chapter 2 is in progress.

Random stuff!

I will be adding two mini/chibi persona's to disclaimer introductions, because I just want to add some life to technical blah. Why am I telling people this in my profile? Because I can and I feel like I should. Enough said.

Chibi 1 - Bladeheart, aka, my Yang chibi in terms of existence, shares traits with the Ying Chibi. Male and whatnot. Introduces my fanfics/fanfic chapters with Nexus. May draw a picture of him...sometime...He is your basic human with black marks like fangs pointing to the center of his face who happens to be a dragon. (Go figure with me being his creator) Carries over his draconic traits in his human form; high molecular density, ability to create flame externally through advanced manipulation, can release flames internally out of his body to breathe fire, high density gives him superior strength, muscle density along with high energy level as a dragon give him incredible speed. Despises ice and really hates when someone ticks him off.

Chibi 2 - Nexus, aka, my Yin Chibi in terms of existence, shares traits with the Yang Chibi. Female and whatnot. Introduces my fanfics/fanfic chapters with Bladeheart. Will not draw a picture of her, due to lack of art skills in the chibi class. She is your basic Japanese cat-girl who also happens to have mechnical attributes including armor and bone structure. (Mecha-cat-girl basically) Has the standard cat-girl abilities including razor sharp claws and has enhanced strength and speed thanks to mechanical augmentations, and can calm Bladeheart down when he is enraged. Does not possesses any weapons other than a sonic roar/hiss and her claws are strengthened to the point of cutting steel to a degree. Despises water and hates rainy days, rain, and dogs, especially the small ones.

If you want to ponder why I did this, feel free to do so. Might help you get rid of some boredom or restless feeling...

March 2011

He lives, yes. Now then, I'm getting back into my writing groove and I've found the spark once again. I've got Blessing From A Curse which I assure you all I will be working on this week and aiming to get it up. It'll take a bit of time, but I hope it sticks to the storyline and my younger writing style quite smoothly. Don't worry, I have all my pairings still recorded and a few twists to through in. Also, sticking to the AU premise I had started, and hoping to kill a rat shortly.

Until then, please make sure to review all the stories that you read when you can and give those who have written them due credit and recognition. Thank you, and please enjoy all that you read!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 21 - Words: 262,872 - Reviews: 391 - Favs: 424 - Follows: 418 - Updated: 3/6 - Published: 10/10/2007 - [Naruto U., Hinata H., Naruko U.]
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