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Hi there!

I'm afraid there really isn't anything too interesting about me lol. I'm 20 years old, I'm in my second year of university where I study Classics, specifically ancient Rome and Greece.

I specifically write fics about Doctor Who (currently working on my first but I have a few more plots in the pipe-line). I was pretty much raised as a Doctor Who fan. My mum and uncle are both big fans and apparently my older sister was baby-sat by Romana II, which is pretty cool. Bit before my time, but that whole upbringing prolly goes a long way to explaining why I'm now such a big fan :D.

Back in the day I used to write Savage Garden fanfics and I'm still a big fan of both SG and Darren Hayes (SG frontman till the split all those years ago).

I grew up on a tiny island near France but now live in the UK which I love and adore.

I also have a (healthy) obsession with David Tennant and I've been a fan for donkeys years, so imagine my glee when I heard he was taking over Chric Ecclestone as the doctor!

I guess I'm like any other fangirl/boy, diligently watching every week, ooing and aaing with the rest of them :D

I'm also kinda a car geek, I love them with more reverence than is natural lol. I've dated a couple mechanics and both of them used to complain I was only dating them so they could teach me how to fiddle with engines lol. (fyi, i really wasn't lol)

I've been writing fantasy for as long as I can remember. I don't know where I get it from as no one in my family is all that big on writing. Reading, yes, but no authors in my lineage as far as I know. When I was a kid I used to copy Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny stories out into a little scrap book and pretend I'd written them lol.

I told you I wasn't that interesting lol, but virtual cookies to all you beautiful people who have added me as a favourite author or have taken the time to read this!!


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