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Ummm, okay, this is me, doing my profile. I'm not entirely sure what to write here, as this large blank space seems to require more creativity than I have at my disposal to fill it. I've always loved to write, but I've been very shy about sharing my writing with anyone else. So, I'm always a little nervous posting on Fanfic. However, the feedback I get from people here is nearly always positive. Thank you, you faithful few!! Well, if you want to know anything about me, feel free to e-mail me.

Let's friend insists there is supposed to be something more here. I could...ummm...write a list. Yeah.

Favorite smells: baking cookies, most fresh coffee (though I rarely actually drink it), grilling hamburgers, spicy quesadillas (okay, maybe I'm a little hungry), baking brownies, clean laundry, spring rain, my mother's scented neck relaxer, dirty dogs, hair salons, subway stations.

Least favorite smells: dirty socks, dirty armpits, cappucino, porkchops, peppermint, chamomile

I'm not sure why I'm listing smells. My nose is pretty much my least proficient sense.

Places I've been: Tokyo, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Czech Republic, a majority of the 50 states. I love to travel so much! Though has the best food, so far. Raw octopus in Japan and red enchiladas in Mexico didn't sit well with me.

Things I want to do: skydive, parasail, scuba-dive (in a tank--no open ocean can truly be un-shark-infested. What if a shark took a hankering to explore new waters?), join Peace Corps, go to Ivy League University (Yay UPenn!), heal someone, protect someone, get in a fist fight without fatalities, participate in a big concert mosh pit, hike around the Mediterranean, hike cross-country.

Wierd things I've already done: petted a moose, got Belle's Palsy, went sledding without a sled, swum with alligators, ...

Well, I'll add more things if I think of them. Let me know if there's some info you want to know that I haven't added. I may or may not give it to you.

By the way, I beta for Mint Tea Rose and CascadeofBeauty. Couple of awesome chiquitas, you should totally check them out.

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