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Author has written 11 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Godzilla.

In case any of you were wondering, I gave 'Sins of the Father' the M rating it initially had out of caution. Kirmon64 suggested I switch it to T since it isn't graphic or anything, so I did that. Maybe now more people will look at it.

ATTENTION EVERYBODY! This is my policy! I refuse to add a new segment until I get at least ONE review on the previous segment! I don't mean to sound like I'm holding my story hostage or whoring for reviews, but I'm not going to waste bandwidth on something nobody bothers to look at. I mean, what is an ignored story but something that takes up space that could easily be given to a better story?

I would also like to apologize for my un-spaced writing format. I can't revise what I already posted since I lost the original files, and switching writing styles in mid-story just seems like it'd be too confusing. So bear with me, folks. I'm seriously trying here.

All my stuff looks best at 1/2 story width, because that's the width I write it at.


The third and probably final installment in my Transformers series has been delayed due to my partner in crime dropping off the face of the Earth.


I have learned that my partner in crime is currently in the hospital with a fever of 105. We'll continue work once she's better.


My partner in crime is having some serious crud going on, and I'd rather not elaborate for the sake of her privacy. Still, could I, like, get a few prayers for Bubbilicious Genius?


Bubbilicious Genius is starting to get better, but she's still pretty sick.


Circumstances have forced me to look for a new partner in crime to help with my stories.


After a bout of mental constipation, I have decided to continue on my own.


I've decided that my Zephyr stories aren't going to be a trilogy. I figure, why stop there? I've also come up with a name for the series, so I'll adjust things accordingly.


It's going to be too much of a pain in the butt for me to update 'Full Circle' before January 8.


I'm taking a break from my stories for a while, in order to help somebody else with theirs. Don't worry; I'll come back. I always do.

UPDATE: MAY 26, 2008

All motivation to work on this has left me completely. My ideas are there, but I just have no desire to write. I know it will return to me in time, as this has happened before. As such, I ask you to bear with me.


At long last, I have returned. I'm so sorry I took this long...

UPDATE: JUNE 16, 2009

I will start work on my next 'project', entitled 'What Remained Behind', once I have seen 'Revenge of the Fallen'. So it may be a while before I can start it, as I have to find a way to get my I-don't-have-a-car butt to the movie theater.

UPDATE: JUNE 25, 2009

I finally saw 'Revenge of the Fallen', so I have begun work on 'What Remained Behind'.


I completed the portion of 'What Remained Behind' that relates to the actual plot of 'Revenge of the Fallen' quite a while back, but I'm not sure what to do with the aftermath, which may prove to be lengthy. Should I use it to continue 'What Remained Behind' or create a new story? Please see my poll to weigh in on the issue!


'What Remained Behind' has been completed, and the poll has been taken down, so don't sweat it. I have begun work on my next story, which will be called 'In the Aftermath'. Expect the first installment in a day or so, if not sooner.


I'm going on Christmas break, so don't expect any updates before January 5.


I'm beginning to consider giving up on my series due to apparent lack of interest.


The document manager is giving me trouble and not letting me upload the next chapter. I'll upload the next chapter once it's fixed.


It's fixed, and the next chapter is up. Nobody seems interested enough to throw me a bone and review.


Updates may be delayed due to an emotional crisis I've been having.


I'm having some health problems, so I'm putting everything on hold.


I'm back in business and ready to continue.

UPDATE: MAY 26, 2010

I'm putting things on hold due to a lack of motivation and inspiration.

UPDATE: JULY 14, 2010

I'm currently taking suggestions for what to do next in my latest story.


I'm having some mental health issues, but I managed an update.

UPDATE: MAY 19, 2011

I've mostly finished writing out 'In the Aftermath', but I'm not satisfied with what I've written so I'll work on it some more.

UPDATE: MAY 26, 2011

I've finished 'In the Aftermath'. I can't do anything else until DOTM.

UPDATE: JUNE 26, 2011

Judging from the spoilers I've seen, DOTM may not fit with the universe I created.

UPDATE: JULY 18, 2011

I'm not going to see DOTM. I'll write my next installment based on the spoilers.


Screw it, I'm done.


Darkness and Steel (Sonic universe)-- Story status: Complete

Good Enough For Me (Godzilla)-- Story status: Complete, one-shot

Mystery Bird (Transformers G1)-- Story status: Complete, one-shot

The 'Fair Winds of Cybertron' series (post 2007 movie)

Note: In case you're wondering why I chose this name, look up the dictionary's definition of the word 'zephyr'.

Prequel (sort of)

Solitude In Blackness-- Story status: Complete, one-shot

The Series itself

A Series of Impossibilities (takes place between the movie's end and the year 2011)-- Story status: Complete

Sins of the Father (takes place from 2011 to 2012)-- Story status: Complete

Chaos Rising (takes place during 2012)-- Story status: Complete

Full Circle (takes place during 2013)-- Story status: Complete

In Memory Lost (takes place during 2014)-- Story status: Complete

What Remained Behind (takes place during 2015)-- Story status: Complete

In the Aftermath (takes place from 2015 to 2016)-- Story status: Complete

Earth War (takes place during 2016)-- Story status: CANCELED

Shatterspark (not sure when this would take place)-- Story status: CANCELED

Previews of CANCELED stuff

Earth War-- DOTM retold. Likely would have been pretty short.

Shatterspark-- Unicron returns as an evil spirit and torments then possesses Zephyr, shattering her spark, driving the All Spark's power out of her, and sending her deep into the depths of her own mind. Imprisoned in a world of dreams and memories, can she recover the shards of her spark and regain control of her body before Unicron kills her and drives Megatron insane?

Other names I like/liked to use

Zenith Valkyrie (Pacific Rim)

Night Raid (Transformers)

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