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Author has written 11 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Covenant, Ouran High School Host Club, Supernatural, and Death Note.

Hey there, Stormi Sky here, your normal 17 year old Junior that has a passion for drawing anime characters and writing stories, and of course, those stories include fanfictions. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has ever left a review for one of my stories. Reviews are very much appreciated! I love all the people who read my things~! Recently, I've grown rather bored of writing fanfictions and prefer to write original stories instead, though I still continue to write some fanfics.

Disclaimer: Out of all the stories that I write on, I own nothing. See that, Nothing. Even if I forget to put it on my stories, I'm putting it here. The characters, places, things, songs, poems, etc that I use...out of all of those things, I own nothing. They belong to their respective creators.

My Stories

Stories on hold/discontinued:

Unexpected Friendship: A Covenant fanfic about the friendship of Reid and Caleb. Honestly, I haven't watched the Covenant in about 2 years and I can barely remember how they act. So unfortunately, the chance that I'll actually finish this is close to none. Sorry to those of you that like this story.

Operation Wincest: A story about fake!wincest between Sam and Dean... As of now, this story is going to be on hold... most likely a very long hold... I haven't watched Supernatural since season three ended, and I don't plan to anytime soon. I'm back in my anime phase, and Supernatural isn't very...anime-ish... So until further notice, this story is going into storage. I feel horrible though for currently discontinuing this story, since it's the one with the most readers, so please forgive me!!

A Deadly Deal with a Demon: Just your average Supernatural Fanfiction...that's never going to be finished. Sorry, but I'll put this in words that everyone can understand- It's over.

Who's Dating Who?: An Ouran High School fanfiction about many different pairings. It's a fun little fanfiction that I add to sometimes when I'm bored, but don't it to be updated anytime soon. I made it for fun since my best friend was going to also write something along these lines, but she gave up on hers, so now mine's just here to float around.

Stories I've finished:

The Beginning of the End: A very old fanfiction of mine that shows Organization XIII's first members and their change into Nobodies. I think I started out okay, but I personally hate how the story turned out. Its not even close to my best work, but it's the only Kingdom Hearts fanfiction I ever wrote, so I'm keeping it on here. Feel free to check it out.

Nobody's Home: As of right now, it's my only songfic. A short oneshot of a depressed Hermione and a comforting Harry to the song Nobody's Home (Who would have thought...). I'm pretty sure this is the first fanfiction i ever wrote, and it was FOREVER ago that I wrote it, so don't expect it to be any good. But it's my only Harry Potter fanfiction, so if you'd like to take a look, feel free to do so.

Brothers in Blood: Another story from Supernatural. I don't know if you'd call this Wincest of not... It has Wincest scenes, but... Well, I can't tell you without ruining the story. So I hope you'll read it and like it, because I worked hard for you all.

Notes: An innocent little oneshot about Sam and Dean from their teenage years. It's in 2nd person view through out the entire thing, except when reading the notes left behind by Sam and Dean. I'll never write in this point of view again most likely, but people seem to like it okay, so I hope you'll check out this story as well. Warning: Wincest

Pain Without Love: A cute(I hope) little fanfiction about Hikaru and Kaoru's relationship, and their feelings as they struggle with something more than just brotherly love.

Mello to Matt: DN SPOILERS! Mello's thoughts to and about Matt on their last day.

Matt to Mello: DN SPOILERS! Matt's thoughts to and about Mello on their last day.

Stories I'm working on:

None at the moment.

Favorite quotes and junk...

"Screw the rules, I have money!" ~LittleKuriboh

"Harry Potter can kiss my ass!" ~Reid Garwin

"If we die for them, I'll kill you Harry!" ~Ron Weasley

"M-M-Marry? To him? I'm engaged to a guy? And I'm the one who proposed?" ~Yuuri Shibuya

"Now listen, you think you're cute and maybe you actually are, but being cute doesn't make it okay for you to be unfaithful." ~Wolfram von Bielefelt

Warning to all: I'm a Yaoi fan. I'm just putting that out there in plain and simple terms for everyone to understand. Male homosexual relationships. Boy x boy. And I do write stories with this in them, though not all of them. If this offends you, please be wary of which stories you read. Thank you.

Well, that's all for now! Peace Ya'll. Love ya!

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