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This is unimportant. After all, this is all about the writíng, not the writer. Besides, I hate writing about myself. What to say?

I'm 13 years old, and contrary to popular beliefs that does not make me immature. I have a deep disdain for those who associate maturity with age, simply because while this in many cases is true, there are always exceptions. I dislike generalizations.

Originally I am Swedish, though I prefer writing in English rather than my native language. The English language fascinates me, and besides, I find it easier to express myself than in Swedish. Strange but true.

The daughter of two diplomats, I've lived in four countries - one of them twice - and gone to five schools. My current residence is Washington, D.C., but that can change anytime. No certainty, impermanent existence...

I scorn labels, stereotypes and normality (the definition of which never ceases to confuse me). If I think more about it, I realize that this is probably a stereotype in itself; that's me summarized, always contradicting everyone, even myself. As far as the label is concerned, I would probably be somewhere in the range between goth and nerd, minus the excessive eyeliner and math skills.

My real name is not included here; I'm paranoid like that, and anyway I don't think it suits me. On the internet I go by Lissa, which does have some basis in my actual name--my middle name is Elisabeth, but that's all I'll say.

This is more than I ever planned to write. I'll be leaving now. Enjoy, and remember that I always appreciate reviews, both praise and criticism, preferrably constructive...and I always return the favor.

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