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Welp, for starters, I'm not exactly a genius at writing anything but essays, so my stroies aren't all that interresting, to me anyways. Even if they're not written like essays. They just lack description...which I admit, I probably suck at. You have been warned.

Also, if I ever start a multi chapter story and don't update for a while, it's probably:

A) Because I have to catch up with school work,

B) Because I'm sick (which I do often get)

C) Because I have writers block or forgot

So please excuse me in advance.

Alright, here's some info on myself, then getting into couples and fic pairings most likely.

Name: Um...You don't need to know. If you really have to call me something, let it be my pen name?

Favorite Music: I have a variety of them thanks to a friend of mine, but I'm usually for hip hop, R&B, rap, some pop, a lil bit of techno, country is fine with me sometimes, rock, and some I said, various.

Favorite Artists: Beyonce, Evanescence, Nickelback, Superchick, Cascada, Nelly (some...) Destiny's Child's songs...Avril Lavigne, Paramore has some pretty good songs, Martina McBride is awesome! Carrie Underwood is good, too I guess. Alanis Morisette, and that's enough for now, although, there are a lot more, Greenday is pretty good, Offspring, too, lol

Clubs/Hobbies/Interrests: I joined Declamations twice, although this year I plan to stick to it. I dropped out of it last year...I was in the french club and am currently taking french classes. FYI, I plan on dropping french for latin and german...I despise learning french (no offense to anyone who likes/is french) I like reading books/fanfiction/manga and watching anime and writing poetry/fanfiction and yes, talking to my friends. I have friends??? Yes...yes I do.

If you don't like something here and intend to critisize me for it, then please don't even bother because I do not waste my time speaking/paying attention/responding to ignorant people.

Favorite Couples


Sasuke x Sakura

Itachi x Sakura

Naruto x Hinata

Neji x Tenten

(Full Metal Alchemist)

Edward x Winry

Roy x Riza

(Fruits Basket)

Akito x Tohru

Kyo x Tohru

(Rurouni Kenshin)

Kenshin x Kaoru

Sanosuke x Megumi

(Gundam Seed)

Athrun x Cagalli

Kira x Lacus (this took a WHOLE lot of getting used to)

(Read or Die)

Anita x Junoir

So far that's all I remember. For my own reasons though, I mostly read/write Naruto fanfiction. I have yet to discover that reason, but I know it's there. I know some of you are probably looking at this list going "What the hell, ItaSaku?! AkiTohru?! What is she on?!"

Truth is I like those pairings almost more then SasuSaku and KyoTohru. Call it a sick pleasure if you will. Sort of like "You know it'll never happen, but you can't help but crave it" sort of thing. Like you Yaoi/Yuri fans.

Usually I don't like Yaoi/Yuri, and for the most part, we all know there's no fucking way Sasuke and Naruto will ever screw each other's brains out, Ino and Sakura aren't lesbos, and how the hell does IrukaKakashi pairing even exist?? I don't have anything against lesbo's or homosexuals, though. I couldn't care less what your preference is, do what you want in life, seriously! I guess I just usually don't like the idea of Yaoi/Yuri is all I'm also depends on which anime and what characters cause some things are indeed reasonable.

Moving along with my obsession with ItaSaku and AkiTohru.

I've heard rumors that Akito was a woman or something? That's pretty creepy, but bring on the angst, I can see this couple because I think that Tohru is the only person who can properly heal Akito and make him see the true beauty in life. Very wonderful couple indeed.

Even though Itachi and Sakura have only met once, I think somewhere in the manga and have never had an intimate moment whatsoever, I find myself liking this couple because of my obsession from SasuSaku. Strange yes, but if you think about it, not at all. Itachi being the way he is probably wouldn't give Sakura a passing glance if she didn't have any attatchments to Sasuke, who would suffer if anything happened to her, i.e. him taking away everything precious to him, which in this case, would be Sakura. At first I only liked the ItaSakuSasu triangle but then, I couldn't see the brothers being so...well, you get the picture. I could see Itachi as becoming the most possesive and so I guess it just clicked that even though Sakura is madly in love with Sasuke, it makes falling in love with Itachi easier, yet hard at the same time. Basically a sort of forbidden love appeal, ya know? (I know I'm probably being EXTREMELY unrealistic with this one but it's enticing!)

Pairings I Dislike:

Typically Yaoi/Yuri

Sasuke x (anyone but Sakura) - Well, basically I'm a really big SasuSaku fan. Truthfully though, the characters as individuals I don't really favor, but together I adore them...

Gaara x (anyone)- I'm not trying to say Gaara doesn't deserve happiness, I'm just saying that I don't think any of the girls in Naruto so far are a good match for him at all...

Sakura x Kakashi- I really DON'T like this's child rape/molestation! I know Kakashi's a pervert, but really...he wouldn't like Sakura that way. The closest I see him getting to Sakura is probably marrying her mom and becoming her step dad or something (mentioned because that idea has been stuck in my mind for a while now...)

Neji x Hinata - They're cousins! Even if they weren't related, I don't think Hinata would be attracted to Neji like that.. to many personality clashes and things that would probably make her uncomfortable...

Naruto x Sakura - I can deal with this couple sometimes. I can see them as being mostly brother sister. Though, this is what the manga is leaning towards I still see SasuSaku. I'm not saying there isn't any basis for this couple, though. Hell, it's got more moments then SasuSaku does, I just really...only see a brother sister relationship.(mumbles) Naruto deserves better anyway. Possibly in the time skip...

Kiba x Hinata- Ha! I fixed this one! Yes! I'm so happy! The only part I haven't fixed is the reading them in Fanfiction, but if they were to be coupled in the anime I'd have no problem. Yay! (I can't stress enough how happy I am)

NOTE: I would like to say this about all these couples that I don't have a liking for: Just because I don't agree with the couple does NOT mean I won't read the story. I will try to read the story. What I'm trying to say is that any couple can be liked or whatever and no one has a right to say something like "They'll never get together" (I know I'm being hypocritical here, sorry) I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and intrepretations. Wow, that was a lot more easy then babbling...I like to babble, sorry it's a bad habit, I guess...

Well, those are basically the couples I won't like reading about. Needless to say that there are some other couples that I don't like reading about, but don't mind seeing. I don't mean to sound closed minded, but when a story has more then two couples I don't like/don't agree with then chances are I'm going to give up on it half way through. It probably won't hold my interrest for long...Usually, alone in a fic is fine, but when it's two pairings that I don't support I do suppose I get a, choicy...

Pairings and OC's:

OC's are not my thing. I do not usually enjoy reading any kind of story with a clitched, almighty OC who the character just happens to fall in love with. I hate that with a passion.

In order for me to read them, the OC's have to be unique, and not like every other OC. Also, don't just say crap all of a sudden. Things that rush the story. That's the last thing stories with OC's in them needs is to be rushed. It makes the story rather annoying in my opinion, but meh, what can I say, guess I'm pickier about this then I thought.

Writing Preferences

Alright, this part should be very clear:




Those are the only kinds of stories that I'll probably write and most of my fluff means one-shot. You'd hate me if I tried to continue my stories because then I'd start to neglect them and they'd never get done. That's why I prefer working on my stories one at a time.

Also, if any of my stories turn out to be humorous in any way, it's usually not intended. I'm not funny in my opinion, unless I'm high on sugar or something...which means you might get a humor fic every once in a blue moon. Of course there is some humor in most of my stories, but by humor fic I mean a whole fic being humorous, so yeah...

Couples I like:


SasuSaku - Because they're so easy to write about, even though I'm probably never keeping them in character...I do my best to keep everyone in character...

NaruHina- Just so adorable, perfect angle for fluff, even though the only NaruHina I think I have written and on FF.Net is Giving Faith and I changed that to angst because it really was sad once I went back and read it. It actually looked like someone else's work. Of course I write my own work, I'm just saying I actually liked the stories I have written so far and I usually don't like my own stories...

ItaSaku- Maybe some long angsty one-shot, but don't expect to many of these, I'm afraid I might make Itachi too OOC.

NejiTen: Not often, but very cute. I really like the feel of this couple and believe there are many things that can happen with this relationship...

Basically, I think that's it for now. If you're wondering that if I like Naruto then I have to like Shika Ino or Shika Tem, too, right? (for all u shika x ? fans) Just for the record, who Shikamaru get's paired off with doesn't matter to me. One of my best friends is in love with the Shika Tem couple which is why it may seem like I pair them up as though I support them, but I don't. Shika x Ino, or Shika x Tem, don't matter, just no, I really don't like that couple. No offense but it's kinda...really stupid to me.

Read or Die:

Anita x Junior - They're just to cute.

Gundam Seed/Destiny:

Athrun x Cagalli - Classic, and I love Athrun so it's basically overall fun for me to write.

Lacus x Kira - They're the two well she's the most positive person in the anime and it's so nice to have them in a fic, it lightens everything up...well to me it does. I'll probably never make a fic based on them particularly though.


A princess in bloom:

Anime: Naruto

Summary: Constantly being stripped of memories. Would you rather continue to move forward this way or regain what was taken from you? Memories of a happy past. AU alternate universe...Sasuke x Sakura x ?

Status: In progress

It's not up, though. I had to rewrite it.


Well I don't feel like listing them but let's get things said before I have to say it over and over again. One-shots are one-shots and do not get updated. Needless to say that's why they're one-shots and that's why I write them, because they do not need to be updated and because they are one-shots..although I was thinking about making a sequel for Giving Faith, I really liked that one and want to know what happens next...(I know it's my story but still...) There's not garantee I'll write it though, so yeah...

So I guess I'm basically done with this. Now you know more about me/my preferences. Although I can't help but wonder why people would care, but sure, thanks for reading? Buh-Bye

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