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Character Backgrounds

Robin: Real name is Richard (Dick )Grayson, he and his family used to be known as the Flying Grayson's due to their magnificent trapzee performances. Sadly, during one such performance, someone cut the rope and killed his parents (the criminal is still somewhat unknown, but was thought to be Two-Face), Bruce Wayne took in Richard as he was a person in the audience and soon enough, Richard wanted to become his sidekick to avenge the wrongful deaths of his parents. Later, Richard eventually left Batman because he didn't like the tactics Bruce was using and after saying he would quit, Batman told him he couldn't wear his Robin suit anymore ... awhile later, Richard and Superman were talking about a hero on Clark's former planet Krypton ... a man of justice and truth who went by the name of Nightwing ... Richard takes up the Nightwing suit and soon moves from Gotham to another crime-ridden city of Bludhaven ... he is now leader of the group the Outsiders ... (I know I didn't talk much about his time with the Titans ... sorry!)

Starfire: real name Koriand'r, princess of the alien planet Tamaran ... her sister Komand'r (Blackfire) was passed over the throne due to the fact that she couldn't fly, which made her bitter and angry at Starfire. Blackfire eventually ran away and found herself with the Citadel, the Tamaranian's worst enemy who using information from Blackfire would invade Tamaran ... Starfire and Blackfire were then sent into slavery/exile and for six years were tortured and experimented upon (which actually gave them some of their powers) ... Starfire escaped and found her way to Earth where she joined up with the Teen Titans ... A lot of things has happened to Starfire: she almost married Richard, she actually was married to other people, and her home planet was destroyed (twice) ... through it all though, she has found that Earth is her true home and still has feelings toward Richard ... she is still affiliated with the Titans but also has joined Nightwing's Outsiders

Cyborg: real name is Victor Stone ... he was an average person who greatly loved athletics, however his scientist parents wanted him to pursue more than sports. In an experiment gone wrong, Vic's mother was instantly killed while Victor was horribly injured. His father hurried Victor to his lab and had no choice but to infuse his body with the cybernetic ligaments we now know him as Cyborg. His new appearance made Victor angry and cut off from everyone else ... he tried to seclude himself from others, however, he eventually met up with the Teen Titans and they wanted him as a member. In later events, Cyborg left the team and found a planet with a technological being called Technis. Technics persuaded Cyborg that he couldn't live outside the computer world and they merged to become Cyberion. Now, Cyborg realized his error and came back to Earth, only to find the Teen Titans in shambles. In his absence, a lot of heroes have come and gone ... even Beast Boy and Raven ... yet his leadership skills have won over another generation of Teen Titans.

Raven: her real name is pretty much Raven, but she has come up with another to help her in the real world: Rachel Roth ... Raven was born on Azarath, her mother being Arella while her father was the demon Trigon. She was taught on Azarath to not show any kind of emotion, or else Trigon would have his hold over her. A prophecy was foretold about the coming of Trigon in which Raven sought out help from the Justice League of America (JLA), who refused her. She eventually found the Teen Titans and with their help, defeated Trigon. She, however, still had Trigon's influence in her ... and her body was eventually destroyed. Her evil self came back and caused trouble for the Titans, even ruining Starfire and Nightwing's wedding, but came back to destroy the pure soul of Raven which had taken refuge in Starfire. Evil Raven was defeated, however, another villain wanted to harness the power of Trigon ... this villain being Brother Blood. He resurrected Raven back from the dead and wanted her as his bride to bring back Trigon's evil so he could use it to his advantage (his cult worshipped Trigon) ... however, Raven unbeknowestly send out messages of help (she had lost her memory) and the Teen Titans came and rescued her. After the battle, Beast Boy wanted her back on the team and she reluctantly agreed. Now only 17, she decided to try to live a normal life and went to a local high school under the alias of Rachel Roth. When Cyborg left, Beast Boy was made leader (a little before the Brother Blood stuff) ... however, he found it difficult. Raven and Beast Boy had a relationship together, but too much was going on and in the end ... Beast Boy quit the team. Many of the other Titans thought it was because of his breakup with Raven, however, the true reason is still unknown.

Beast Boy: real name is Garfield Logan. His parents were scientists who traveled to Africa to study animals. He was bitten by a green monkey which infected him with some virus in which he could reshape his genetic structure. Bascially, he turned green and found he can turn into any animal he wanted. Afterward, however, his parents died in a boating accident in which he blamed himself for it. His life took some tragic turns when he was kidnapped and taken to America to commit crimes for the people who kidnapped him. They eventually killed themselves and Beast Boy was taken in with one of his parents 'friends' ... however Beast Boy found out that this friend only wanted the money his parents had left him and he was saved by Rita Farr (Elasti-Girl) and Steve Dayton (Mento) from the Doom Patrol. They adopted Beast Boy and he joined the team. Yet, tragedy soon happened as his Doom Patrol family were seemingly killed ... Beast Boy later tried acting until meeting up with the Teen Titans. He joined the Titans, however, the tragedy in his life would keep coming as the girl he liked, Terra, was found out to be a spy sent by Deathstroke (aka Slade) to destroy the Titans. Currently, after a brief romance with Raven that ended in sorrow, Beast Boy left the Titans and joined the resurrected Doom Patrol.

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