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well.. i dont really know what to put hear other than i like reading this stuff.. =D

Anime likes - Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, DBZ, InuYasha, etc

Rant(srry but had to lol)

i usually only read Naruto fanfiction because i like the way ppl make the good stories out, with Naruto and stuff.. the only thing i seriously hate.. is when ppl make Naruto so good its sickening.. i mean they try to make him god's/kami's(watever u wanna say) twin. "I forgive everyone, even those who beat the living shit out of me! and i will give my life for them because im perfect and i AM God's twin!!" now he may not accually get beaten up in the show(not really sure been a while since i watched the beginning eps), but in more than 75 of the fics here that tell about his life, he does. anyways, its sickening wen ppl try to do that.. no one is perfect, especially a demon vessel thats been abused his entire life! get out of your damn fairytale minds!

O and the whole idiotic Naruto routine.. ya.. that pisses me off so much now.. well it always did.. i never did like how damn stupid Naruto was.. I mean really, u would think living like he did would give him some common sense..! I have a friend that spent a few years on the streets, when he was around 13. Ill tell u one thing, youve never met a person that has more smarts(not book smarts) until you've met someone who lived on the street as a kid. hes a smart dude, and knows how to handle situations that i never even thought i could be in. this is really what pisses me off. cause Naruto was hated his entire life, and lived in his own apartment, alone from the time he was 4( i think). and im guessing that not many stores would let him in. Sorry but youd think hed be a little smarter.. of coarse in battle he comes up with strategies, and stuff that no one could ever think of.. but jesus man, he literally has to be in a life or death situation to even be able to think!

One other thing is when people make these stories where Naruto leaves Konoha (or is actually banished in some stories).. then years later they want him back and he accually goes, and everything gets all WOO GONNA BE HOKAGE!! THE VILLAGERS LOVE ME NOW!! WOO!! I mean seriously, what happened to the "Demon boy" that they celebrated the banishment of? its takes longer than 2-3 years to change thousands of people's minds about one thing! I mean just look at people and Bush! some people love him! and yet some people detest him.. and its been going on for years and yet u dont see everyone completely changing their minds about him? do you?

While we're on the subject of hokages and other like stuff.. id like to say that the storyies where the village finds out that Naruto is the forth's son, and then do a complete 180 and start respecting him? I hate those with a passion.. becuase I know for a fact that Naruto would too, because hes not being recognised as Uzumaki Naruto hes being recognised as "The Forth's Son". He says he wants to be acknoledged for himself. Just like Konohamaru, and how he doesn't like to be called "Honourable Grandson".

That and i HATE NaruXHina parings!!! people just think "ooo they would be so CUTE!" or "she truly loves him, blah blah... yada yada.. etc,etc" she admires/has a crush on him, its the same with SasuXSaku parings(hate them too) everyone thinks "oooo she diserves him!" or " ooo its so obvious Sasuke loves her, i mean he just betrayed her and their entire village, to kill his brother, but then l8er on hes gonna come back and everyones gonna accept him again, because hes the villages "Precious Uchiha" and everyone love him!" I mean they say that their relation ships will work out but yet no one seems to care that Naruto loves/crushes on Sakura(other than NaruXSaku fans(true there are alot of NaruXSaku fans out there but not near as many as others mentioned.)) I enjoy reading a good NaruXSaku fic myself(because i have a soft spot for Naruto(even if he is a complete and utter idiot)).. but only if they are either well written/have good way for them to get together that accually makes sense and not just "ooo i was soo wrong to go after Sasuke, I now realize the Sasuke I loved never even existed..blah, blah.. etc, etc" personally my opinion of them is unless she likes him from the first.. then it just looks like Naruto is just 2nd best, as always, or in other words just a replacement, that can be thrown out whenever Sasuke comes back into the picture. Some may call me hipocritical.. But I rarly ever like NaruxSaku fics.. most of the time they just piss me off..

but back on the subject of Naruhina.. ya.. why is she so popular? if anyone reads this please tell me how, because i cant see anything so special about her. shes just the one Hyuuga thats shy, and has a crush on Naruto, wow, INSTANT POPULARITY! seriously whats so special? Is it because she pretty much the only one in childhood that actually liked Naruto or sumthing? To me shes just a normal girl, nothing much to like, a lot of things to dislike. It could just be that I just dont like shy people, because they're cowards that dont have the courage to stand up for themselves, or sumthing else I dont know. She was treated the EXACT same way ever single other Hyuuga was treated, but she turned out different. Every Hyuuga is trained to be pridefull and to defend their pride when the need arises, and she just took it personally, even if Hiashi meant some of what he said. It was true. She WAS/IS(depending on how you see it) weak, because she didn't defend herself and was the only one that didn't want to defend herself. I think somewhere she said she didn't want to disappoint her father or sumthing like that. wow, she really tried hard. IT was either change and adapt to the situation or mope and become shy discouraged, and she picked the latter. sorry but I just dont like people that think they can stay same and survive in an ever-changing, "I kill for a living", world

Certain readers who try to tell me how to write MY OWN story. that seriously is annoying. The last thing i need is someone to tell me how to write MY OWN story. Its my story ill write it however the FUCK i wanna write it. If i wanna rush some things I WILL. If I wanna take some things slow then I WILL. If i need to do something to get the reaction i want from a reader when I reveal the thing its leading up to then I WILL! what do you think would have happened if someone TOLD Shakespeare how to write HIS OWN plays? what if someone told Eminem(who i believe is a rap genius) TOLD him how to write HIS OWN music. ya, thats what i thought. Reviews are for suggesting things to help the story, if you dont like how its working, SUGGEST it, dont flip out and TELL the writer how to write THEIR OWN story.

AND Yoai!! I mean I have nothing against gay people..( other than thinking they are SERIOUSLY out of their mind for wanting to play "hide the sousage in the chocolate pudding" shutters) I have a gay friend accually but I stay out of his.. umm.. how do i say it... "pudding fantasies"??shutters again anyways I guess thats pretty self explanitory... hopefully..

ya srry bout that.. just had to say it.. lol =D

Anyways...You'll find that I like the unusual parings the best.. dont know why.. just like them lol :D I just think they make good stories if they are done right. Like NaruXAnko..Im a pretty big fan of that one..you know.. the whole kinky, nymphomanic thing =D.. I also like NaruXfemKyuu, but not wen shes all lovey dovey.. that dont work out for me.. demon lords dont take that kind of image in my mind.. The Kyuubi in the story "Naruto of the Shikon" is my image of an almost perfect FemKyuubi. I also like NaruXKure stories, because it actually takes some talent to write a good story about her and Naruto becuase she is almost a blank slate, so the writter would have to make it seem like how they write her is the actual way she would act in the show(i dont know if that made sense or not.. :S).Plus, she hot as hell. now.. for the big one, that some ppl may be disgusted with is NaruXTsu... now.. the only way I like these is either if she gets turned back to being young, or Naruto is sent back in time to when she is young.. you dont see too many of those.. ive only seen 1 or 2 of em.. but they were pretty well written if i remember correctly.. even if one of them got abandoned...bastard..and now for the other NaruXTsu(u know inari's mom?) ive only seen one of them... and if i remember correctly it got abandoned.. BASTARD! ..thats another thing i should of added to the Rant... people that abandon their stories without a good reason other than .. im too lazy... i mean at least say someone can continue it for you!! of coarse id do it! anyways.. also I REALLY want to see a NaruTifa pairing. I have seen one, the main character is Hinata... and its not well written.. so ya.. SOMEONE MAKE ONE! FOR ME! PEOPLE! FUCK HER FOR ME!!!... sorry.. got carried away, thinking about The Girl Next Door...

I just like to deviate from the norm.

My fics

Naruto: The Legendary Shinigami

This is my first fic, and its a Bleach Naruto crossover. Pic for Naruto's Zanpakuto here. Naruto's Shikai Hope you like it(darker parks are black and the brighter parks are crimson and the string is also crimson) Heres a pic of him in his shinigami robes. Naruto in Shinigami Robes.

Possible Up And Comming Stories

NarutoXFF7 Crossover - Untitled - Naruto is reincarnated into the world of Gaia as Cloud's twin brother. They grow up with the ambitions to become SOLDIERs. Basically the input of Naruto into the FF7 universe. I just thought of it now and thought i'd write it in here so I wouldn't forget, for later. probably gonna be a NaruTifa or NaruYuffie. maybe both! not gonna start it until later, but might draw a pic of Naruto..

Naruto: Plans For Time - What if Naruto wasn't at all like he is. If he wasn't cheerful and hyperactive, and really was much darker.. What if Naruto knew about Kyuubi, long before he was ever a gennin, and long before he ever met the Sandaime. Naruto has had a plan, a Plan For Time, and nothing in his way will ever stand again. DarkNaruto - Pairing undecided, but it will be unusual, thats for sure.

Stories I Recommend

These are stories I have read that i enjoyed more than the actual Naruto show(including shippuden)

Naruto of the Shikon(My Personal Favorite Because Of Amazing Storyline)

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Naruto: Hands of Destiny

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