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Author has written 8 stories for Gossip Girl, Inception, Good Wife, Skins, Mission: Impossible, Fantastic 4, and Scandal.


Name's Marie, I'm twenty-five years old and I'm from Brighton, England. I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I also remember that they were absolutely awful as well, good thing that I got better then. I've considered myself an actual writer since I was fourteen when my GCSE English tutor set the Dream Journey coursework, for which I wrote an A Grade story that today I'd consider to be a pile of rubbish. Still ever developing my style of writing, though it appears it's doing ok. Before I started writing 'The One That Got Away' I wrote a fanfiction called 'Careful Thoughts' on the Channel 4 Hollyoaks fanfiction forum and followed it up with a sequel called 'Careful Necessities'. Both did very well, people really seemed to like them, which was nice. I beg of you to never read them though.

As my writing has evolved over the years, my focus on FanFiction projects has changed. As a result, I'm considering fanfictions 'The One Who Got Away' and 'Beyond Right and Wrong', with regret, on permanent hiatus. It is with particular regret that I have no pressing concern to return to my Gossip Girl fanfiction. However, I am very proud of what I did write for it, and who knows? Maybe one day I'll return to it, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Since I was sixteen I've been developing a trilogy of fantasy novels; The Tales of Shotsa. I have high hopes for it one day, partly because the way it is written remains entirely different to the way I've written any of my fanfiction, and partly because... well, a boy who could have said something else chose to say it would do well one day. On this, I'm going to trust him. The story plays in my head every day, and I can picture it doing so for many, many years to come: I have no problem with that. I just hope one day it'll play in the heads of others too.

Anyway, whoever you are that's reading my profile, thank you for taking interest in me and I wish you happy reading, be it my own work, or the works of others that I revere. Take care all xxx


Recently I published and finished Another Name, a Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol fanfiction. To date, it is the creation of which I am most proud, and the character I created for it, Enma-O Meido, is still haunting me, and so I followed it up with a sister fanfiction, Another Day, which just features additional scenes from her life. I will add to it when the occasion calls for it. Many thanks to the people who reviewed it, each one has made me really proud to be a Fanfiction writer.

Just finished a Fantastic Four two-part fanfiction, Magpie, which was fun to write (and read, personally anyway). Nothing particularly extraordinary about it, but that's partly the point. It was nice to write something that felt quite normal, all things considering.

Voyage, my Skins Generation 3 Series 6 fanfiction is on temporary hiatus whilst I pursue other projects. Currently I do intend to return to the work, before the next and final series of Skins is broadcast. It all depends on when I watch the episodes again on 4oD.

My 'The Good Wife' fanfiction Selfish is finished. Anyone with alerts on it might want to deactivate those.

The Projection, an Inception one-shot, was posted after a week of working on it in between seeing the movie 3 times lol. Many thanks to those who wrote such brilliant reviews, particularly in the first 24 hours!

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