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The Tribute to those Great and Small

"Even though he is dead, his body never gave in...Even after losing half his face...He continued to mow his enemies down. That man if anything was surely a monster. In this battle he was slashed and stabbed 267 times. His body was hit by no less than 562 bullets. And as for cannonballs...He was hit by 46 cannonballs. And in testament to his pride, ... upon the back of his body, Throughout his entire life as a pirate...Not a wound of retreat scars it."

Edward Newgate. Whitebeard. Definitely one of the greatest warriors in all manga.

May all who knew of this great man's deeds take a moment of silence. He was a father to all, and none were turned away from his love.


Name: Evilsheeplordthatsaysmoo

Age: ...

Gender: Male

Favorite Manga: far too many to count...

Favorite Anime: far too many to count...

Now its time for some old school introductions:

Likes: ANime, manga, writing when I'm motivated, nice people, girls, and my friends.

Dislikes: some...I'd have to think in order to list them all.

Hobbies: Working on my sheep farm, writing when I'm motivated, listening to Rockestral music, reading manga and classic literature

Goals: In all honesty I would like to either own and run a bookstore and write stories, or think up plot lines and have said plot lines formated as manga or manwha.

Ten Thousand Fists Information.

I feel that in order to get the best feel for this story you, the readers, will need visual evidence of what i am describing and who the people involved will look like. this is not because i believe you to have an bad imagination but rather to help you see the characters as i see them.

Girls: (i tried to clean up the URL that didnt work but it seems like i couldnt. so word of warning: some of the links do not work. i will try to fix this shortly. again i am sorry)



(I know that it is Aerith but an author mentioned that they look similar and I can’t find any good pics of her on photobucket (can’t get to deviantart) so please understand)


(this one is kinda debatable but I think it can work)


Hinata (young) (there’s a lot cause I love her most…honest truth…)




Yoko (strange but I used Kokoa from ‘Rosario + Vampire’ as Yoko’s base design…)


Now you people might not really care what i think but i feel like i shoul get my thoughts out here.

(Date unknown) -- Now, my father and i were watching 'Ironman', just the other day, this is a normal acurrence seeing as we watch either 'Ironman' or 'Transformers' at least once a week, and i made a comment to my father before i went to bed. This comment was made right at the completion of the Gulmira scene, when Ironman liberates them, and it was: "Wow, I cant wait for the day when H.U.D's (head up displays) are a reality like that!" My father, being over the age fo 50, looked at me for several seconds and said: "I don't, because once that is a possiblity...no one will be safe." Normally i would disregared this like i always do...but he made me think... When will the line between fiction and reality be blurred to the point of being non existent? We are all familiar with the conscept of Gundam i hope? I bring this up because i beleive that in the for seeable future both war as well as the military in general will become. The conscept now a days is that bigger is always better...but at what cost. I my self would love to see suits similar to that of Ironman, i really do, but what would happen if those same suits "made to protect our men and women" fall into the hands of petty thieves, mobsters, or gangs? I know that the funds to actually purchase one of these suits would be in the billions, if that, but just think of it... the world would be thrown into a relm of pure war and terror. No one would be safe and we being humans would kill ad kill until non werer left; we would bring upon our own apocolypes! Now think of the same situation but with Mobile Suits, Arm Slaves (Full Metal Panic), etc. In other words it would be the same as the Ironmen situation...just on a much larger scale.

But back to the main topic i brought up to begin with: the line between reality and fiction. What defines this saying? What says "This is reality and That is fiction"? Well obiviously God does; he made the world and all of reality with a mere thought and proclimation, but what dictates that? Why are... hollows not 'possible'... swordsman not able to cleave through stone... bullets that summon creatures... AI so underdeveloped... giant robots not part of the military... motor powered roller blades... etc.

First the spiritual aspect. Now i'm not going to step on toes when it comes to God and all that...thats for later, what i mean is the... 'Bleach', 'Shaman King', and 'Death Note' aspect of this. Now noone truely knows what it is after death even though we have tomes like the Bible that tells us what to expect, we as humans do not truely know. Now you probably guess that i am religious... Chirstian in all honesty and damn proud... and i do believe that souls exist, hell every religon believes in souls, but do the souls leave straight to Heaven, Hell, and (if your Catholic) Prugitory once you die, or do they remain on earth for a short period of time? Now if the souls did exist on earth for either a brief time to an extended time wouldn't people most likely be able to see them, maybe not to physically intreact but wouldn't they be able to interacvt with us to a small degree? That also brings up the... trafficing of the souls, i guess you could call it that. In all honesty i would not be suprised if God put several Angels in charge of making sure all of the souls made it to their designated place...similar to the 'Bleach' Shinigami thought pattern. But this does not answer the Hollow area, and as much as i would want to beleive that they exist... i'm almost possitve that they don't. Demon's on the other hand... those exist; 'Death Note' is a prime example. While they call themselves Shinigami, which would mostly be labeled to the Angels as they deal with the dead the most, they act more like the demons and devils of Hell; whispering sugestions of murder and what not to the weak minded humans.

Second on the agenda is martial arts in general. Everyone is again familiar with films like 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', "Kung Fu Hostel', 'Hero', and animes such as 'Rurouni Kenshin', 'Tenge Tenjou', and 'DragonBall'; and have most likly watched these pictures at one point or another. This subject is slightly exagerated but in all honesty it is still possible all that is needed is a power sources. The body produces its own power supply but only to the point normal motor functions, but what i have realized is that ones body produces many different types of 'energy of power'. One is thermo energy, or heat, in order to survive and when one gets sick this energy increases to, in some instances, fatal levels. But what if one could condision ones body to the point that it could handle extreme internal heat and found away to to exert it...similar to Shishio of 'Kenshin'... Or... The body has a nervous system, correct? And the nervous system is made up of electrical impulses throughout the body...now what if one, again, conditioned ones body to create more and more impluses to the point of creating an extreme electrical curent in ones body... Elastisity, kinetic, and several other sources are out there... Now i could be wrong since i havent thought on this subject in quite some time as well as never taking an advanced anatomy class, so this is just speculation...

(Date: July,. 3 2009) Hmm... I have had many thoughts on many things over the past many months. So many that i cannot place on 'paper' at the moment...but the real reason is because I have forgotten most of these thoughts due to not being near a computer or paper to write them down. But one of the thoughts, which is more of a peeve than a thought, has stuck out at me for some time now. This thought is lack of passion. You are probably thinking the passion of intimace, but in fact I am speaking of the passion of writing. Now, in all honesty I have no right to say such a thing as 'this writer has no passion in writing' or 'that writer could do better in plot design and character development if only they had more passion' when people could indeed say that about my own work. But I'll honestly say that I have seen more than one story ruined by a horrible plot or hideous character devolpment. Another thing that I have seen is the butchering of a story that as excellent potential due to horrible word choice, sentence structure, and grammer. Common people, am I the only one, or one of the few people, that takes pride in his work and wishes for it to be something that entertains people as well as make a person think about the character in question. Yes this is fanfiction, mean that the characters that we are using are not our own and have their own structure and depth, but in all honesty the characters are of a manga series, a gerne not known for its deep characters. This is where we as fans and writers give those characters depth, meaning, drive, and understanding. What I mean is that you cannot have, for instance, Tenten suddenly realize that in one act of poorly thought out kindness she loves Naruto. That does not happen in real life, at least not usualy. You have to go into an explaination as to why said act touched her so, using examples from both her home life as well as team life to back up the emotion. You must also spend much time fleshing out the relationship in more than just two chapters on one and a half dates.

Another thing that gets me is that if someone is to write a story about romance, as most of the stories on this site are about romance in one way shape or form, the author, for some God horrible reason have to have the romance involve sex to some degree. Now, again, people can hank on me as well seeing as, in future furture chapters of my story I will most likely involve sex as well. I guess its not the shear engagement of sex that bothers me but the portrayal of it. Authors, so should i say most authors, make their lemons into things that could be considered grade E porn scripts. Ok, if these two people truly truly love one another they would not do most of the stuff that are depicted in these 'love' scenes. In one instance, I dare to recall, one pink haired woman lost her 'black-cherry' mere moments after her original cherry...now that in illogical. There are still many and many examples of what could be called 'horrible depicting' of lemons and love.

One reason I am so adament about this type of subject is because Love and Walt Disney are two of the only things that I have ever and truly respected in this world. Now with one about me respecting Mr. Disney is probably a little laugh able but theres a reason for that on another time. No, Love is one of the greatest things in this world. Yes, we all read it in fanfic and athentic literature but it is indeed one of the strongest and most potent emotions out there. The saying that 'It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all' is a tried and true statement... though I do not whole-heartly like nor back this state, I almost down right hate it, but that is a discusion for another time. Its just that by the ways people portray their 'love' in their stories, I, personaly, feel that their definition of love has been watered down by the debaughter of this society. ...but maybe I not one to talk about love when last I loved I was shattered and now I'm too lcoked in my old ways to love securely again, not to mention I'm shy when it comes to talking to girls I like...

(Date: 11-20-09) You’ve all probably felt it; the complete and utter nihilistic view on both yourself and on those around you. I feel it for sure. I feel it at this moment as I sit in this chair, stare at this screen, and type this bitch fest. In my case, I wonder why people do what they do. The number one rule in my household was “Do not make someone else’s life difficult.” This was ingrained in my siblings and I since we could walk, but I wonder why no one else seems to abide by this word. As you can probably tell, both by these bitch notes, as well as my stories, I am proud to say that I am of the Christian religion, though I will admit that I am not as adamant as others, but why is it that others of the same type of mindset act selfishly and single-mindedly. I just don’t understand…but again here I sit, locked in my room, typing this note of bitching, cursing the world that is cursing me as well. Maybe this is because of Seasonal Area Depression (SAD), or maybe its because the girl I started to like is a huge flirt and doesn’t consider me a threat, or maybe its because I have low self-esteem, or maybe…or maybe…

But note this one thing ladies and gentlemen: bitching will solve nothing. You have most likely noticed this in your own life, but for those that think everything revolves around you listen closely: you truly mean nothing in this world. You are a speck, a teeny tiny speck in the world. You will live, you will procreate, and you will die; easy as that. You now probably see this as an emo rant than a bitch note, but it is true. You can try to make difference in the world, and maybe you will make that small dent in your bubble of society, but give it an undisclosed amount of time and you will be forgotten. Your family will die, your wife or husband, your children, your friends, and time will continue on just as it had for the past thousands of thousands years.

People forgot this. I forget this. You too. You, like me, read manga, watch anime and see “Look I can make a difference just like they did” or “Look I can find love just like they did” but you won’t. You just won’t. Take this as you see it, either an individual spreading his woes to the world, or as a slight bit of perverted advice. But just know that what is portrayed in our manga, or our anime, or our sitcoms, or our media…it all means absolutely nothing. Nothing material in this world means anything. I could go on and be like “But if you believe in Jesus Christ you will be saved and all will be well”, but that’s not true either. Look at Job, look at Solomon, or David; life will not be like you want it to be.

Quotes and the like

One day I was very sick, so I didn't go to school. I am in enrolled in college. My parents were at work. I sent them a text to bring me some medication, on their way home. It wasn't until my girlfriend of three months showed up on my doorstep, with meds and hot soup, that I realized who I sent the text to. She lives 2 hours and 15 mins away. I may have found a keeper.MLIA

I live on a farm. Today, I had to go into school and tell my teachers that my sheep ate my homework. Best day ever. MLIA

Today I was sitting with 2 of my friends at an outside cafe. A few young boys walked passed, and one trying to be cool infront of his mates sleazily said "Hey ladies". Disgusted one of my friends and I ignored him. The other (who is a girl) turned around and bluntly said "I'm a guy". I've never seen a boy look so freaked out in my life. MLA

Today, I was waiting for my girlfriend in her bedroom, I got bored and went to her bathroom and found a pack of tampons and decided to play submarine, complete with sound effects and rival sides. I had been playing for a few minutes when she came back in; she stared at me then all she said was 'You owe me three bucks...move over, I'll be Captain Nemo'. God made her well. MLIA.

Today, after reading all the stories about people finding their soulmates I decided I was going to try and find mine, MLIA style. I pretended to be a dinosaur, talked to people about my plans for surviving the zombie apocalypse, yelled out random Harry Potter spells and started every burst out the door with a "FOR NARNIA!!" The result? I am now that weird girl at the end of the hall. I regret nothing. MLIA.

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