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Wow. A bio. Neat.

Lessie... first off, anyone who's read my stories knows that I tend to be rather demented when I write. Maybe it's my depression. Oh, speaking of which, hold on a sec, I have to go take my medicine.

Back. I remembered I already took it. Sooo... You want to know about me? Well, I have a passion for anime and manga, currently reading:
Di Gi Charat go Rabi-en-Rose!
The Invisibles Say you want a revolution!
Ragnarok getting the anime

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac who is actually a very sweet guy, if you think about it
Animorphs Also a sad ending... poor Rachel- she was my favorite...

Currently watching/collecting:
Magic User's Club god DAMMIT, why did Aburatsubo have to be gay?
One Piece Monkey D. Luffy? What the hell kinda retarded-ass parents...?
Neon Genesis Evangelion I actually understood End of Eva after watching it only twice
Ranma 1/2 Can't get enough of that Ryouga-chan
Yu Yu Hakusho my friend Chris got me started- I love Kurama, but he needs a slightly more feminine dub voice, in my opinion.
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Yes. Utena.

I'm also starting:
Gunslinger Girl That is some depressing...
Read Or Die
Excel Saga
Boogiepop Phantom waiting for the novels

I gave up on:
Naruto Ancient Leaf Taijutsu Supreme Technique- A Thousand Years of Pain! (aka the Super Powerful-Ass Poke)
Yu Gi Oh I used to go with this, but I stopped paying attention or watching after Duelist Kingdom- though I read the manga, and I must say, Yami Yugi is much more kickass, and Anzu is actually decent (God save me, Anzu reminds me of myself)
Shaman King Amidamaru...
ParaKiss no time, no time...

Finished with:
Rozen Maiden Desu!
Rozen Maiden Traumend Desu desu!
Monster Not an ending either, but... somehow still satisfying.
Samurai Champloo Jin FTW
Final Fantasy X I so totally fucked that game up, really... ROSE KNIGHTS!
Excel Saga the anime, not the manga
Disgaea YES.
Doll Read. Now.
Trigun ... Legato... san... sob
Final Fantasy VII and by finished, I mean with the whole thing. Game, movie, Last Order, I'm done with it! Don't friggin care anymore!... Although for what it's worth, Loz... is really hot...
Cowboy Bebop Mushroom Samba and Toys In The Attic are my favorite episodes, followed by Pierrot Le Fou
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac/Squee! Ahh, chock full of homicidal goodness and delicious, chocolate-coated angst.
Sandman Neil Gaiman is one of my many gods... By the power of the Ankh!
Seiken Densetsu 2/3 Wow, that game is just cool... I got to fight Bigieu! And kicked her kitty butt! Take THAT!

Wow, lots of Shonen Jump stuff there.

Hmm... more favorites...
Um, favorite video game series' include:
Shin Megami Tensei Coem on, how much fun is beating up God? Admit it, it's fun!
Disgaea Yes. Disgaea wins so hard it stings.
Legacy of Kain Mmm... Raziel...
Secret of Mana fun fun! Secret of Mana 2 rocks!
Sonic the Hedgehog you were expecting Mario?
Vampire Hunter I still say Lilith is more yummy than Morrigan, and Jedah is certainly up there... liquid boy...
Evolution oh gosh, Yurka is hot!
Crazy Taxi need to finish that fanfic... and... um...
Pokemon so sue me, it's bloody fun... and Jirachi's adorable! Awww...

Okay, on to me. Lessie... List time, I think.

Name: Sierra Ashley L.

Age: 19

Gender: Both no, unfortunately, just female

Height: 5' 9-1/2"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown, layered, somewhat bushy. Can be blowdried straight. Can be
air-dried, becomes curly...

Eyes: Brown, almond shaped, glasses

Skin: Light brown, very pale when protected from the sun

Ethnicity: African American/Caucasian/Irish/Dutch/Scottish/whatever...

Pet(s): 2 Rabbits George "Bun", and Ralph, who I found. They're homosexual fuzzfaces...

Friends: digitamer252, EnoehT if he's on here... Dunno if Jenjen goes here or not.

Favorite single song artist: Ayumi Hamasaki and Shimatani Hitomi, and maybe BoA and Miwako Okuda.

Favorite Band: Janne Da Arc all the way. Followed by Do As Infinity sad sad, Malice Mizer more sad Kami-chouchou... and Relient K

Favorite song right now: Uhh... Ueta Taiyou, followed by... Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari, Kinjirareta Asobi, Diamond Virgin, Maybe It's Maybelene, Gekkouka, Seaki no Katasumi de, Christmas In The 13th Month...

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name: Sunset Squirrel

I garden, but not very successfully, because I managed to grow some Morning Glories and Moonflowers, but they were ripped up when they started construction on my house. Er... I'm bisexual, which probably offends some people, but hopefully not you. I, um, play Duel Monsters, and love using the Black Scorpions, but my Black Scorpion deck got washed, along with my LN Dark Necrophia my favorite card and my Black Paladin deck I had my Limiited Edition Black Paladin and Black Magician Valkyrie in that deck! sob... Man, my luck sucks sometimes... Oh god, and my Ruler of Heaven Shinato...

I play Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 my original team was Ruby Heart, Tron Bonne, and Blackheart, all Alpha as well as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike I can now use Remy, Urien, Chun-Li, Ibuki, and Makoto (sometimes) pretty well, but Chunners is my best. Right now I'm almost done with Digital Devil Saga 2 How sexy are Cielo and Gale? Really now, they're just... ooh!

I have two stalkers, and six guys that like-like me, even though I only really like two of them. No girlfriends yet. Though I can always hope, y'know?

Oh! I forgot- I like Violinist of Hameln, an anime you've probably never heard of, even though it's cool how cute is Clary? Even though he's a vain bastard... and rain. I love rain. I also love Bun, so fluffy and cute... and writing about subjects that few others bother with. I hate school graduated though, and people bothering me when I'm in my room with the door shut my brother.

Books I recommend include the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce I have all four books, the Resident Evil series by S. D. Perry Trent is supremely cool..., and Paradise Kiss by... Ai Yazawa. But Miwako is kawaii, and the relationship thing I really didn't expect... Also, I highly recommend Doll, my Mitsukazu Mihara. The woman is a genius, and a beautiful artist to boot.

Anyway, that's basically me! Oh, and, I'm extremely lazy about my writing. But don't worry- I'll get around to it eventually! Whee! Have a good day!

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